There’s more to being a leader than just showing up and expecting to use your position to intimidate people into completing whatever project has been set before them. Honesty – Honesty should be at the top of every list, no matter what position you’re looking to obtain.
Delegation – This can be one of the hardest leadership exercises to practice, especially for someone who is used to doing everything themselves. Organization – No one is going to respect you as a leader if they walk into your office and can’t find you behind all the clutter on your desk. Confidence – If you don’t have confidence in yourself and your team, you will never inspire them to be confident in themselves.
Inspirational – One of the most important skills you will learn as a leader is how to inspire others. Commitment – Your team can’t think that you’re too good to get in there and get your hands dirty once in a while. This is just a small sampling of the leadership skills you will need to obtain to become an effective leader. To help you learn the skills that are essential to becoming an effective and efficient leader, we’ve collected the top 5 leadership training activities available to date. These activities are separated into 4 categories: Establishing, Organizing, Facilitating, and Exploring. Effectively, what this exercise is designed to do is to make you look at your leadership as it currently stands, and to determine what needs improvement and what is already working well for you. This exercise is a great way to help you look back over your abilities and determine where you need to improve. This exercise is something that will, unfortunately, only work well in a classroom because it requires making a presentation at the end of the exercise to be most effective.
A detailed, step by step outline of the things that will be required to complete the project.
This exercise is designed to foster attention to detail, confidence, and your ability to inspire others. Organization is one of the key skills that are needed for effective leadership as listed above. This exercise works best in small groups, though larger groups foster a sense of competition. Keep in mind that this is not, by any means, a definitive list of all the things you will need to know to become an effective leader. VAT (Value Added Tax) applies only to UK orders (and EU customers where a valid VAT number is not supplied).
We used 'Leadership Challenge' as part of a leadership development programme with senior managers at a County Council. An excellent tool to develop leadership and teambuilding skills in an exciting and innovative manner.
A very powerful vehicle for covering different styles of leadership and the key points of teamwork. Challenges a number of myths about leaders - and it could awaken your organisation’s dormant leaders! Quickly gets groups interacting and exploring some basic ideas about leadership, leadership traits and situational leadership.
Ideal starter activity which identifies those with leadership potential and those who understand the benefits of cooperative working. Training activities and business simulations to enrich your courses and enthuse your delegates. Sign up to the Northgate mailing list to receive latest offers, free icebreakers and our annual Catalogue.
First, teams have 15 minutes to listen to the leaders, understand the task and plan their strategy. On a nearby table in the training room you should place the six packs of circular playing cards – all packs randomly mixed up together but there is just one card missing (all explained in the Trainer’s notes). They can all achieve their objectives but because the resources are shared there is a need for organisation and planning. This 30 minute activity is an ideal activity to demonstrate the need for teams to manage their time, be accurate and work together. A short starter activity to get teams working together, solving a problem and making decisions under time pressure. Winner of the MERLOT 2013 Classics Award for developing an outstanding, peer reviewed online learning resource. Since the developmental activities are learning tools, rather than research tools, they have not been formally checked for reliability or validity. This method allows me to use both an iterative and formative approach to continually improve the learning activities. To help you on your path to becoming a more effective leader, we’ve gathered together a comprehensive list of the qualities that make a good leader, as well as the top 5 best leadership training activities. If you want your team members to trust and respect you, it is essential that you are honest with them.
In the same vein, you also need to be able to talk to your team members, and be willing to listen! If you are working within a company, make sure you are current on any policies and procedures that might affect your work.

Things will not always go the way you plan or expect them to, and sometimes this change in routine can cause considerable stress for you and your team mates. The same thing applies if you show up to a presentation and can’t find your notes because your bag is a mess, or you forget your suit when you head to a conference. While each individual belongs to a team, they need to be sure of themselves and be confident in their abilities to succeed at any task that it set before them. You may have a team member that is a fantastic artist and would make a stunning graphic designer with a little bit of practice. If you get every little bad thing get to you, you’ll go grey before you reach your 30th birthday. If you want to really inspire people to work with you, make sure they know that you are more than willing to work with them. If you don’t already have these skills, it will take hard work and perseverance to obtain them. Some of these can be completed alone, while others should be completed with the help and participation of others.
Each of these categories contains a variety of exercises and events that you should consider attempting to maximize your leadership capabilities. You will be handed (or need to print, if you’re doing this exercise independently) a chart to fill out. It can easily be done individually or in a group, though the impact is greater when you are able to compare your calculations with that of other aspiring leaders. You are, quite literally, the cornerstone of your team and you will be expected to establish things like project guidelines, policies, and obtain fundraisers, grants, or sponsorships where applicable. Include information like whether you’re going to be seeking private investors or applying for grants or sponsorships. From there, your classmates will get to offer feedback and ultimately, to vote on whether or not your project should be approved. The idea is to get you away from the hustle and bustle of the office, while still keeping the team in the forefront of everyone’s mind.
Again, you will be expected to inspire your classmates, as well as showing off your organizational skills.
Make and implement a plan to facilitate a fun and informative team building exercise within your classroom, office or building.
If you’re doing this in a business setting, then this will need to be cleared with other team leaders, but in a classroom setting it’s easy to just assign time slots based on the length of time needed for each exercise. This will require all of your communication skills as well as your ability to inspire people, especially if you’re doing an exercise that could potentially end in injury if done improperly, like the Trust Fall.
Your team members need to be able to trust you, and they need to be able to trust each other. Line your team members up in two parallel lines so they are standing and facing one another. However, if you are unhappy for any reason, we operate a no-quibble returns policy on unused goods. The VAT will show in the cart summary and will be cancelled where applicable during the secure checkout process. Each leader is given a ?500 budget, a map and 10 minutes to familiarise themselves with the Brief. Take the leaders to an area and give them the briefing papers which they can study but cannot take back to their teamsMeanwhile the teams are drawing up a profile of what makes a good leader. It is an excellent exercise for enabling managers to put learning into practice, whether they are the leader or a team member. After a day of leadership theory, the 'Leadership Challenge' game brought home the crucial points and added energy and fun to our awayday. These constitute the shared resources with which each team needs to fulfill its particular task. Tasks include making matching sets of cards, identifying a missing card and counting the number of ‘eyes’ within the pack. The key factor is whether teams can work cooperatively together, within the deadline, to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.
Do not give away what is on the Briefs but explain that there are some shared resources (but with no details about the cards).Select (or have the teams select) leaders.
Great as a starter or icebreaker, or for use as part of a teamwork, time management or communication skills course.
This page may be used as the start of a lesson outline for leadership development and training programs.
However, since I have received feedback from numerous sources, including learners and their managers, and then updating the material, I believe them to be fairly accurate tools for a learning environment. My qualifications include over twenty-five years of experience as a leader in various roles, over twenty years of experience as an instructional designer and trainer, B.A. If you get into the habit of lying about little things and someone finds out, it will undermine your authority as a leader.
Good communication in both directions is essential to a stable and effective team, and you, as the leader, need to be the one to foster that communication.
If you’re planning to start a project in the near future concerning a topic or product that you’re not familiar with, collect as much research as possible before you begin. Don’t panic and in absolutely no circumstances should you take out that stress on your teammates.

Not only will being organized make your life simpler, it will make you appear more confident and in control. What sort of example are you setting for them if you cannot even be confident in your own abilities? No matter what bad things happen, with a little ingenuity and a good sense of humor, you can always turn it to your advantage. These are perfect for trust exercises, brainstorming sessions, and new collaborations that may never have been found if you stayed in the office. This will enable you to receive feedback on your idea, as well as helping you work on your listening skills.
This will require all of your skills as a leader, and many skills that you may not have realized yet.
While this can be a good standby, try to find something more unique, or more likely to get people to participate.
With that in mind, you should have at least one good and unique team building and trust exercise that you can fall back on when things get rocky.
Instruct them to hold their hands out at waist height with only their two index fingers extended.
This can help to cement your position as team leader as well as fostering trust, communication, and collaboration between you and your team members.
During this period the rest of the team completes a questionnaire about leadership qualities – for discussion later. A great discussion about leadership effectiveness takes place after the exercise has finished .
Call the leaders to the front and issue a Team Brief to each one.Write down the current time on a flipchart or whiteboard or announce the time.
When the time came to work with the cards, this team snatched them all up and started sorting through them. Continue reading to discover the top qualities that you need to foster to improve your leader qualities.
If your team members don’t trust you, they’re not going put their hearts into your projects. You need to be available if any questions or problems arise, but for the most part you need to trust your team to complete the projects to your satisfaction and to do so independently. Not only will it help you to gain the trust and confidence of your team member, you will also gain an individual with a valuable skill for your team.
Be the leader that’s down on the ground helping them work and directing them from equal footing. Tell teams they have 15 minutes planning time and then a 20 minute Action Phase.Observe how teams react to their briefing and what they discuss in terms of the questions they want answered. This caused, as you might imagine, bedlam, mayhem, screams of derision, 'what the hell are you guys doing? Break out some beach balls and play volleyball in the break room while you wait for tech support to arrive. Make sure you use this feedback to help improve any future events that you may be planning.
Leaders, with their own chosen style of leadership, brief their teams and oversee the activity. How well do they formulate a plan for the upcoming Action Phase?Answer any questions teams have. Information on costs such as ferry timetables, time and distance and overnight accommodation are available on request – but information costs money – and eats into a tight budget! Keep track of these to discuss later.Set out the cards (the shared resources) on a separate table at the front of the room. Team leaders were desperately trying to negotiate, but people soon realised that team leaders had no control.
Toastmasters, for example, is just $45 for six months – yet the value you receive from speaking in front of an audience will be of huge benefit to you.You can reduce your social anxiety, over time. They should be placed face-down and can be in one big pile or in six stacks or in four piles. Then I heard the ultimate comment: 'As much as I love to collaborate, it's more important that we hurt them!'. Ask each team to report back on how they approached their tasks, what options they considered and what they agreed on. Say you’re rather SHY about hosting a webinar – yet you need to do it, to get the word out to more people. One idea is to arrange to do a webinar with just your mentor (upline) present.He can make notes about where you paused, or got stuck on something – then, go through the role-playing process again.
How did they recover the situation (if at all)?Relate the activity to what happens in the workplace in terms of teamwork, shared resources, working with others etc. If you need some practice in dealing with people, and directing them to do something (or consulting with them) – you can get good practice by doing a responsible job that you don’t happen to get paid for.

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