Leadership Strategies Group is a consulting firm dedicated to helping clients improve organizational effectiveness and human performance.
For over two decades, we have assisted renowned national and international clients in aligning their people and processes to reach higher levels of profits and performance. About UsLeadership Strategies Group has a rich history of making leaders and organizations stronger through the use of our cutting edge systems. Leadership qualities for change readiness embody facilitative leadership In my experience, all too often people do not feel any sense of ownership or responsibility for an outcome.

The "renewable leader" In his book "Culture and Performance" John Kotter defines an adaptive organisation: A risk raking, trusting, and proactive approach to organizational as well as individual life. Not only do we have political uncertainties, but technology keeps spiraling, and globalisation creates interesting ties between countries. This is a reflection and consequence of the style of leadership and management that they have experienced under your leadership. A pre-requisite for creating and leading a culture of "readiness for change" is facilitative leadership.
This is the opposite style of leadership from the centralised command-control transactional leadership style that is fairly typical of many organisations.

Cornelius, in order for change to "emerge" naturally in an organisation, leadership must figure out how to put in place four specific cultural elements. Once these elements are in place, the more likely it will be for change to emerge easily on its own and the less likely there will be substantial resistance to the change. There are four cultural elements that must be installed in order to create a "readiness for change" organization.

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