Best Selling Author Miss KP is at it again, as she brings you another novel filled with deadly sins, lust, and heart-wrenching betrayal of two wives who are determined to dodge their pasts.
Award Winning Publisher Tressa “Azarel” Smallwood and Essence Magazine Best Selling Author, Tiphani Montgomery combined their 15 years of experience in the publishing industry to bring you Write Your Book in 4 Weeks…No MORE FEAR. Imagine having your innocence stolen at an early age by someone you trust, or struggling financially before even knowing the meaning of the word struggling . New York Times Bestselling Author, Winter Ramos, one of the new faces of VH1?s hit reality television show, Love and Hip Hop New York Season 3 delivers a brazen and unabashed memoir of her life in the world of hip hop. Heart Breaker returns with more scandal, more secrets, and more deception as everyone is out for one thing: revenge.
Over a year later, the time Jayla has spent in jail has done nothing to soften the hatred in her heart. In one world she has love and security with Brandon, and in the other, she has the nastiest, most delicious sex she could ever imagine with Alexander. Follow this epic battle to see which woman is willing to do the most to get what she wants; the best of both worlds. In 2 Sides of a Penny Part two, time never stands still and the world continues to turn in directions that make Jason and Italy face their worst fears sooner than they’d like. Jason must come to grips with losing the people closest to him while struggling to hold on to the last thing he loves. From settling old scores with his one time friend Gooney to establishing new love, Jason continues to prove only the strong survive in a world of vultures.
This classic story concludes the drama of two lives with two sides and all the confusion they each face while trying to maintain some kind of focused mind.
Azarel and Tiphani share visions, secrets, and personal stories that will inspire you and have you committed to writing daily . This is for serious authors, both beginner and advanced, who want to produce a book this year!
After reading ‘I Should Have Seen Him Coming, you realize Zsaset is really cut out for that thug lifestyle.
Friends disappear, family keep their distance, and her love life becomes strained, but she’s thankful for the few close friends in her circle.
Danette Majette will have you screaming laughing and crying at the wild and crazy shenanigans, caused by no one but Zsaset in ‘I Should Have Seen Him Coming’ Part 2.e. There's an exclusive lifestyle in America where your body, your game and good looks, all get you paid. Womanizer, Antoine Moore believed that women were only good for one thing…lying on their backs. The sequel Life after a Balla begins with Skye doing whatever it takes to obtain the riches she whole heartedly thinks she deserves.
Symone Morrow seems to have it all, a skyrocketing career, money to burn, and a sexy fiance, Kenyon Steele, CEO of a multi-million dollar company. Laura Miller is a books and culture columnist for Slate and the author of The Magiciana€™s Book: A Skeptica€™s Adventures in Narnia. All of which seemed comical, given that Life-Changing Magic (or life-changing magic) is a book about how you really just need to throw away the crap piling up around your house. I guess I can afford to smirk at all this, given that clutter is not one of my afflictions — although I do eagerly await the publication of The Life-Changing Magic of Getting Yourself to Dust Regularly, or at Least Occasionally, a program that merits capital letters if there ever was one. The joy-sparking question is Kondo’s trademark, and a curious one since The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up is a fairly joyless book.
The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and Spark Joy: An Illustrated Master Class on the Art of Organizing and Tidying Up by Marie Kondo.
Ebony Canion has had her share of tumultuous events, yet even she was stunned when a speeding car hit her intentionally, dragging her through the streets with her body folded underneath the vehicle. After Jasmine's betrayal, it was only a matter of time before Jayla could give her a taste of her own medicine. As new secrets are revealed, Jayla finds herself tangled in a web so twisted that it brings her past full circle. An unexpected betrayal finds him trying to save his brother Savion who has become wanted for being America's nightmarish reality.
With love, betrayal, violence, and corruption this story closes with a newfound honor respect and deep appreciation of life. After hearing the many excuses aspiring authors gave them during their sessions in The Best Sellers Project, a school for aspiring writers and publishers, these two powerhouses decided to pen a quick guide that will have soon-to-be authors writing 3,000 words or more per day.

Zsaset’s goal is to make amends with her wrongdoings, but she’s doing a better job of ignoring the idea. However, the professional bachelor’s wild exotic journeys are brought to a halt, when one of his former flings, leaves their daughter, Angel on his door step.
Between lavish gifts and million-dollar promises she tries hard to forget her past turmoil with Sandingo’s, her abusive no-good husband. But very few people know the demons and secrets that lurk inside the walls of Kenyon and Symone’s seemingly happy home.
Webs of lies are spun and before Symone knows it, she becomes Charmaine’s new sexual obsession while Kenyon fights off his unknown perpetrators. In this gritty tale of money, sex and mayhem, Chyna Bishop must protect her family empire at all cost, despite the violence launched against her. Kondo, a professional organizer, has a Manichean attitude toward personal possessions, swinging unpredictably from the draconian to the reverent. I love throwing stuff out, to the degree that on one or two occasions I have actually regretted doing so because an item I discarded a few months ago would have come in handy, an event that, according to most decluttering experts, is as rare as a unicorn. Although the author doesn’t seem to realize it herself, her campaign is a nonstop assault on the most basic form of human denial, the one that prefers to ignore our implacable limitations. If any activity is designed to underline the pitiful superfluity of our stuff, it’s that one. The author admits to goofy idiosyncrasies, a classic feminine gambit for endearing oneself to others, and supplies detailed tips. To discard the stuff we’ve acquired is to murder the version of ourselves we envision using it. Kondo also advises a wincingly strict economy in the saving of photos, diaries, letters and other mementos. The piles of stuff we might need someday are an argument that we will always be around to need them. Meanwhile, Jasmine has her own plans in motion and neither she nor Jayla realize just how dangerously intertwined their lives are. Dakota is so caught up in secrets and lies, that she is blind-sided when Gina, a spiteful vixen from her past, moves back to town. While still running from her abusive ex-boyfriend Donovan to facing the harsh truth from her mother Beth, Italy continues to make bad choices until one day faced with a life changing awakening. While still trying to regain custody of her son, and keeping tabs on her ailing mother, Zsaset has her hands full just trying to keep herself alive. Although she had the perfect physique and facial features, she studied the charming behaviors of women who successfully landed pro-athletes, and mimicked the money-hungry ladies who were able to get into the pockets of hustlers. Skye becomes helpless with Sandingo’s tricky business proposition, and soon life takes a turn for the worse as she has to sleep next to the enemy.
Suffocating in her relationship, Symone searches for something new; that is, until Symone meets Donita “Donnie” Stone, a thuggish lesbian, who sweeps Symone off her feet effortlessly.
In a coma for nearly two months, Ebony had no idea her tongue and face had to be sewn back on, or the list of thirty other life-threatening injuries she had sustained.
Look at your bookshelves, Kondo decrees in her most emotionally fraught chapter, and accept that all those books you haven’t read yet are books you will never read.
Perhaps Kondo is right: Things can be heartrending, although not necessarily for the reasons she offers, which have to do with her belief that material objects are semisentient. The latter have solid value, and I have nothing but the utmost respect for her clothes-folding method, which I have adopted with enthusiasm. One of Kondo’s clients avidly participated in a Japanese vogue for taking early-morning classes and seminars before work and had neatly saved all the printed materials handed out by her instructors.
It is the featureless existence of a model in an advertisement, with a weird eternal quality, like limbo. The plans to revisit those photos and take up again that course of study, the books we fully intend to finally read assure us that there will be enough time to do so.
Caught up in the drama with his new love Karina, Trae doesn t see his life unfolding in front of him. Meet Jewell, a five foot nine diva, who was born with a silver spoon in her mouth and an American Express card in her hand.
Her friends try to warn her that Donnie is no good and that her past bears a host of deadly secrets, including a psycho ex-girlfriend, Charmaine, who doesn’t take too kindly to Donnie’s new plaything.
Nothing gets in her way…not even Nessa, a sexy outsider who secretly plots her revenge.

At 30, perhaps Kondo doesn’t quite realize the implications of this statement, but whoever designed her book jacket surely did. But when Kondo describes discarding her screwdriver because it conveyed insufficient joy and then breaking a favorite ruler when she enlisted it to remove a screw, you have to wonder if so many readers should be following the lead of an organizational expert with so little common sense.
Kondo complains that this makes her home look like an office, which is no doubt a fair cop, but then goes on to explain that people who keep such things are kidding themselves that they’ll ever need to review them. Here is a woman who dreams of letting go of everything pertaining to the past or future, a behavior observable in many terminally ill people as they prepare emotionally for their own departure.
In this much-anticipated finale, all is fair in sex and revenge and lives are at stake as everyone fights to control the hands of karma. Not only is she devious, she’s willing to get as ratchet as necessary to get it, and the trickery and foolishness begin with no end in sight. Right across the pond, newlywed Kennedi a sassy socialite, tries to keep secrets buried from her new husband who suffers from amnesia.
Unknowingly, he gives Carmen information about his operation that could send him away for years. Sadly, when her bank account turns cold, Jewell resorts to a dangerous, ridiculous scam only to maintain her rich girl status. It doesn’t resemble a 1980s self-help manual after all—how could I have been so blind? With the promise of multiple, mind-blowing orgasms, their erotic adventures push Dakota far outside her box, until she refuses to ever be caged again.
Her dark past if revealed, could cost her to lose it all from the only man she’s ever loved. As Dominique’s mission unfolds, she manages to only rub elbows with the elite, and those who could get her to the top. Once Carmen stumbles across a mysterious secret the FBI withheld connecting her to Trae, she finds herself in an uncompromising position that may turn the entire case cold.
Canion delivers a riveting story about overcoming tragedy throughout her childhood, and developing the will to live after numerous attacks on her life. As unsuspecting enemies emerge, murder is eminent, and the last one standing will walk away with millions.
As the two wives’ worlds collide, lives are lost, loyalties are tested, and lessons are learned as Miss KP takes you on another ride filled with twists and turns. Soon, after the tragic murder of her sister, all hell breaks loose, and Dominique’s cover is blown. But not to Kondo—though perhaps she would prefer not to recall her solitary past anyway. Hold on to your seats for another shocker of a husband’s worst nightmare of ultimate betrayal. By hook or crook, she sells her soul to the highest bidder only to keep what little paper she has.
Her scars tell a story that must be heard and will have you never wanting to complain again. Kondo’s books constitute an insistent if oblique consideration of our own mortality, and the soon-to-be-departed, dear reader, is you.
There was only one problem; Raphael had always been faithful to his former girlfriend, and had especially been off limits to Dominique.
Vegas hadn't seen a devilish by any means necessary chick until she showed up in town ready to show off her manipulative skills. Taking the city by storm, she spends her time hustling dope dealers, high-rollers, and any man with a thick wallet. In an effort, to hold on to Raphael, and all the elaborate material possessions, Dominique sets out on a deadly mission to remove anything that stands in her way.
The girls get desperate when chaos strikes and come up with a corrupt scheme to certify them as rich girls for life.

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