Brad Hoffman, President, leads us in staying true to our promise of creating meaningful partnerships and delivering expert solutions that go far beyond expectations. Hoffman and the leadership team have enacted a series of operational changes post-recession to mirror the rest of the industry and make Arandell more efficient. It the past, it has been all about position-the person with the most credentials is the one making all the decisions.  Just in case I am not clear, being the owner of your practice does not make you a true “leader”.  There is a vast chasm between owner and leader!
What this also means is that you no longer have to be the authority on everything in your hospital.  Now I know that is going to be hard for some of you control freaks like myself, but having people around you working together is going to be essential. What is the key for moving from “just getting by” to actually “starting to thrive?”  I believe the first step to clarity is creating a leadership team. Your leadership team should consist of the key people within your hospital.  Ideally this would be all of the doctors, the practice manager, and at least one representative from each of the different areas (customer service, technician, kennel etc). Everyone must be committed to a once a week meeting (1-1.5 hours)-same time, same day each week.
This team must be respectful but be able to speak the truth to each other-things can not be left unsaid or pushed under the rug. The leadership team MUST be unified no matter what; each person must walk the walk and talk the talk EVERY day.
Receive a free download of the CatalystVETS 4C Blueprint when you sign up for our email list! Just this week I came to the realization that life is nothing more than a series of problem solving activities. As a leader, you make one of two assumptions about the people you are responsible for influencing to get results. The other assumption is you see people as wanting to learn and grow, assume more responsibility and make a difference for the team and organization. I encourage you to read and follow Robert Conklin’s quote to maintain a healthy view of others.
April 29, 2015 by Lauren N Padgett Leave a Comment Earlier this semester, I spent a week nearly immersed in the leadership of Elon Musk. In spite of all this, the strongest distinguishing factor between Musk and his vision and the standard transformational leader is the reliance on ethical standards, values, and moral convictions. Musk’s entire motivation and, subsequently, that of his organizations is his ultimate vision of the future.
When given the space to speak anonymously and openly, employees generally all speak about their time working under Musk as being incredibly hard work–so, in that way, it might be easy to say that Musk treats his followers equally.
In this principle, Musk may be considered to succeed if one notes that Musk’s honesty comes from reality as he understands it. All this being said, I still hesitate to apply the label of transformational leader fully and completely to Musk’s style, due to his limited morally-conscious behaviors. There are many different examples of when someone has abused their power to demean or belittle people.
In recent news stories we hear about how police officers, parents or celebrities have abuse their power and have wronged people around them. I bought a house recently and I have had to install internet service since I work from home and go to school online. Armstrong Cable is abusing their power because they know that their closest competitor,Comcast, will not move to the area and provide service because it is too far from their distribution center. Prime examples of this are the fact that the US currently has an African American president and may very well have a female democratic candidate in the next election. I work in the construction industry, which is not well known for its open-mindedness to diversity. If you haven’t recognized a theme in my blog posts, I would assume this one will seal the deal. The Walking Dead is a show that revolves around a group of survivors trying to survive through the zombie apocalypse.
Rick creates a feeling of unity within his group by reaffirming his belief that his team will reach Washington DC and survive.
In the Walking Dead universe, groups need to stay committed to their goals, not lose sight of who they are and maintain a sense of team unity. The clip is one of the most important moments in all of star wars and represents a huge milestone in Luke Skywalkers training and finding the strength to believe in himself.
This scene has almost too many amazing quotes so I’m just going to list them all because it’s an injustice if I don’t.

The ability to persuade others is one of Greenleaf’s 10 characteristics of Servant Behavior. Pietro Piumetti on Depending on the SituationPietro Piumetti on The World’s Best Militarysam6428 on Depending on the SituationPorsche A. That commitment can only be met by working with people who are committed to the success of each other and of our customers. If an associate suggests a way of improving upon a current process or offers a solution to a problem, guess what? One assumption is people are lazy and only think about what’s best for them and must be told what to do, or nothing will get done. Furthermore, you invest time in the development of employees to improve team trust and increase productivity. When you do, your employees willingly invest their talents to achieve the highest levels of performance for your organization!
Between an analysis essay and a blog post, I looked at Musk’s leadership through the lenses of path-goal and transformational leadership theories.
As you can see, when I tried to analyze Musk through the lens of transformational leadership, I was left wanting, due to its heavy focus on ethics and morality.
Furthermore, Musk shows great discretion with the sharing of information: for example, Jacoby describes the first launch at SpaceX to have been heartbreaking for the crew, due to its initial failure (2011). Lucky for Musk, research shows that morality can be taught; so, he may yet earn the title (PSU WC, 2015). Northouse describes the challenges that are faced by those who do not fit the traditional stereotype of a leader as a glass labyrinth, which must be passed through to make it to the top of a given hierarchy (2013).
However, I am lucky enough to work for a company which is actively challenging the status quo and equally employs individuals from all different minority groups. I am confident that as those with a great voice, whether on a worldwide level or on an organizational level, continue to challenge the patterns of the past, we will be able to exert more control over this glass labyrinth. I thoroughly enjoy taking movies and TV shows and pull leadership and growth behaviors out of the characters.
While some may think this is just another show about zombies, the truth is the show is more focused on the group of survivors and the challenges the group encounters both from within their group maintaining order, and the outside threat of the undead. He oversees and directs his team, channels their strengths, and encouraged them to persevere.
The team is huddled together near a fire after losing the home they shared and are contemplating how to move forward what they need to do to survive.
Rick comments on a story about his grandfather in World War II and his pursuit to survive during such a difficult time.
Rick demonstrates his ability to understand his team, take a leadership role, and motivate his team to stay on track when the world around them is crumbling right in front of their eyes. It embodies many of the great heroic story line ingredients, the princess in distress Princess Leia, the evil leader of the empire Darth Vader, and the hero’s journey of Luke Skywalker. The wise old Jedi master that lives deep in the swamps of Dagobah is known for his wise and very broken words of wisdom. After Luke has been continually frustrated with his training he sees his crash ship begin to sink in the swamp and at the point has lost all confidence in his development.
After failing countless times and having no faith in his abilities Yoda proves to Luke that the biggest obstacle he is encountering is telling himself he can’t accomplish his goals.
Yoda has nothing to gain in taking the time to help Luke become the Jedi he wants to become. Throughout the company, associates work collectively to develop processes, systems, equipment and solutions that will put Arandell in a position to lead the industry into tomorrow. As you might imagine some I caused by poor choices and others fell into my lap by the choices of others. With this view, you probably spend most of your leadership time by controlling and monitoring employee behavior trying to achieve organizational goals. You understand that people desire more responsibility and want to use their talents to the fullest.
That is, I had a hard time identifying ethical concerns in Musk’s leadership style that would allow me to more effectively label him as a transformational leader. Through deeper exploration of the concept, ethics covers the concepts of virtuousness and motives and the process of situational decision-making based on moral perspectives (Northouse, 2013). With his centralization of ethics in the leadership process, based on the earlier thoughts of Maslow, Rokeach, and Kohlberg, Burns understands leadership and ethics as intrinsically bound (Northouse, 2013).

Most notably in this principle, the leader cannot impose his or her will on others (PSU WC, 2015).
He pushes himself harder and harder, and he pushes other around him the exact same way” (2013). However, Musk waiting until that moment of crisis to share with his team that he planned ahead and had secured funding for at least two more launches (Jacoby, 2011).
I have no doubts, based on his successes so far, that, should he put his mind to it, he certainly could adopt ethical leadership behaviors that would benefit his followers, his organizations, and himself.
This can take many forms, such as taking advantage of someone, gaining access to information that shouldn’t be accessible to the public, or just manipulating someone with the ability to punish them if they don’t comply. Though the laws have long since changed to encourage equality, the achievement of their intent is still in progress.
Goodwill Ambassador, has spoken out openly and repeatedly in hopes to end gender inequality. Everyone will benefit from the increase in diversity as those who fall in minority categories are finally able to break through. We’ve seen Game of Thrones, Star Wars, and for my final blog post let’s look at the leadership principles found in the hit show The Walking Dead. Rick Grimes is the defacto leader of his group and is presented with a variety of challenges to keep his people safe.
Hes attempting to draw a similarity of the horror his grandfather witnessed and survived through, along with their current situation.
With such a great recipe for growth and development of characters within the series there are numerous lessons and examples that can be help us better understand the leadership success’s and failures in the star wars universe. Once Luke finally begins to understand that he must look at his obstacles differently his next scene shows how successful Luke has become now that his faith in himself is restored.
Yoda is patient with Luke but also pushes him to grow, he teaches him to look at the world in a different light, to believe in himself, and to not let the fear of failure get in the way of his success. Arandell promotes professional development because the more knowledge our associates have the more instrumental we can be in partnering with our customers to exceed their goals.
The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used without the express written permission of Arandell Corporation. After delving more deeply this week into the principles and perspectives of ethical leadership, I am more certain than ever in my hesitance. His timing for sharing this information made it such that his workers maximized their efforts up until the first launch, believing that it would be their one chance, and afterward, were re-energized by the unexpected opportunity to overcome their failure. With Rick’s role as team leader let’s look at the obstacles he’s presented and how he handles those problems through the lens of Team Leadership theory. He tells this story as an attempt to share with his group then even though the world they live in is a disaster, like his grandfather they can find a way to survive the horror. Yoda clearly represents the catalyst in Luke’s changes and persuades Luke into thinking in a different way. Yoda successfully changes Luke’s mindset and later Luke becomes a Servant Leader himself training these valuable lessons on to the future Jedi. Our executive team, our management, our associates, our suppliers….we all work together to deliver success. Last but certainly not least, I reflected on how the problems equipped me to achieve success. Headquarters, she speaks to feminism as it is currently understood, her own experiences in gender inequality, and to specific human rights issues, such as unequal pay. In examples like these, Musk shows that he has little interest in the creative wants and desires of others if they do not align with his own. What stood out to me most about her inspiring message was her emphasis on equality as having great potential benefit for all individuals of either sex.
Considering the magnitude and rate of change he is initiating in various industries, a strong argument could be on made both sides. What this says to me is that diversity in an important issue, because any facets that limit it also limit the benefits everyone receives from it.

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