Our Learning Management system will help you increase your Productivity, Save Time and Money, Reduce your operational cost, Motivate your team with honing their skills. The learning management system market is segmented on the basis of end users of the product.
Recognized by UGC-Distance Education Bureau for Offering Programmes in open & Distance Learning (ODL). Mahatma Gandhi University introduces "learning management system" to provide complete online education facility to the students.
A Learning Management System (LMS) is a software application or web-based technology platform designed to support delivery, management and tracking of learning events.
Our Learning Management System fulfills the learning needs of any size of Institutes, Universities and any other form of Institutions. This system enables educational institutions to augment on-campus courses and deliver online courses. The end users of this product are majorly categorized into educational institutions, corporate bodies, government sectors, healthcare industry, manufacturing units, retail segments, telecom and information technology, and others. The LMS software performs a variety of functions related to online and in-person training administration and provides additional tools which support career development, competency and talent management.

Apart from handling courses, this system can also handle various other tasks like skill analysis, reporting and tracking. Under a€?LMSa€? following features are available on a cost that is optional to the students.
It enables students to use interactive features like video conferencing, threaded discussions and discussion forums. One of the major factors driving the growth of this market includes growing adoption of e-learning. This system enables teaching staff in creating and delivering content, assessing student performance and monitoring student participation.
Corporate bodies are also implementing LMS for online training and to automate certain tasks like employee registration and record keeping.
Also, this system permits customizations and flexibility of training programs in terms of methodology and content.
The various functions that are handled by LMS include automating and centralizing administration procedures, rapidly collecting and delivering learning materials, consolidating training initiatives, supporting standards and portability, personalizing content and enabling knowledge reuse. Implementing such system reduces travel time for employees and costs apart from easy access from convenient locations.

Another factor that contributes to the growth of this market is that implementing LMS enables continuous learning. At a professional level, it is about expanding skill sets in response to rapidly changing environments and new developments at the workplace. For example, introduction of computer management systems to automate certain work processes creates a need for employees to be trained so that they can perform their tasks more efficiently.
Implementing LMS to train employees is less time consuming and also large number of employees can be easily addressed and managed. However, integration with the existing systems in an organization may not be always possible.

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