The thought of escaping into the heart of the Costa Rican Rainforest immediately conjures up images of living off of basic essentials; sacrificing comfort for experience and essentially roughing it for most people.
Each of the 44 casitas at Nayara has been designed to provide the utmost in comfort and style while maintaining close contact with the natural surroundings. For those whose getaway goals simply include unwinding and rejuvenating - with a whole lot of pampering mixed in - may choose to spend a good amount of their time enjoying the Nayara Spa delicately set right within the rainforest offering an extra dose of peace and serenity.
The indulgence continues from mind and body to the palate where guests enjoy Nayara’s open-air Altamira restaurant serving three meals daily.
Just a two to three hour drive from either San Jose or Liberia airports, Nayara is the kind of place you can do a great deal from or be completely content never leaving. Affluent's mission is to teach its readers how to live with affluence in a holistic, life affirming way, so they get more out of their own lives, share that joy with those around them, and make a difference in this world. Affluent Magazine is The Authority on Lifestyle providing its beloved readers with high quality content in each issue that they can use in their personal and professional lives.
Earlier this week, the "Human Barbie" posted selfies on her Facebook page of her wearing little makeup and looking less plastic.

The photos show the Barbie wannabe looking more natural, but there is one shot where she is showing off her pencil-thin waist and admittedly enhanced breasts in a bikini. Lukyanova also recently made headlines after telling GQ that race mixing has led to the degeneration of beauty. Haiti chose former Senate leader Jocelerme Privert as its provisional president a week after President Michel Martelly stepped down from office. The army chief of staff in North Korea has reportedly been executed due to corruption allegations. High ceilings and large sliding glass doors opening onto the terrace to one side of the casita and a private outdoor shower to the other allow for plenty of natural light to fill the large suite-size bungalows. You will hear the sounds of birds, flowing water and a whispering breeze all around you in harmony.
The day starts with a lavish, complimentary breakfast overlooking the volcano complete with both hot and cold items and continues throughout the day into lunch and dinner.
The variety of vino is complemented by a tasty menu of tapas should a light snack be desired.

The oversized Casita Deluxe starts at $199 per night while the slightly larger Nayara Suite is available at $350 per night. Plush king size beds, flat screen televisions and marble bathrooms with rainforest showers and double marble covered vanities complete the luxurious accommodations.
A large pool area with a swim up wet bar provides an ideal place to relax and recharge after enjoying one of the many activities available in the area. If there wasn’t so much to enjoy outside of the casita, one would ever need to leave. Although Nayara is a zen-like paradise, it is also a perfect base from which to enjoy the plethora of active pursuits for which Costa Rica is famous. From white water rafting, hiking, mountain biking and volcano treks to horseback riding, ATV tours and thermal hot springs, the Nayara team can arrange whatever suits your interests.

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