This online Spanish for healthcare course is designed to help anyone in healthcare communicate and understand Spanish-speaking patients, family members and concerned friends. To receive your certificate, please complete the following: Spend 15 hours online (the program automatically tracks your time) and complete the online course assessments with a 70% or higher.
For only a few dollars more, you can receive credit for this course through one of our college partners.Click here to be directed to our partner website. Every module includes a culture awareness tip to help you understand differences between the cultures.
If you are not completely satisfied with your learning experience within the first 14 days of activation, send us an email and we will give you a full refund. Some other CD courses enable you to listen to lessons but not see how sentences are formed or the phonetic way of speaking a word.

Being able to speak in a foreign language is not only fun and very satisfying, but is appreciated immensely by the people who live and work there and will give you, a great sense of achievement.
Free English Language Learning Resources On The InternetAlso features a Spanish-to-English function.
Is grammar Important?Why should a student learn the uses of the present tense in Spanish when it is basically the same as in English?
Bosnian Language – Wikipedia, The free Encyclopediagrammar and syntax) of what are today officially four national standards. A book will show you the phonetics and words but will not be able to let you hear exactly how a word or sentence should be spoken. Learning to get by in Spanish is not difficult and in fact you need surprisingly few words to be understood in various situations.

Learn how to quickly address job-specific issues like collecting medical history, comprehending symptoms, providing directions on medicine intake, gathering insurance information, making appointments, and much more.
With the surge over the past decade in the Hispanic population in the United States, speaking Spanish is becoming more of a necessity than a choice in many parts of the country.
Spanish for healthcare is designed for nurses, doctors, hospital staff, medical technicians and health insurance representatives.
From feedlot managers in Nebraska to New York City stockbrokers, Americans are scrambling to learn a language that is now spoken by many of the 35.3 million Hispanics in the United States.

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