Learn to read, understand and speak French through pictures, video, audio and flash animation. There is something for almost everyone, from the absolute beginner in the French language, to the more advanced student. Cliquez sur la petite image ou cliquez sur la fleche pour faire defiler les cartes francaises. Harry Potter books, most of which are in French - audio CDs, Kindle eBook downloads and more. Read-along tip: make notes in your book of relevant audio start points, such as CD number or track time of each chapter.
More French learning videos: Learn French numbers with video and music led by a couple of worms!
French in Action is designed for beginners or intermediate level college or high school students. Free registration is required to access the video based teaching material, which teaches speaking, listening and comprehension skills.
Coursera courses are open enrollement and the level of participation is up to you, so if your French is good but not brilliant you can still watch the videos and attempt any quizzes, although you will probably need fairly good French to pass and earn a statement of accomplishment ! Watching courses like these are a great way to expand your knowledge of a language as you will encounter vocabulary not covered in standard language courses!
L'art des structures 1 : Cables et arcs from Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne with Olivier L. Free audiobook samples of French courses and audiobooks in French, for example, Pimsleur Quick and Simple French. GCSE French revison topics including: accommodation, careers, free time, house and home, money, self, school, shopping, food and drink, health from S-Cool. History Resources includes a fun look into familial relationships and a free course on modern history.
I've recently discovered a fantastic website that lets you learn French for free called Duolingo.

Some screenshots are pictured on the right-hand side and the course is similar to the online maths course called Khan Academy, which some of you may be familiar with (which incidentally has the curriculum in both English and French too). Recording your own voice, with software designed to detect whether you're pronouncing the French correctly or not.
When a new topic is introduced it starts with a page or two of information necessary to perform well in that topic and the first couple of questions show an image with the French translation, which makes it very easy.  It seems to be designed to use words in answers you get wrong slightly more often in order to help you memorize them going forward.
Whether you're homeschooling, at school or want to learn French online for free as an extracurricular activity, I'd highly recommend Doulingo.  It's a fun, fast-paced way to learn the language and I found it quite addictive, which I can't say for other methods I've tried!  They also offer courses in various other languages including German, Spanish and Portuegese.
However, a very strong argument can be presented in favor of private tutors and teachers who believe that while a website is good enough to practice or teach some basics, you cannot rely on it wholesomely to learn a language. The lessons on this website are divided into various parts like greetings, alphabet, numbers, asking for help, love and romance.
It seems to me that this website is mainly meant for tourists who are travelling to places where French is the main language.
The website has more than 20 different lessons and each of these lessons teaches you something different. The French Tutorial is the last website that I have reviewed here in this article for you to learn French online. You can also read our post on 5 Free Language Learning Software: Free Replacement for Rosetta Stone.
Right click the mouse, add to favorites & come back later, there is too much to explore in one session!
Transparent Language are likely to send you some useful links, including product discounts. Don't be afraid to try though as many 'foreign' language students are successfully completing courses taught in English! These websites include tutorials, dictionaries, instructions on how to spell a word, and much more. While this stands true for a lot of websites, there are platforms out there that can actually make a difference and help you learn the language proficiently.

While you are signing up, you are asked to mention the level of your understanding of the language.
However, in the process of learning from the perspective of a tourist, you do end up learning quite a few things. One more good thing about this website is that you do not even have to sign up or register with the website; visit the link above and start learning right away. There are 16 different chapters on this website and each of these chapters has multiple lessons.
All of this combines together to make a good mixture of free online lessons that can eventually help you in learning French online. Apart from learning French, you can also learn other languages like Spanish on this website. A small test at the beginning is conducted to test your knowledge, if you ain’t a beginner.
However, the home page of the website seems really crowded, because of the ads, and you might take a few seconds to find the lessons in the right hand corner. The free account obviously has a few limitations, but still is good enough to learn the basics of the language.
You can start of by going through the Introduction chapter and move ahead to learn the pronunciation of words, learn vocabulary, grammar, and more. You are also required to go through simple tests at a later stage, to check how much you have learned. Secondly, the website has a large online community of users who can interact with each other and pursue their love for the language.

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