From personal experience, I’ve found that the best military leaders have a high level of influence. In summary, these are the top 10 military leadership skills as I see it. I encourage you to evaluate yourself in each one of these skills and assess your performance.
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This chronological resume sample highlights the job seeker’s already long-term career at NCE, which is one of her strengths — she knows the business and has been doing a great job there for more than 10 years!
Since she is going for a job that requires scheduling skills, Colleen includes details about her work at Weier & Hoffman.
Her work at Temco Properties rounds out an already strong resume, by showing her managerial and leadership abilities. Project Management in Product Development: Leadership Skills and Management Techniques to Deliver Great Products is written for new and aspiring project managers in product development. If you find anything wrong with this product listing, perhaps the description is wrong, the author is incorrect, or it is listed in the wrong category, then please contact us.
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1)    To become an enabler, leaders must build a corporate culture based on growing individual’s skills, knowledge, and experiences. 4)    To become an enabler, you must be willing to engage and empower people; to empower others you must give your power away.
You need to be strict, have a constant vigil over you subordinates and when it comes to decision making you need to take decisions favorable to the management you work for and eventually you might end hurting your sub ordinates. In other words, people WANT to follow them because their followers trust their leader’s judgement, integrity, and leadership ability.
The Ability to Get Things Done: The best military leaders are masters at getting things done.
Strong, Personal Example: The best military leaders set a strong personal example for others to follow. Perseverance: I would add this one to the list because not all leaders have the ability to finish what they start.

My favorite is the uncanny ability to communicate and encourage communication appropriately.
Although texts on project management are common, the material presented here is unique, instead focusing on product development, a challenging segment of project management because of the high level of uncertainty, the need for a robust set of problem-solving techniques, and a demand for broad cross-functional teams.The book also focuses on more than just project management techniques, including a thorough treatment of transformational and transactional leadership. In order to create such a culture, enabling leaders must commit to ongoing coaching and mentoring. A major factor in building successful relationships is in the leader’s ability to connect with each person. Every time you give people credit for doing something right, you give them the positive reinforcement and confidence they need to perform at higher levels. He earns the maximum revenue, commands respect and dominates his subordinates, has the right to take crucial decisions and most important fact is that he gets instant recognition for success. For the purpose of this blog post I want to share with you what I think are the top 10 military leadership skills. It’s also important to recognize that these skills can be carried over into their civilian life as well. Let’s look a little deeper to see what we can learn about how this resume was put together.
It is probably one of the most important leadership skills an effective leader must execute properly: to enable others to be successful. Do not get into the bad habit of only giving feedback during employee reviews; coaching must be an ongoing event if your goals are to help people succeed and grow as individuals. John C Maxwell points out in his book The Maxwell Daily Reader, all people will hold the following values in common:  “Everyone wants to feel special, so compliment them.
To enlarge others, they must feel they are contributing and have an opportunity to be heard.
They can make a tough decision during a critical moment, based upon their experience and the information they have on hand at that moment in time. Great military leaders have a high level of personal discipline and their units also have a high level of discipline. To build a company culture based on enlarging employees requires a commitment to manage the company toward that goal; it will not happen without planning and effort.

Enabling leaders create an atmosphere that says, “ I’m interested in your ideas and what you have to say.”  Creating an open atmosphere for people to be heard, is the first step in empowering your followers. Encouragement empowers people to try harder, gives them energy, and helps them to reach their potential. Utilize “leading by wandering around” to model the right actions and attitude for your followers.
But if a person inspires to be a leader only to enjoy these benefits then he should erase the very thought of becoming a leader. They are articulate and make sure that their followers understand what they are saying and thinking.
If you are not allowing your followers an opportunity to contribute ideas and be heard on a regular basis, you are not enlarging. So let us see what are the crucial traits an individual needs to inculcate to transform in to a great leader.
If you are not empowering people to act on their own ideas, you are not enabling people the opportunity to learn and grow. When your followers witness you working hard, learning from your mistakes, sacrificing, and persistently pursuing your goals, they will be more trusting of your mentoring.
Let them know how much of a difference they are making and how much you appreciate their work and loyalty. Enablers are more likely to build loyal relationships with their followers while building their confidence and over all happiness with their career. Happy, confident employees who are growing their skills and knowledge add to the success of any company.

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