About UsLeadership Strategies Group has a rich history of making leaders and organizations stronger through the use of our cutting edge systems.
Leadership Strategies Group is a consulting firm dedicated to helping clients improve organizational effectiveness and human performance. For over two decades, we have assisted renowned national and international clients in aligning their people and processes to reach higher levels of profits and performance. The new College of Business is the first major building initiative to result from the University’s recent master plan update by Perkins Eastman.
The building’s mixture of technology commons, case-study method classrooms, class labs, and collaboration space is organized around a central forum that functions as the College’s and the University’s living room—by day with a café and numerous types of gathering areas, and by night as a scalable event and town hall lecture space.

Highly transparent at the ground level, the building helps to connect the adjacent Library Mall green space to new student activity and dining venues to the south. Ambassadors ClubThe Ambassadors Club is an exclusive group of exceptional volunteers whose mission is to enhance partner engagement in the Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce by 1) welcoming and mentoring new partners seeking to establish their life-long commitment to the organization, 2) attending Chamber events to support our partners and 3) strengthening Chamber staff efforts with their connections and resources, specifically opening doors for recruitment and retention of partners.
Each year, the Chamber rewards volunteers for their hard work through a points system, with the Top 10 Ambassadors being named at an end of year luncheon. The building’s design leverages Perkins Eastman’s experience designing cutting-edge business learning environments for both academia and corporate training while it creates an addition to the campus that reflects material heritage and a sustainable vision for the future.
It is also animated as the building’s crossroads of horizontal and vertical circulation, designed to promote serendipitous meetings of friends and colleagues.

The building also features a vertical tower with a mixture of office and seminar space with sweeping views of the northern Ohio landscape.

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