If you want to improve your English, you can learn English online here with this free lesson plan that has a listening based on a video clip. You can learn English online here if you are at upper-intermediate, advanced or proficiency level (B2, C1 and C2).
If you want to learn English online with some of my other reading and listening lessons, then have a look through some of my other free lessons.
There is new vocabulary, comprehension and plenty of new idioms.Robert Lustig is a specialist in pediatric hormone disorders, and childhood obesity.

His lecture called 'Sugar, the bitter truth' has caused quite a controversy, as it asks the question, 'Is sugar a toxin?".
Do you try and limit sugar in your diet?There are then some new vocabulary words to learn, which have been taken from the video, as well as their synonyms. You then get to watch a very eye-opening video clip with some comprehension questions.The lesson finishes off with some idioms with the word 'sweet'.
This video clip provides some surprising evidence about the culture of sugar that we live in.

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