The democratic leadership style is also called the participative style as it encourages employees to be a part of the decision making. Need for occupational achievement: The seeking of responsibility and the desire for success. Self- assurance: Extent to which the individual views himself or herself as capable of coping with problems.
The democratic manager keeps his or her employees informed about everything that affects their work and shares decision making and problem solving responsibilities. It is most successful when used with highly skilled or experienced employees or when implementing operational changes or resolving individual or group problems.

Nowadays, however, the field has pretty much given up on this approach, because it is nearly impossible to develop an inclusive list of leader traits, and no conclusion can be made regarding the connection between a particular trait and leadership effectiveness.
The manager in that case keeps decision-making authority and has all the power in his hands.
This style requires the leader to be a coach who has the final say, but gathers information from staff members before making a decision. Leadership under this approach depicts superior physical, mental and psychological characteristics.
Democratic leadership can produce high quality and high quantity work for long periods of time.

Research does not provide specific combination of traits that can differentiate a good leader from an ineffective leader. Many employees like the trust they receive and respond with cooperation, team spirit, and high morale.

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Most effective leadership traits


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