Your organization may have folks who have moved up the corporate ladder and have assumed a leadership role without any prior training or experience.
You may have supervisors or managers who have to take the next step and delve into the role of division or group leader who are wonderful at their current job but without any experience leading others. We conduct Leadership Training Courses where natural leaders can develop the skill and insight to become great leaders and where new leaders learn to lead with panache and authenticity. Leadership Development may be just what you need to help your entire company progress to their next level.
Our Tailored Leadership Training Courses come in many formats from one-on-one to fully tailored corporate wide programs. Winner of the MERLOT 2013 Classics Award for developing an outstanding, peer reviewed online learning resource. Since the developmental activities are learning tools, rather than research tools, they have not been formally checked for reliability or validity. This method allows me to use both an iterative and formative approach to continually improve the learning activities. Alliance Training also offers online leadership and management courses to supplement our instructor-led workshops and seminars.

Our Leadership Training Certificate Program is designed to help future leaders gain a better understanding of what makes a great leader. If you are interested in our Leadership Certificate Program click on Enroll Now at the top right of the screen. Ideally each participant would sign in for one class each day and then return to their regular work.
Our training is formatted to work on a desktop, laptop or tablet computer .   However, you must be connected to the internet. Upon completion of each course the participant will have the ability to print a certificate of completion.
Upon completion of the Leadership Certificate program a completion certificate will be emailed to the participant. You always seem to know when it's missing regardless of the size or type of organization that you are working in.
This page may be used as the start of a lesson outline for leadership development and training programs. However, since I have received feedback from numerous sources, including learners and their managers, and then updating the material, I believe them to be fairly accurate tools for a learning environment.

My qualifications include over twenty-five years of experience as a leader in various roles, over twenty years of experience as an instructional designer and trainer, B.A. Or, email us for more information about our leadership and management programs at This email address is being protected from spambots.
This program allows you to access over 37 training classes that will give you insight into leadership and ideas to help lead an engaged team. This offer is open to all, however in-person training takes place in the Seattle metro area.
Leadership training is about learning to adapt new skills to your environment and creating positive business results.
You will then complete a leadership challenge questionnaire to adapt the training to your specific situation.

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