Drive into the gas station with confidence!  Learn the Spanish names for the parts of your car, requesting services and other gas station basics in this short lesson.
With 30-Minute Spanish, youa€™ll learn Spanish online FREE when and where you want and need it.
It will be like having an awesome class with your own Private Spanish Tutor everywhere: home, school, or office and at anytime. I also teach private Spanish lessons to a very select and very lucky group of students in my Spanish classroom. Click link above to Donate any amount you want, if you like Professor Palacios's Free Online Spanish Lessons Course. Learn how to ask and answer questions in Spanish and carry on intermediate-level conversations in most major areas of life. Achieve a complete fluency with advanced Spanish verb conjugations and tenses, speak, read, write, and comprehend Spanish. Boost your vocabulary, master grammar topics and learn Spanish culture, understand native speakers in real-life situations.

Comprehend Spanish, learn new vocabulary and read in Spanish, understand native speakers on TV and the radio. Learn Spanish online with Visual Link Spanish which is an Eddie award-winning, interactive online course with 489 lessons - all completely free for you! This is an easy way to teach yourself Spanish online at home or with MP3s in your car (if you upgrade and order the MP3s for learning on-the-go).
This free course takes you from a beginning level, through all the basics, to an intermediate fluency level.
These foreign language tutorials really are the best way to learn a language (try yourself for free to see if we're right).
Using PowerPoint presentations instead of chalkboards, chat instead of raising hands, and pop-up poll questions instead of quizzes, the teachers at Bright Spanish strive to make their classes feel and function as much like a regular classroom as possible. Currently, Bright Spanish is wrapping up its second Beginner’s course, and is about midway through its third. Receive a Send2Press® Newswire Once Daily Press Release Summary by E-Mail (powered by Google).

Students can even turn on their microphones and repeat words after the teacher to practice their pronunciation. That’s nine hours of class time, and the Bright Spanish teachers try to cover a lot of ground.
After trying, be sure and tell others about our online learning software which is one of the best foreign-language resources online!
The group hopes to make Spanish learning more accessible by providing interactive, guided classes that anyone can take regardless of their location or budget.
It will explain more infromation using secondary pop-up screens: Grammar, special rules and facts.

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