Thank you to everyone who helped me get voted #1 life coach in Las Vegas and Best of Thumbtack 2015. If you need help, you know how to reach me and Remember, extraordinary is only a thought away! She has also helped my younger brother when he was going through some tough times and I've referred her to many of my friends and patients. Lisa provides tremendous information in her workshops that made me rediscover myself, my true self. Since working with Lisa I feel that this experience we call life has become much more enriching and authentic. The greatest value I received from attending Lisa's workshops was being in a group with people going through the same things or that I have a connection with. Lisa's workshops keep the conversation alive regarding self understanding and personal transformation. I didn’t realize how much junk I had standing in my way before continuing with new business ventures. Lisa’s transformational process works, and I would highly recommend her to anyone who feels they are stagnant, lost or out of control in their life regarding anything.
Lisa's coaching transformed and shifted my life to new perceptions I never thought possible. There is one thing that money cannot buy, and that is complete peace and knowledge of well-being. If anyone ever needed someone to be on the sidelines, helping them get up when they're down and under, I would highly recommend Lisa Ulshafer. I had a spontaneous healing of my spirit and all of my doubts and fears and pain just left my body when Lisa spoke.
If you feel stuck in your business, life, health, etc., or all of the above, the life coaching techniques that Lisa employs can really help you get moving in the right direction again. I’ve never experienced such a healthy growth spurt in my 41 years of dealing with hidden hurts. Since coaching with Lisa, my life has changed dramatically as a result of me looking at myself and changing ME.
Transformational Life Coaching assists you in identifying those areas in your life that you would like to change (ie. Understand what authenticity is and what it means to live life from your true seat of power. Clear the blocks that keep you from moving forward and reaching your goals in your personal and professional life.
Put into practice a powerful 5-step goal setting process that's sure to move you toward success. Get to the root of what keeps you stuck, whether it be with your relationships, finances, your business or career.
Change the way you see your life by gaining a higher perspective on your past experiences and current situations.
Learn a system which releases the negative thoughts and feelings that are creating these patterns.
Let go of the codependent games that have been dramatically limiting the amount of joy, fulfillment and connection you experience in your relationships, friendships and partnerships. Learn the keys to healthy communication through speaking your truth and listening from your heart. Understand and utilize the Law of Attraction while raising your vibration to attract in what you truly desire in your personal and professional life.
Embrace the Law of Process and experience how steadiness and persistence brings you the greatest results. Understand and utilize the Law of Reflection so you can see your results as gauges to the instrument panel of your life. Let go of procrastination and other behaviors that keep you out of balance and keep you in a state of stress in your life. Understand what your true essence really is and the significance of you leading your life with it at this time.
Men - how you can find your true strength and fulfillment when embracing your masculine side.
Improve all aspects of your life as the divine masculine and feminine begin to unify within you.
See how the relationship with your inner child is reflected in the relationship with your own children.

Receive all the wonderful gifts your inner child has to offer like fun, spontaneity and creativity.
Truly let go of old negative attitudes and limiting beliefs that have been sabotaging your life. Transform heavier, denser negative energies like fear, shame insecurity, sadness, guilt and anger, into a higher vibration such as joy, appreciation, love, passion, enthusiasm, peace, balance and freedom. First and foremost, a true desire for change in your life and the willingness to take that first step! Call 702-254-7730 or email Lisa to schedule an initial consultation to establish what you would like to achieve through the coaching experience. To be honest, before our September trip to Las Vegas I could never understand why people loved vacationing there. Then we visited Las Vegas with Kevin and Molly (yes, that same Molly who rocks family photo outfits) who are Las Vegas vacationing experts and it we were singing an entirely different song when we returned home. Our first stop was the perfect start to the Vegas vacay: Pawn Stars, a TV favorite of Lauren and a total tourist stop. I might have also snagged a gorgeous teal dress at Ann Taylor for under $30 and a super fun pair of kitten heels at Aerosoles for dirt cheap.
The show was the typically awesomeness of any Cirque show: amazing acrobatics, gorgeous dancers, unbelievable costumes and some great humor.
After a few months, I was healing wounds that I wasn't even aware were controlling my existence. What at first was a little overwhelming soon became a lifestyle to take the time to identify or recognize emotions, patterns, needs, values… within myself. I can't even describe it accurately but since meeting Lisa I have grown immensely in business as well as have found new relationships with others that are more in line with my personal desires and goals. I had a lot of negative feelings that I manifested in my life and am so very grateful to have your guidance to see the positive and the path to get out of the funk I was in. I am so grateful for now having the tools to work with my emotional pain when it becomes activated.
It had been a pattern for me to give and hide myself behind the giving and the ultimate expectations. Lisa helped me identify my fears and limitations and I am now able to laser focus on the lifestyle and business goals that are the most important to me and my family.
Lisa is an excellent life coach, and because of it I will have a great 2014 and beyond, achieving the things that I want the most. They are so eye-opening and a wonderful way to bring awareness into otherwise dark places in my life that I felt powerless to change! Though I am not completely where I want to be on my spiritual journey yet, I feel the capability to be who I truly came on this planet to become and a realizatin that it is going to take a few tweaks in my thinking and daily action to achieve it and for me, that is huge. My company's revenue went up 45% after coaching with her, and I was more positive, self accepting, and empowered. When I coached with Lisa, I found an individual who truly cared about my life's destination and someone passionate about the direction of humanity as a whole. I have discovered things about myself and patterns of behavior that I had absolutely NO idea I was carrying. Once you determine that Transformational Life Coaching is right for you, then a schedule is set on a weekly or biweekly basis that is approximately 90 minutes in length.
I think it’s more fun to travel with friends, especially friends that make you laugh so hard you have to catch your breath.
My two favorite items in the store were the historic cannon I actually saw featured in a past episode of the show and this super fabulous bejeweled peacock ring.
Speaking of great humor, Nathan learned the hard way you shouldn’t hand your tickets to the Cirque clown when walking into the theater. On the outside, everything looked like I was living the perfect life, the inside was a completely different story.
If I had to narrow it down, the one thing that she really helped me with is living an authentic and transparent life. Lisa helped me see and acknowledge the full half of the glass more and bring joy into my life and the others around me. I believe that practicing this material and these ideas is the only way to master them which is why I keep coming back.
I can relate a lot of things in this workshop to things in my life and it helps me understand situations and so many more things a lot more.
I know myself more, am making better decisions, have better focus and am more aware about staying in the now.

Understanding is one of the biggest and most significant things I have received which has helped me to have more direction in moving forward. Counseling and coaching aside, I have met very few people with a heart as big as Lisa; not only did she become my guide, her friendship is very dear and cannot be replaced. Since working with Lisa (in less than 6 months), my business volume has tripled, my relationships with my wife and kids have greatly improved, and I feel great. I would advise anyone who hasn’t figured out how to release the negative energy that controls their happiness to consider coaching or learning the tools of how to heal and find inner peace. She has helped me clear those patterns and let go of the negativity, and my life has gradually gotten happier and easier. Life coaching is an investment in your life, all aspects of your life, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Sessions are provided via phone so you can be anywhere in the nation and your Transformational Life Coach is only a phone call away! We did a little sightseeing, a little shopping and threw in Cirque du Soleil’s KA for good measure. It was only a few thousand dollars, so I’m hoping Nathan will buy it for me for Christmas.
Part sale, part guilt over throwing me a lame birthday party (I didn’t even get a cake), Nathan bought me my very first Coach bag.
This time we enjoyed a stay on the 30th-something floor of the Marriott Grand Chateau complete with homemade breakfast—courtesy of the local Albertson’s, Kevin and a mini kitchen—both mornings we were there. You can read more about the inspiration for this site here and connect with me (please do!) by clicking any social media icons above. My overall well-being has increased and I have been gaining the courage to step into my power and feel the worthiness of all the amazing things that I so rightfully deserve. I experienced many changes in my life, confidence, openness, strength and belief to name a few. Another result was a rash that I have had on my solar plex area, FOR TWO YEARS, is now 98% gone! Lisa has helped me to improve my relationships and to answer many life questions that I couldn't figure out in the past which made me feel stuck and frustrated. Taking these classes has definitely made a difference in my life and how it is shifting in a different direction. Things have started flowing for me in ways that I never imagined, and I'm finally starting to feel the personal freedom I've always longed for but didn't know how to get because I was in my OWN way! The guidance, the clarity and the objectivity is priceless, you can't put a price tag on that! Nothing could be more important than how you live your life and taking responsibility for what you are contributing to your family and your world! I have been through years of therapy, so this seemed like a refreshing change and something that made sense. There is no better way that I have found that people can empower themselves by cleaning out the 'junk', which we all have. She taught me that the only way to achieve true happiness and inner peace is to be comfortable in my own skin and to express myself the way that I am. My relationships with my husband and family have been transformed, my career has opened up, and most importantly, I know that now I have the tools to be happy no matter what happens in my life.
By letting go (in stages) it's allowing my family to take responsibility for their own journey in life.
Being the kind of person, in the past, who thought I had to do life all by myself, I would spend much time thinking about what was causing my rash. I found sense in unresolved problems and I am now working hard on resolving them, knowing that although it may not be easy, I can do it. I wish everybody would attend such workshops, for it would make everybody's life certainly more enjoyable. I would watch it grow and then get smaller as I experienced certain events in my life, and yet I never managed to figure it out. Lisa, then, walked me through her process and I am ever so thankful for these wonderful results! Thank you Lisa, with all my heart, I thank you!!!

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