Launch is an annual Youth Leadership Training Day with likeminded churches from around the Ryde-Eastwood area. This year the event will be held at All Saints Anglican Church, North Epping, on Saturday 8th June. There are two streams of training available; Rising Leaders (students in years 10-12 at school) and Existing Leaders. Please be praying for this day and come along if you are involved in youth leadership or would like to be in the future.

Church in EastwoodOur church is located at the corner of Shaftsbury Rd and Rutledge St, Eastwood.
Marquette University strives to develop men and women with a capacity for leadership expressed in service to others. The process of leadership is practiced and learned through a number of experiential activities and roles: employment, community service, student organizations, and coursework all contribute to knowledge and understanding of leadership. The Office of Student Development sponsors a number of activities designed to help students reflect on experience and understand the process of leadership and how their contributions can make a positive impact on their community.

Recently, the Division of Student Affairs unveiled a new model of student leadership development that puts leadership in a context unique to Marquette's mission. This model forms the basis for student leadership training experiences across the Division.

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