Description: Adobe Presenter is widely known for its ease of use to create eLearning courses from PowerPoint slides. Now that you’ve seen the course, let’s talk about how I got here from the storyboarding phase. Steve has definitely inspired me to try and create another scenario training on Poker tips, possibly playing out each scenario even when a user makes a wrong choice- thus allowing him or her to learn from the mistakes. In Part 1 of this blog series, I shared my experience about the content acquisition and analysis phase for creating a scenario-based course.
The introduction screen helped us understand that Lisa was a new joinee in the team and she was about to take her first call.
In my last blog post, I shared my experience with gathering content for creating a scenario-based course. Last week, in a conversation with a Captivate Customer Care Team Manager, I learned that she had some training requirement for the new joinees in the team.
After a long discussion, we reached to a conclusion that providing them a simulated learning experience would make sense. Learning Through Challenging ExperiencesIn the June 2013 edition of Inc., an article entitled 7 Traits of True Leaders detailed how character traits that have been historically perceived as feminine are required for 21st century success. If you have a desire (and you should) to be better at any of the above personal skills, it is important to understand the model and process for how you will learn them and be able to convert your learning into future action. Only 10% of your learning about soft skill development will occur by reading content online or in a book, or by attending a formal class or training.
Sue Ashford (Harvard) and Scott DeRue (Michigan) developed the Mindful Engagement process in 2012 as a way to help leaders get the most out of the experiences they go through. As an example, if your desire is to be more empathetic, I would encourage you to do the following.
But with the many passed years and being a parent to a school age child myself has given me the opportunity to take a deeper look at my relationship to learning.
According to wikipedia, learning is defined as  acquiring new, or modifying and reinforcing, existing knowledge, behaviors, skills, values, or preferences and may involve synthesizing different types of information.
I also remembered being in a science class as a young teen and being forced to dissect a frog’s tiny body. I realize now, the information that was being spoon fed to me as a child, forced into the spaces in my mind, preoccupying my consciousness was not my choice. In my public school experience more resembled rote learning versus critical thinking of any type.
I am convinced that true engagement surrounding a topic is one of the most basic elements of learning. In the case of history surrounding the plagues of the world, our conversation was spawned from a video on youtube Miro watched by Vsauce.
The video explored the role Cordyceps played in spreading many of the plagues,which flowed into a discussion about the Black Death (bubonic plague). Walking down this path with Miro has taught me too, to once again to engage and love the flow of learning. In Part 2, I shared how I created a storyline and identified the critical steps in it and further started storyboarding and shared the introduction screen with you. In the next screen, we need to show how she starts the call and what the customer issue was.

It was an interesting exercise, where I was able to chalk out the procedure followed to resolve customer issues and the critical steps one needs to follow during the call. And the first thing I did to create a storyline was to jot down the steps a customer care executive will follow to help them resolve their issues. Jimenez narrates the book in the form of a story which is full of events, observations and experiences. I also like the cool titles he uses for the chapters, which go as Bucket List, Awake at Night, True Chatter, etc.
The next 20% comes from others in your circle of influence, mentors that you communicate with regularly, or your personal advisory board.
The following three-step process will ensure that you take the right approach, create opportunities for action, and use a structured process for reflection.
Approach – because you get what you expect, it is imperative that you establish a positive mindset and SMART goals. Action – what you do determines what you get as an outcome, so be proactive in trying to create opportunities and diverse experiences where you can experiment with what works best for you. Reflection – follow a structured process each time you reflect being sure to focus on a few critical issues that will make the learning impactful. Read three online articles about how to be empathetic (the 10%) making specific notes, treat two to three members of your personal advisory board to coffee and ask them thought provoking questions about their empathy best practices (the 20%), and then use the Mindful Engagement process to create experiences (the 70%) with your significant other, your direct reports at work, a confrontational client, or someone you volunteer with where you can practice what you learned.
But what I find discerning about this definition  is that “engagement”  has been removed from the learning equation. According to my memory, the content itself was the focus rather than the  exchange of energy that is defined as engagement. I identify more now with the cliche of that lesson but cannot recall a single thing I was supposed to have learned other than my utter dislike for being forced to do something that revolted me.
And once I figured out I had the gift of short term photographic memorization, I breezed through without much effort.
Some of the information now I learn was simply false, in terms of history, science, etc, designed possibly to keep me complacent.
There were those who excelled in this system, even identified or loved the academic topics and performed well. Coincidently, I had just read an article that morning addressing the possibility that bacteria and microbes enter the earths’ atmosphere via meteorites including the possible birth of the Black Death. He doesn’t have that built up resistance to learning itself that I had for many of my childhood, teen and adult years. Pooja Jaisingh and Vish as they show you how you can take it a step further and add engaging interactions to your courses.
When storyboarding for this course, the single most important thing for me was to keep it conversational and follow the actual lingo that the customer care representatives are supposed to follow. The task was to train them, in a manner that they are well equipped to resolve the customer issues and delight the customers with efficient service.
It’s like he is teaching how to create scenario-based learning courses in a scenario-based book! At the end of each chapter, the author directs you to view a course and answer a few questions which allow the readers to think and respond. A separate study by the Center for Creative Leadership entitled Preventing Derailment: What to Do Before It’s Too Late found that as you climb the corporate ladder, personal skills far outweigh your need for managerial and technical skills.

The vast majority of your learning, 70%, will be derived from challenging experiences that occur both on and off-the-job.
You must also have a learning mindset where you constantly seek new challenges and feedback from a wide variety of people. This will allow you to repeat the behavior moving forward and get you closer to your goals.
Take time to reflect as close as possible to when the event occurred and do not be afraid to go back and act on that situation again quickly.
By expecting to learn, challenging yourself to take action, and deliberately reflecting on how to take action next time, you will establish yourself as a empathetic 21st century leader much more rapidly. The content was valued at all costs even if it turned off children from authentically being engaged with learning. But it was a “forced learning” and in all honesty, I learned the lesson that learning was a chore and it impeded on my personal freedoms.
That content was programmed for me, for a generation and in my best estimate, this practice is still in effect today through our mandated curriculum.
Our conversations last for hours and both of us end up learning more than we knew going into the conversation.
Miro’s relationship to learning is fluid and learning through inspiration sparked from experiences in the world is a unique gift. They will also show you how you can easily transform your slides to scenario-based courses using Adobe Presenter. The people’s choice award goes to Steve Shatkin, for his entry ‘Some tips to make you a better poker player’. It’s a very important job and they have to do it right each time they pick up the phone and talk to the customer. Today I think it might even be worse with the current regulations on curriculum and the failing governmental program called No Child Left Behind. But I performed well when I needed to, only required reading the material the night before the test to ace the questions with the correct answers. I suppose whether that content was meaningful to shaping me into the person I became is unknown.
The conversation was centered around our interests and through an truly engaged exchange, we both left the conversation with a deeper sense of learning. Then, magically the information faded to black, dissolving into tiny particles never to be though of again. But the dictating what topics were placed into my mind did prompt me into into a rebellious, non-conformist and open minded adult I find myself today. Additionally, the “open the book” assignment offers a forced passive learning experience which taught me to resist that kind of learning.
However when I opened a book because it was on something I was interested in, the learning flowed naturally and gracefully as I recall reading many books on the life and art of Joan Miro when I was a child.

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