I’ve always been impressed by how short our life on earth is, and how long by contrast what follows is. There are eight major categories of evidence: spirit communication through mediums (mediumship), visions of the dying, near-death experiences (NDE), remembered past lives of little children, apparitions, poltergeists, spirit attachment or possession, and electronic voice phenomena (EVP).
Take the near-death experience: We now know that powerful NDEs occur when the brain is clinically dead. The afterworld is not some fantastic vision of infinity where souls are locked in poses of permanent rapture gazing at the face of God.
There are gardens, universities, libraries, and hospices for the newly dead–but no factories, fire stations, sanitary landfills, or smokestacks.
The spirit world begins very near the earth and extends millions of miles beyond,” writes the spirit of Leslie Stringfellow, a Texan who died at 20 and communicated through his parents. A quickened “vibration,” such as we find in the afterworld, or what we shall call the astral, greatly increases one’s sensitivity to spirit. The astral world, assuming you are not caught up in the Shadows, is limitlessly varied, with plenty of jobs to do.
The Creator places souls in the difficult environment of earth because He (She, It) loves them. The astral world provides opportunities for every wholesome interest or avocation–from science to music to theology to astral architecture to homebuilding. He then goes on to say, “On the whole, it seems to the author that the balance of evidence shows that reincarnation is a fact, but not necessarily a universal one.” What seemed true to Doyle in 1924 seems even more true today.
A return to earth might resemble the experience of a teacher starting a new term after summer vacation—not always a prospect to be relished! No one is “saved” by faith in Jesus as Lord and Savior, as Protestant Christianity teaches, and deathbed conversions have no impact on the quality of life in the world to come. Last spring, a few months after my father passed away, I had a reading with a different gal, who also acted as a Medium. Shortly after she died she did present herself to me in a dream wanting to tell me something but my subconscious freaked out so much I lost the opportunity to my regret. And as a human being in general, I actually have some memories of my most recent previous life (which was rather tragic and memorable), including someone who I believe is still close to me in spirit, and has done some fairly dramatic and visible things to demonstrate it.
I even have a physical anomaly that seems to relate to my memories of that past life, and several mediums and readers have described that incarnation as well. So there isn’t much doubt in my mind that such things actually exist, and I find that to be an extremely comforting idea.
You may have a memory of your previous time in the afterlife that is closer to your conscious awareness that most people. Stafford Betty, one of the leading scholars on the subject of what life after death is like in the afterlife. The novel describes in great detail the afterlife setting, and the non-fiction book summarizes the afterlife in forty-four generalizations–what the research tells us we are all headed for. Nor should we expect Sunni and Shia Muslims to be living comfortably side by side in the same sector of the afterworld—or Han Chinese entrepreneurs and Tibetan peasants. Earth’s slow “vibrations”—we don’t have a scientific understanding of what this word means, but it turns up everywhere in spirit communications–dumb down our ability to sense the presence of spirit, including the Divine.
The Divine is no closer to the astral world than to our own, but spirits can discern or intuit the Divine more cleanly. All of us are accountable for our actions and for the habits we’ve developed over the course of a lifetime (or lifetimes).

For example, an earthbound spirit who was an alcoholic is still pestered by the craving for alcohol. Residents can free themselves if they are willing to face up humbly to their errors and crimes and repent them. But God—whom spirits often refer to as supporting them or mystically present to them but never as visible in some anthropomorphic sense–will never interfere with our free will. Soul-building, or character development, is the whole point of our sojourn, both on earth and beyond, say the spirits. It is a joyful, endlessly fascinating place, full of challenges, for those mature enough to value it.
A former judge on earth, named Hatch, was constantly being called on to help fellow spirits out of their emotional predicaments. I rather dread to go back into the world [earth], where it will be so dull for me for a long time. Good atheists are not disadvantaged, though they are not likely to remain atheists once they come over!
In the first, The Afterlife Unveiled, he brings together information about the world to come that has reached us from spirits who once lived on earth, and who utilize mediums to get their message across. As Mom was bipolar and ultimately took her life, her adjustment on the other side is slow going. The second medium gave you a great piece of information with which to identify that this was your father. So yes, she can be attending to the children of Sandy Hook and be with you at the same time. She was an intelligent woman from the South and an avid Southern Baptist believer yet she had this side of her that drew you into the world beyond and I believed. When we are exposed to the spirit world at a young age sometimes it does scare us, but on the other hand it helps us develop an open mind too.
There are many documented cases of people born with physical anomalies related to their past lives!Your memories of your past life and the spirit who shares this life with you are all great evidence for the afterlife and reincarnation.
If you are in tune with the natural world you’re not as hooked into the hypnotic chatter of the man made world. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! Betty please give us some background on what drew you to study the afterlife in such depth?
I went from a guy who scoffed at all talk of an afterlife to a guy who hadn’t the slightest doubt that his wife had survived death and was still alive. Hell is hellish, yes, but it’s not a place of physical pain, nor is it everlasting, nor is it a place where there is not help. Rather it is a place with landscapes and seas and houses and cities reminiscent of our own world.
Physical violence is not possible in the afterlife, but old habits of mutual suspicion and animosity don’t disappear just because we die.
The landscapes vary from sordid city neighborhoods to parched, gray scrubland to dark, lifeless deserts. So he hangs around bars on earth and “drinks through” other alcoholics he temporarily possesses, making it all the more difficult for his victim to conquer the habit. Acting through higher spirits seeking to lead the “stumblers” out of their self-imposed exile, God will invite tirelessly, but will never force.

He knows that the only way to bring out the best in a soul is to challenge it, in the same way that a good teacher challenges her students.
That makes it more possible for you, while embodied in flesh on earth, to take hold of a particular problem area and shape it into a more constructive pattern.
Can I exchange this freedom and vivid life for a long period of somnolence [in the womb], afterwards to suck a bottle and learn the multiplication tables and Greek and Latin verbs?
Today he is a professor of religious studies at California State University, Bakersfield, and has evolved over the last twenty years as their death-and-afterlife specialist. His transition was pretty joyful; when I tuned into him myself, right after he died, I got a, “Woo hooo! When he talks about the afterlife it resonates with me – always has as far back as I can remember. Still do to this day though more intrigued than scared and would dearly love to visit with her from the other side to ask questions I didn’t know to ask as a child. This allows you to rise above the slow vibrations of the physical realm to access more of the Universal consciousness.
And heaven is not one place but a spectrum of worlds stretching from the lowly joys of souls newly arrived to spheres of unimaginable bliss and perfection for souls far more advanced. It is an objectively real material world, but made of matter vibrating much more rapidly than our senses can pick up. But many jeer at their would-be helpers and seem to prefer their dull or chaotic lives over the challenges of higher worlds they are frightened of.
One gets the impression that, at least for the moment, many spirits actually prefer their dimmed-down world to the higher Light-filled worlds they were created for, and that someday they will choose to enter. Your period of incarnation on the physical plane is thus a very important period of education.
Put the letter in your nightstand drawer and each night before you go to sleep affirm that you are going to get a visitation from her in a dream.
And that is as it should be, because Death is very likely the single best invention of Life. He is describing a relatively low zone of the afterworld sometimes called Paradise or Summerland.
When we first contacted her, she was embarrassed by some of her behavior in life- specifically regarding me. Francis, and her quiet dedication to Franciscan ideals was an inspiration to all who knew her.
You can elect not to return, and many do, after they have achieved a certain spiritual development. He has traveled to India four times, most recently in 2010 to deliver the keynote address at a convocation of Vedantins in Udupi. I was able to let her know that I have done a lot of healing work around some of the dysfunctional family dynamics we shared, and I believe it helped her. But the physical plane is a “school” for learning and development, and so most souls do desire to return for a series of incarnations. Can she be attending to the children of Sandy Hook or be in the advanced state that you describe and still come to me?

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