Travelling around the country for her hit TV show, Psychic Sally: On the Road, Sally Morgan delivers messages of comfort from beyond the grave to her stunned audiences. Thanks to her incredible channelling powers, Sally reveals the secrets from the afterlife and helps people to cope with the loss of loved ones. Get all the latest Sally Morgan official Merchandise including tshirts, brochures, books, DVDs, jewellery, candles and loads more. There aren’t many people who get to tell their story about life on Death Row - Damien Echols is one of the very few. This story must have been a catharsis for him, and he goes far beyond expectations as he describes his life on Death Row, and the abuse and treatment of not just him, but other inmates by guards and officials in the justice system.

The West Memphis Three were released last year on an Alford plea, and are currently fighting to have their convictions removed.
It is an amazing story, beautifully written in a very restrained manner, which makes the subject matter even more brutal. Arrested in 1993 and sentenced to death for the murders of 3 boys in West Memphis, Echols spent the next 18 years fighting his sentence and maintaining his sanity while in some of the most horrific prisons. If even half of what Echols recounts is true, then the prison system in Arkansas is rotten to the core, and the process of convicting and trying accused is also very flawed. Echols mentions at the end of his book that he is not ‘the WM3, and wants to move on with his life’, and who can blame him.

One of the most disturbing books of recent years, and a must for anyone passionate about human rights and justice. He does still passionately feel though that the murderer of those 3 boys is walking around a free man, and needs to be identified.

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