Being a great boss isn’t easy, but by following techniques developed by other great bosses an employer can find the best ways to connect with and develop their employees.
One of the most common gripes from staff is that their boss does not communicate well or even at all.
Goals are the most important part of a company and brings everyone into a team working together.
It can be difficult to be on top of everything as a boss, but a truly great boss will always be available to their clients, partners, and staff.
A great boss never denies their culpability in an error, but rather admits their mistakes and explains how they will fix them. Making the correct decisions quickly is practically the job description for many bosses, but many tend to procrastinate both on the difficult issues and the issues they simply don’t think are important.
Many bosses are content in keeping the business running, but a truly great boss will always be focused on ways to improve the business and make it more profitable.
TweetAs a leader, you already know how to identify each of your team member’s strongest skills and assets.
It’s possible to teach someone to be a leader, but truly effective leaders are already passionate about what they do.
Leaders are often called on to make big decisions, so it’s also important for you to be decisive. It can be tough to retain a strong sense of yourself and the way you appear to others, but focus on being self-aware. All people in positions of authority might be able to call themselves leaders, but effective leaders are those individuals who seek to emulate these ten essential traits. Please share any additional ideas you have for effective leadership traits in the comments below. You just share a blog that cover all the information about the change Leadership, this will surely helpful. Have a site or resource to add?Do you know of a reputable Leadership and Influence site or resource that you think we should add?
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. A company is only as good as its leadership, and a boss will find that as their leadership skills grow, so will their company.

This means knowing their business inside and out, from the very beginning of a process to the very end. Staff members that are happy and valued work harder, which can directly increase productivity in ways that nothing else can. A business can only function properly if everyone is moving together in the same direction, and this can only happen if the boss can communicate well with their staff. Both establishing clear goals and charting the company’s progress towards them can go very far in creating a more effective company and generating more revenue. This means returning calls in a timely fashion, always responding to emails, and being available in the office on a regular basis.
Passing the buck along is not only insincere but it also shakes employee faith, and makes them feel as though they should be doing the same thing.
These issues can quickly add up and become overwhelming, which means that making decisions in a timely fashion is extremely important. It’s important to eliminate distractions from the work area and to hone in on the key issues at hand. Your enthusiasm and level of commitment can inspire your team members and motivate them to do better work.
When team members aren’t meeting expectations, a leader must feel comfortable being assertive. If you want other people to believe in your capability as a leader, you must first believe in yourself. Consider your strengths and weaknesses as objectively as possible and don’t be afraid to ask for feedback on your performance. Be upfront with your team members and trust them enough to communicate openly and authentically together. If you’re looking to improve the quality of your leadership style, choose a few key traits to focus on initially and watch as your impact shifts with time.
Many bosses believe that they need to focus on higher level ideas, and thus neglect learning about the small components that truly make their business run. Employee recognition programs such as service awards and rewards for meeting specific company goals can go a long way in making employees feel appreciated. Being absent can lead to many problems, including missing very important information and not noticing major issues until too late.

While leaders are often pulled in numerous directions simultaneously, they must be able to retain clear minds and focus on the things that matter.
Modeling the attitude you want each person to have is one of the most effective ways to lead your team toward a successful destination. A decisive leader carefully weighs the potential effects of each option and chooses the opportunity that works best for his or her team. Give people the authority they need to do their jobs well and show them an appropriate level of respect. A lack of communication promotes the spread of false information and resentment among your team members. Strive to understand where other people are coming from and keep a healthy, grounded perspective on your own achievements. It’s important to build a level of mutual trust within your team so that each person feels comfortable addressing his or her concerns with you.
Your team will achieve new levels of success as your leadership style evolves and becomes more well-defined. The only question that comes to my mind are these truly traits (hence you either have them or you don’t) or can they be learned? Each site or resource that we add is first reviewed by our team to ensure it's credibility and validity. Such a level of certainty and confidence will serve both you and your team well as you tackle larger challenges and go after new goals. To be decisive, you must also feel comfortable taking responsibility for the results of your choice.
As a leadership coach and trainer I can say from experience that passion and honesty, I don’t think they can be taught hence they likely are traits as the article presents.

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