I've got to do that, I've got to know who we're drafting and if I can help."I get a report every night from our coordinators on what they did and it gives me a chance to weigh in as well. I got to meet an Elvis impersonator and The Flying Nun."Those speaking engagements, I can't get to them all, so I'm not doing them, only a few. Harbaugh did get a chance to sneak off to New York for a few days with his family to watch Spider Man and walk around Central Park.

He has started reading two books and will start playing golf again soon.But for now, he is back in his office watching film of college players and potential free agents.
Harbaugh won't reveal much, but it's safe to say the Ravens want to patch up the middle of their run defense so the priorities in the offseason are finding a defensive tackle and linebacker. It was a great accomplishment, we gave 100 percent and that's how we did it."We should be 100 percent motivated going forward and 100 percent in trying to become the 2013 champion.

You should give 100 percent to being the best father you can be, 100 percent to being the best coach you can be.

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