Although we tend to view learning as an apparently unconscious process, most of what we learn involves a conscious effort to facilitate learning through the deliberate use of a learning style. A person’s learning style emerges primarily from the interplay of personality, genetics, perception bias and multiple intelligences. Without our ability to perceive things on a number of levels, we would not be able to process, comprehend and preserve important information in our brains.
For example, someone who prefers to learn something verbally rather than mathematically may take a complex equation and re-create the equation so that it resembles a word problem, with each step written out in words rather than just numbers and symbols.
Good occupations for visual learners include architects, painters, sculptors, interior designers and engineers.
Students possessing an auditory learning style have the ability to intuitively interpret and remember information by not only hearing sounds and speech but also picking up on the speed, voice and pitch of verbal and non-verbal sounds. Auditory learners gains more understanding through directions that are provided orally rather than in written form. Visual and auditory learners will benefit from taking online school courses because of the ability to convert just about any information into a preferable platform through software that transforms text to speech or takes numerical information and adapts it to graphical form. While most people lean towards a primary learning style, many will also use a combination of two learning styles.
Be aware that having a tendency to use a certain learning style or brain hemisphere does not mean you can’t apply other methods that seem to facilitate your understanding and retention of course material. For over 35 years, Keiser University has provided student-centered, quality career education. Response to Intervention (RTI) is an educational approach allowing educators to succeed with all students. The Class Record Sheet and Student Progress Report completed from the Pre-Test results provide teachers assistance in planning instruction for all three tiers.
In Moving with Math programs, every lesson is introduced with a manipulative activity to develop understanding of essential math concepts.
Moving with Math integrates Daily Reviews and Journal Prompts to provide ongoing assessment to differentiate instruction and monitor progress. Moving with Math Lesson Plans are guided to provide successful, engaging, and educational experiences.

ManSims: Management Simulation Workshops in Sarbanes Oxley Compliance, Project Management, Leadership and Change Management Training.
The ability to absorb, understand and retain information is unique among humans, with each individual possessing his or her own exclusive learning style. We recognize and employ a certain learning style early in life that efficiently allows to remember, integrate and use information which facilitates our day to day lives and makes coping with unexpected tasks easier. However, people who are considered auditory or visual learners will encounter difficulty with this learning style. Immediate perceptions of images, diagrams, maps and videos facilitate their ability to understand and retain information.
Information that is presented in written form may not be as quickly assimilated until it is heard.
They also prefer lectures instead of reading from a textbook and may hum to themselves when bored or being forced to read something. However, it is not impossible for a kinesthetic learner to succeed in an online degree program. For example, some students say they must be wearing headphones and listening to their favorite music at loud volume before they can read, understand and remember course material. Specializing in creating useful education based websites that help to inform students about online degree programs while connecting them to the best online schools for their career.
Keiser University Online offers degree programs online to prepare students for in-demand professions. Data from the Pre-Test is used to provide high quality instruction for multiple tiers in a whole group setting. A completed Student Progress Report helps create an Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) for one-on-one tutoring. Aides and volunteers directing the IEPs will appreciate the helpful guidance provided by lightly scripted, 1-2-3 step lesson plans.
This interlocking structure makes it easy to frontload objectives that are too difficult for some students by placing those students in an earlier level of the program to build up their mathematical background.
Manipulative lesson is followed with a picture on the student page, connecting the concrete to the abstract stage of learning.

Visual learners also prefer writing notes over just simply reading a text to memorize information.
Thus, they may read aloud to themselves or discuss an idea with others to seize on insights they cannot garner from simply reading about it.
In addition, students with a preference for auditory learning often do well as English or foreign language majors. People who tend to use the left side of their brain exhibit skills that emphasize logic, numbers, reasoning, language and critical thinking. Teachers use scripted lesson plans to reach students at different developmental levels and with different learning styles.
Students missing specific objectives may gather at learning centers for focused instruction and practice.
Students with visual learning tendencies are often good with directions, exhibit artistic skills, benefit from colorized illustrations and tend to isolate themselves from kinesthetic or auditory distractions.
Career paths for this type of learning style include journalist, lawyer, teacher or politician. Left-brainers, then, would be more likely to embrace the visual or auditory learning style. Right-brain users are good at remembering faces, interpreting emotions and presenting creative skills.
If you find a certain environment, device or action seems to expedite study sessions, then by all means use it to help you succeed as an online student.
Students with dominant right hemispheres may be more inclined to be kinesthetic and perhaps visual learners.

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