The Rubicon Personal Leadership Strategies WEBINAR Programme develops the foundations, methodologies, processes and systems to help you more successfully move beyond management practices to leadership excellence.
Crossing The Rubicon Personal Leadership Strategies WEBINAR Programme is a transformational journey to becoming an effective leader.
It teaches you how to tap into powerful, practical, personal, professional business strategies and tactics.
Study and apply the 6 modules of the programme before embarking on the Rubicon Masterclass.
Learn four positioning paradigms that can release you or keep you stuck in your present mode which paradigm or position do you hold? Appreciate human capital as the driving force in financial capital asset building brain power, talent management and strategic leadership is more relevant than ever.
If you are still not ready, just spend a few minutes on some of the three-minute video clips on the Testimonials page which will give you a glimpse of just some of the subject matter covered. Blending Talent, Success and Critical Principles: How to unlock your natural talent, appreciate success for what it is and tap into higher order principles of life and achievement. Developing Your Mental Powers: How to programme your mind and understand the critical role self concept plays in how the brain-mind functions and the importance of taking charge of your life.

Emotional Intelligence and Stress Management: How to deal with the negative thoughts that keep people stuck and tap into the positive ones that relieve stress.
Time Management for Results: How to master your most valuable resource with basic best practice techniques and strategies that save you two hours per day. Excellence in Communications and Teambuilding: How to identify the tools and skills for excellence in communications and teambuilding to transform your life and organisation.
It’s a tour de force into the most powerful, practical, personal leadership strategies and tactics to grow, manage or transform your personal career, business or organisation. Other firms continually challenge the leader’s strengths or try to take advantages of its weaknesses. The leader firm might become weaker or old-fashioned against new entrants as well as existing rival firms.
Expand the total market strategy: Market leader firms can normally gain the maximum when the total market expands. For example, the Japanese increased their car production to enter new countries.Market leaders can look for new users, new uses, and more usage of its products when the product is in the maturity stage of the product life cycle. ICICI Bank, for instance, entered into rural banking and agri business financing when it felt the heat of competition in the overcrowded and super-saturated urban market.

Maruti Udyog started True Value car division—used cars certified by Maruti engineers—to expand their market in the rural and urban markets well.2. Defending market share strategy:When the leader tries to expand the total market size, it must also continuously defend its current business against enemy attacks. Similarly, Hero Honda should constantly maintain its guard against Bajaj, Honda, Suzuki and TVS in the two-wheeler market. To overcome a position defence an attacker therefore typically adopts an indirect approach rather than the head-on attack that the defender expects. An ideal example is how HUL successfully nourished its first Rs.100 crore Indian-made brand Vim in a competitive dish wash market. For instance, a five-star hotel can become a foreign exchange dealer, inbound and outbound tour operator, flouriest and so on. For example, HUL decided to concentrate on its core business areas, that is, soaps and detergents, and has emerged as the clear leader in the toilet industry.3.

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