Join us on April 28, 2016 for our inaugural speed mentoring event featuring more than 20 executive level and c-suite women providing guidance and tips on how to advance your career, succeed in a male-driven industry, achieve work-life balance and more! Grace Killelea is the CEO and Founder of The GKC Group, the leadership development company that launched “Half The Sky Leadership,” which focuses on the advancement of high potential women.
Her book, The Confidence Effect, is an outgrowth of her passion for helping women to connect their competence to their confidence, showing them how to take charge of their own careers. Governor Chris Christie delivered his seventh budget message to a joint session of the New Jersey Legislature on Tuesday, February 16, 2016, officially kicking off the Fiscal Year 2017 budget process.
The Governor offered highlights of what he characterized as a fiscally responsible balanced budget that imposed no new taxes on New Jersey taxpayers.  He also thanked the people of New Jersey for allowing him the opportunity to run for President.
The new budget also recommends a surplus fund of $800 million, leaving enough of a cushion for lawmakers and Christie to absorb some loss of revenue that would come with the kind of tax cut Christie would be seeking in a broader deal on transportation funding. The UWGPSNJ Public Policy Committee will be meeting and part of their discussion will be on where UWGPSNJ should be positioned with budget advocacy for the ongoing 2015-2016 and new 2016-2017 budget proposal.
If you have any questions about the budget proposal, or would like to submit any feedback about our position to the public policy committee, please reach out to me. Thank you for your partnership in driving Impact for our friends and neighbors across the region. In his budget address to the General Assembly on February 9th, Governor Tom Wolf outlined his perspective on the fiscal challenges facing the commonwealth, the shortcomings of the budgets passed by the General Assembly and the choices that lay in front of state elected officials. The sales and use tax would be expanded to apply to cable television, movie tickets and digital downloads. Tobacco taxes – the cigarette tax would be increased and a tax would be applied on smokeless tobacco. An assortment of other revenue from a surcharge on certain insurances, a new tax on promotional play for gaming, and an increase to the bank shares tax. There is not a specific line item for 2-1-1 in the budget proposal, and we are still working to determine whether support for 2-1-1 has been included in another line item. Restoring another third of the cut to county-funded human services, in addition to his proposal to restore one third last year.
The administration also presented a narrative about what will happen if the state budget goes down the second path he asked the legislature to avoid. Reducing $200 million in pharmaceutical and prescription assistance for seniors and individuals with disabilities. Reducing $180 million in services to individuals with mental illness and intellectual disabilities.
If you would like to dig deeper into line item funding amounts, a spreadsheet is available here.

The budget in brief, which outlines the major initiatives of the Governor’s budget, is available here.
There will be several weeks of Appropriations committee hearings with heads of the state agencies to review the Governor’s spending plan. United Way Leadership donors inspire others to join them in providing hope and opportunities to individuals in need and strengthening our communities. Through the Leadership Step-Up program you can incrementally increase your annual gift to United Way and be recognized at the full giving level from year one. United Way’s Kind Society is a Leadership recognition society that celebrates donors who have made a significant investment of $1,000 or more in our Impact Fund. The Society honors the remarkable generosity of the late Philip and Patricia Kind, who supported our efforts to improve Education, Financial Stability, Health and Basic Needs across the region for more than 60 years. During our 2014-15 campaign more than 3,400 Kind Society members collectively contributed more than $10.8 million to support the work of our Impact Fund across the region. United Way’s Visionary Circle is comprised of generous philanthropists who give $5,000 or more annually to United Way, creating Impact across our region.
The Philadelphia Food Access Collaborative’s goal is to ensure every Philadelphian can find a nutritious meal in an environment that respects their dignity. 3-1-1- Philly311 can answer any non-emergency questions you have about information and resources for residents, businesses and visitors, including connecting callers with food, shelter and other services. Project HOME Homeless Outreach Line- This 24-hour call line is available to anyone in Philadelphia experiencing homelessness.
Bring diapers to our membership meeting and spread the word to have guests donate to one of our Impact areas of work.The Diaper Donation Drive will be supporting our UW Impact area of basic needs, agencies that provide emergency food, shelter, protection programming along with rent, mortgage and utility assistance services to mothers in need of caring for their babies. Allcargo Logistics Ltd, the global leader in integrated logistics listed on NSE and BSE and part of the Avvashya Group, recently announced the expansion of its senior leadership team through the addition of two industry veterans, Mr.
Grace’s career as a human resources and talent leader has spanned 35 years in the retail and telecommunications industries. He also called on the House and Senate to make the difficult decisions he believes are required to move Pennsylvania forward. One, he characterized as the right path: to invest in human services and education, to eliminate the structural deficit, and to do so by raising revenue.
He characterized that path as resulting in $600 million in cuts to human services, and $1 billion in cuts to Education.
Cawthorn, through the Cawthorn Visionary Circle Step-Up program you can incrementally increase your annual gift to United Way and be recognized at the full giving level from year one.
Project HOME will send an outreach team and provide assistance connecting you to resources such as food, shelter and other services.

Do you want to contribute to event ideas, help increase engagement, and drive fundraising to create Impact?  As a member of WLI, you can do just that. The process of formulating the new corporate vision, defining its goals, setting the strategy, tactics, projecting the corporate identity and fostering the corporate culture. Prakash Tulsiani (53) joins Allcargo Logistics as the Chief Operating Officer and Executive Director (Operations).
She served as Senior Vice President of Talent at Comcast Cable Corporation before launching her company in 2012.Whether she’s captivating audiences or coaching one-on-one, Grace’s leadership inspires change.
The other path would result in what he characterized as devastating cuts to services which will hurt Pennsylvanians. He brings with him over three decades of experience and expertise in scaling businesses and expanding services.
He will be in charge for developing a strategic growth roadmap for the organization globally and expand its leadership in existing markets. He started his career after graduation with a Master in Business Administration from the University of St.
This unique virtue of our organization has led to our global leadership in the logistics space and winning the trust of our valued customers. For over 20 years, Grace has focused on developing, supporting, mentoring, coaching and connecting women, both professionally and in her volunteer work. He described failure to address the deficit as a failure to meet the core functions of government.
This announcement is in line with Allcargo’s strategy to consolidate its leadership team.
She has served as the national facilitator for a selective, intensive leadership curriculum for women in the telecommunications industry, during which she worked with and mentored more than 1,000 executive women leaders.
He specializes in strategic growth of organizations with his experience across Europe, APAC, Middle East and other regions of the world.
Martin comes with enriched experience in the logistics industry, having been associated for several years in serving companies like DHL Global Forwarding, Agility Global Integrated Logistics and other major global companies. He headed Gateway Terminals in Mumbai as COO from 2005-2009 and was instrumental in its success from project stage to commercial operations.

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