Click here to see all 14 SkillsPowerful leadership (ppt) PowerPoint training modules delivered in 4-7 minutes.
Put hot buttons like these on your Web site and you will have your own night and day Risk Reduction Training Center! You may also purchase Flash Video, PPT, DVD, or acquire a Web Course you own, upload to your website, and control.
Phone 1-800-626-4327 to arrange having this product sent to youimmediately for free preview or arrange purchase.
It imparts a common language and vision around leading safety as a culture, develops leadership, builds communication and coaching skills, and equips participants with the tools necessary to lead a safety culture.This is a college-style online class that utilizes blended learning methods to enhance the student’s learning experience. This is precisely what you have been looking for: education for your leadership on the vital skills and topics they need so badly.
Participants view recorded sessions of a live workshop, submit assignments, take unit quizzes, and record insights for application that are submitted to and personally graded by a qualified instructor who provides feedback and answers the student’s content questions along the way.You’ll learn .

People are comfortable with technology now more than ever, and delivering their training in this way could even help reduce their anxiety about starting a new job or a new role within the company.
Our Leadership Development Program Online, 14 Vital Supervision Skills, can help your new employees hone the leadership skills they already have through the use of PowerPoint presentations, as well as Flash videos.
Both training materials are effective and achieve results fast. Offering your new supervisors leadership development training online, or video training, allows them to avoid the embarrassment associated with making mistakes in how they handle matters at work. The program also offers examples and worksheet questions so the trainee can gauge their progress. Upon completion of this Leadership Training Development Programs Online or Website, new supervisors will have even better supervisory skills than they started with and will be well-versed in how to calmly handle delicate work situations. Videos are a great tool for supervisory training since they can present a visual reference for the trainee.
By allowing new supervisors to watch videos that illustrate the situations that supervisors deal with on a daily basis, you are giving them the opportunity to see the methods described in 14 Vital Supervision Skills come to life. Leadership development training online, or video training, can also clear up any confusion they may have about the specifics of the training modules.

This can be particularly helpful in learning about conflict resolution and constructive confrontation since supervisors can hear the tone of voice and see the facial expressions that are appropriate for this area of their job. Finally, 14 Vital Supervision Skills can improve the way your leadership development training online, or training videos, prepare your new supervisors for the challenges they face. Or you can buy any of these skills separately.Take a look at one of the new supervisor training courses here.
You'll be able to zip through the entire program to see what's in it, view, and listen to all 14 programs--a total of 200 slides!There is no cost or obligation for the full preview, just complete this form. "By the way, Dan, I love the vital skills supervisor training course we purchased.

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