We work with organizational leaders, high potentials and top talent to improve their capacity for change and transition, enabling them become more agile and respond more effectively to professional demands. We work with companies to maximize their ROI in human capital by helping them select the right people for key positions and develop them to their full potential.
We offer programs to improve relocation ROI and retention by working with transferees, accompanying spouses and partners during relocation assignments to adapt more quickly and successfully to new surroundings. We work with top talent to build the change management skills needed to effectively develop and lead high performance teams.
Phil received his undergraduate degree from Western Kentucky University where he graduated cum laude. In April 2010, Phil was appointed by the United States Department of Commerce, National Institute of Standards and Technology to serve in the capacity of Examiner on the 2010 Board of Examiners of the Baldrige National Quality Program. The board consists of leading experts, selected through a competitive application process, from US businesses, education, healthcare and nonporfit organizations.
About UsLeadership Strategies Group has a rich history of making leaders and organizations stronger through the use of our cutting edge systems. In order to cut production costs, many corporations look for ways of employing cheap labor.
I believe that no matter what prisoner’s do, people will not forget the crimes they committed in the past, and therefore will be unwilling to hire them. In conclusion, I would like to emphasize that prison labor is not necessarily unethical behavior, and that it could actually help the prisoners. Contrary to Zara’s supply chain operations, Uniqlo does not change its merchandise plans based on the latest fashion fad.
I believe that it’s important to know that there is always more than one way to operate a business.
Most apparel retailers commit six months in advance to designs, which makes up up 6o% of seasonal lines. In Christopher Nolan’s Batman Trilogy, Christian Bale plays the role of Bruce Wayne, multi-millionare playboy and Batman, hero of Gotham City.
Our world currently faces many problems and yet, many of us remain ignorant of others’ needs.
As the Deputy Director of the Office of the Governor of Tucson, Arizona, Nathaniel Dunigan visited Uganda as a HIV prevention educator for one month. Afte reading about AidChild, I feel more determined to play my part in making the world a better place. Tim Hortons is a firm competing in the coffee and bakery industry, and is one of the most successful. Although the focus strategy is not the only way they compete in their industry, it is definitely one of the most prominent strategy. According to this article, a new law has been passed in Japan, where an individual can face up to two years in prison and pay fines for possessing illegally downloaded music. Ever since Professor David Silver gave his lecture on business ethics, I have been intrigued by the topic.
Many equivocate piracy to theft, and numerous countries have started to take action against it, which is something I personally support. In our recent assignment, we were asked to complete a live case study of a sports apparel company called LuluLemon. The box at the very right of the diagram is where the event goes, and the diagram branches off to show how different causes lead to the event.Each cause then branches off into smaller sections that show factors that may influence these causes. Personally, I thought that these diagrams were an excellent way of organizing our ideas into a comprehensible form. There is a risk of the line rupturing and causing a natural disaster, ruining the natural environment of BC. Although many would argue against the establishment of the pipeline, I do not believe that this is ethically wrong. The way that employees interact with and perceive senior executives is very different from their relationship with their manager. While executives do not get to interact one-on-one with every employee, their role in building a culture of engagement is pivotal. Executives appear to struggle with key leadership behaviors correlated to engagement, yet our findings suggest executive behaviors can have a greater potential impact on engagement than manager actions. About the Author: GP Strategies is a global performance improvement solutions provider of sales and technical training, e-Learning solutions, management consulting and engineering services.

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Our strategic approach to coaching is based on creating alignment between organizational, and individual or team objectives and values. He has experience as a head football coach, high school principal, and as an executive director for a cooperative of school superintendents.
Often times, the employment of cheap labor is considered unethical because it usually consists of children and women who have poor working conditions and pay, with no social benefit. Mark Brand, the owner of Save-On Meats, does something similar by hiring workers without any employment prospects. It is natural for people to look for cheap clothing during times of economic crises such as the one we are in today, and Uniqlo provides just that. Instead, they book factory capacity well in advance, allowing to get their retail price to be low. This means that most products are manufactured by the beginnings of seasons, limiting the retailers ability to respond to trends. In order to be able to ship small batches more time-efficiently, they manufacture many of their products in Europe. Now I know, and I admire how their operations managers have come up with this revolutionary tactic. But is that all he is? After learning what social enterprises were, I was curious to see if Wayne Enterprises was worthy enough to be called one. Thomas Wayne, Bruce’s father, was a doctor who built power plants and hospitals with his affluence. Dunigan had the courage to quit his job and sell all his belongings at the age of 26, with an initial investment of a mere $3,500 when he first moved to Uganda. By applying these strengths, three strategies result: cost leadership, differentiation, and focus. As part of our method to  recommend the CEO of the company whether she should expand LuluLemon geographically or increase their product line, we were introduced to two tools; the issue sorting tool, and the fishbone diagram.
The grid is divided into four sections, each one showing something important or unimportant, and urgent or not urgent. Our fishbone diagram was centered around a fictional issue of LuluLemon’s decrease in profit and margin.
The issue sorting tool (priority matrix) was especially appealing to me, since I was introduced to this during my studies in High School. This oil pipeline will run from Alberta to Kitimat in BC, passing through vast expanse of nature. Numerous organizations as well as residents of BC have been protesting against this new pipeline installment. With nearly 50 years of leadership in training, consulting, and engineering services, GP Strategies has the proven processes, best practices, and lessons learned to bring greater success to your organization.
We specialize in building training programs from the ground up, completely customized to your business goals, challenges, culture and preferred ways of working. The actions that correlate the most with high engagement are not always the ones that receive the most favorable ratings. Setting the tone, fostering a purposeful culture and establishing an inspiring vision of the future are all important prerequisites to building engagement across the enterprise. Clients include Fortune 500 companies, manufacturing, process and energy industries, and other commercial and government customers.
In all the positions that Phil has held he has demonstrated the ability to align people and processes that produce results and a culture that people both enjoyed and took pride in being a member.
He has developed and led a variety of workshops and trainings in the area of management and leadership. The author of this article believes that prison labor is also unethical, but I happen to disagree with him. By hiring them, firms will be providing jobs for those who would have no chance to make a living.

Although they do not rush to produce trendy items like Zara does, they produce well-fabricated, well-designed, basic clothes at a steady year-round pace. Although the wages of European workers are higher than those of Asia, latest trends can hit shelves within two weeks.
In addition, he built a cheap mode of public transport for those who are economically challenged. He frequently stresses that if he could do it, then those who are more privileged than he was can do it too. Tim Hortons may not have the best of anything, but the emotional connection and brand loyalty they enjoy in Canada is exceptional. However, one of the solutions taken to prevent piracy in the US is SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act), which will prevent people from visiting certain cites.
Without limiting individuals to do anything legal, those who break the law will pay the price for their lack of ethics. In addition to providing free wi-fi with Nintendo and starting their first delivery service in Singapore, they also were one of the first franchise restaurants to offer nutrition information on their food. This diagram is commonly used by managers to analyze developments in the external environment.
Instead of applying the diagram for business purposes, we used it for task management, but it was an effective tool nonetheless. These people believe that it is ethically wrong to put nature in subject to a potential disaster.
Enbridge announced that they would be investing another $500 million in safety improvements, which should show that the company understands the implications that an oil spill might cause, and are taking measure to prevent it.
And in some regions, relationship trump skills, that is, employees’ knowledge of their managers as “people” behind their titles appears to impact engagement levels more than manager actions.
Uniqlo’s success comes from a style of supply chain management that is the opposite of Zara, and their success has led them to expand their stores into major cities around the world like New York, Paris, and London.
On the contrary,  50% of Zara’s product line is manufactured in the middle of a season, meaning that they can react to new design styles while the trend is peaking.
In addition, small batches ensure that there is not a ton of unsold inventory to get rid of. Today, more than 3,000 children receive treatment through their services, including laboratories, clinics, and homes. Many would argue that censorship limits one’s freedom of speech, and therefore is unethical.
At the same time, I believe it is important for those who attempt to prevent piracy to consider their methods of doing so, so as not to lose any customers. For our future assignments where we are asked to conduct case studies, I will make sure to utilize these tools to their full extent. However, the opposition argues that although the pipeline will be in BC, the oil inside it actually belongs to Alberta, and therefore, they hold the authority to build it. Even after the tragic incident, Bruce continues to venture for social change by funding boy’s homes with the profit made from his company. Named after a Canadian Ice Hockey player, they have ingrained themselves into the Canadian culture.
Meanwhile, the governments of the two states are currently having a dispute over the percentage of tax that will go to BC. They operate the Equation Gallery, an art gallery and cafe located on the equator, Ten Tables, a restaurant, and AidChild’s Terrace Club, a boutique hostel. Although they may not offer any special product only unique to their store, they have focused on the Canadian consumer market and succeeded in building a coffee franchise empire. All profit proceeds to helping children overcome disease, and 70% of their budget is covered by the profit.

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