Ballynahinch Lions Club is a member of Lions Clubs International(LCI), the largest service club organisation in the world, yet many people have never heard of Lions Clubs.
The best way of describing Lions is probably to look at the Lions International Purposes and the Lions Code of Ethics which really sums up what being a member of a Lions Club is all about.
It is a fact of life that in any organisation, the circumstances of its members change and for many reasons and they cannot commit the time and effort they once did; getting older and personal medical reasons to name but two.
If you want to know more about enjoying yourself, making new friends, being part of our team, meeting a challenge and helping the local community, contact us. Born in Dublin, she is a self taught artist who lives in Dalkey, the beautiful seaside village in south County Dublin. New members bring with them not only original ideas but fresh thought and outlook on established projects and events. We need all the manpower possible to ensure the continued success of Ballynahinch Lions Club even if only as a supporter. Marquee erection for NIB - British Driving Society Show at The Meadows Equestrian Centre, Lurgan.
Formed in 2005, the company has many years of experience in the business coaching, sales media and training sector. She works in her traditional cottage overlooking Dalkey Island and the sometimes treacherous stretch of water known as Dalkey Sound, where she fishes and rows her boat. One-to-one coaching is increasingly being recognised as the way for organisations and individuals to rapidly improve performance and bring about lasting change.

She paints in a truly naive, folk style and her works depict Irish life and character as it was and is. Coaching is about the psychology of excellence, making whata€™s good even better and keeping companies ahead of the game. In her painting she captures the tales of common and not so common folk caught up in the maelstrom of life.
Coaching helps companies be the best they can be and helps to get the best out of your staff, your peers and your manager, assessment free.
The organisation delivers a range of business and life coaching services to businesses and local people, which are designed to suit any budget at all times.
Using tried and tested coaching tools, the business also has fully qualified personnel helping clients to set and achieve their business and life goals.
With only professional trained coaches with many years' experience in their field, 121 Business Coach has the expertise needed in today's busy world. They qualified in the UK and are members of the Coaching Academy, ensuring a first class service at all times.
Services feature SMART coaching and training, delivered by qualified and professional coaches which is just right for business and life style changes. Marshalling for NI Classic Scrambles Club at their Friday & Saturday events at the Ballyblack circuit Newtownards.
Available by phone or face to face, the coaching is designed around your needs and can improve your quality of business and life.

121 Business Coach has a growing network of clients, based throughout the UK, Spain and Ireland, who include business and private clients.
Marshalling for Mourne Motorcycle Club at their annual charity grasstrack at Millbridge Ballynahinch. The organisation is managed by a team of like minded individuals who have been involved in the business coaching market for many years. The management team are more than able to take good care of the organisation, having previously worked for International Media organisations, as well as running their own businesses. Seniors Annual Coach trip to Newry & Carlingsford and finishing with high tea in Golf Links House, Newcastle. Transportation local citizens with mental and physical disabilities to Gateway Club in Downpatrick.
Supply & erection of Marquee to Mourne Motor Cycle Club re event at Drumgooland Road Seaforde. Once you realise you have a business buddy on your side who pushes you to get the best from you and your business, the rest falls into place. Donation to Ballynahinch Homestart to assist with costs.Ballynahinch Lions AreaThe area we serve.

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