Smart Thinking Summary Mar 19, 16 03:30 PMLearn how to improve your leadership thinking in this Smart Thinking summary of the book by psychologist Art Markman. Great leadership development training doesn't need to start with a lot of money Sep 27, 15 06:10 PMBefore spending lots of money in leadership development training, you should consider a few steps you can take to learn the skill at little to no cost. When asked, 'What is the dominant type of management style in your organisation?', the most common replies were 'authoritarian' or autocratic (21%) and 'bureaucratic' (16%). Below are external web links provided by Chartered Management Institute in relation to their business activities.

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A survey carried out by CMI showed that managers frequently use unsuitable or inappropriate styles for the task at hand.

Far fewer of those surveyed identified positive features of management such as 'innovative' (7%), 'trusting' (9%), and 'empowering' (7%).

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