17THREE provides an opportunity for you to smoothly transition from Adventure Quest into the servant leadership mind-set that our Teen Leadership programs promote. 17THREE is a 13-day experience that will cover topics that are relevant to your life and faith in Jesus Christ. Whether your day holds adrenaline-pumping adventure activities or a study of the Christian worldview, you will make meaningful and lasting friendships and will be excited that you chose the 17THREEservant leadership program. The list of papers are categorized based on the article topics, the complete list can be accessed by clicking on the first link.

You will enjoy many high adventure activities, dig deeply into the attributes of God through in-depth Bible studies, gain confidence from character development, and build professional skill sets for their futures. You will enjoy gut-wrenching high adventure, dynamic worship, transformational teaching, small group Bible discipleship and discussion, off-campus excursions, and intense service initiatives. Participating in 17THREE is the first step in a sequential process of knowing God and deeply experiencing the love and truth of Jesus Christ. You will also put theory to practical application by working alongside Doe River Gorge staff as servant leaders.

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