UNO’s Tyler Fox Sets Career Win Record The UNO baseball team is having an up and down season.
Omaha, NE — Music’s power to change lives will be on display this Saturday in a benefit for baby Sage Schmidt. Omaha, NE — The timeless masterpiece of American theatre continues to impact audiences.
Tara Brach shares that her work with tens of thousands of clients and meditation students, she has witnessed the pain of perceived deficiency as an epidemic. Spiritual Physique — Khama Anku - CEO of Spiritual Physique™ - Life Coach, Author, Speaker. Whether you are in need of a complete “life overhaul” or simply desire to become a better version of who you are already – you’ve come to the right place. My simple yet comprehensive approach triggers cellular level change, resulting in radical shifts in mindset and behavior. Be sure to explore my FREE GIFTS and order your complimentary CD, ebooks, reports and more! I am a Los Angeles based Make-Up Artist and my income raised within the first 2 weeks of working with Khama! Khama masterfully employs spiritual insight, wisdom, and passion to effectively equip and empower her clients.
Armed with a heart of genuine love and a true desire to see you “UNLEASH YOUR BREAKTHROUGH,” Khama designed, organized, and hosted the Summit to ignite CHAMPIONS to get off the bench and back into the game! I am reminded as I write this that one of the characteristics of a leader is to love and be loved. So many off us think that our lives are so limited and we think that we are in this terrible situation. Khama helps you to start a whole new chapter and to expect good things to happen to you because you deserve it!
Now the Omaha citywide STEM Ecosystem, with UNO as a member, has been chosen as one of 10 groups to join the national STEM Learning Ecosystem Initiative.
But the Mavericks have had one sturdy centerpiece on the mound keeping them afloat this year. Yori has resigned after 14 seasons at Nebraska, the school said in a statement Tuesday, April 5, 2016.

I combine the principles of spiritual fitness, the laws of quantum physics, the science of neurological reprogramming, and the powerful Word of God – to bring about permanent change! You can not work with Khama without finding out that she has a huge heart and an inspiring love for God. From her Content Rich and High Quality Products to her Intensive, Value Driven 1 on 1 and Group Coaching Sessions, Khama lays it all out on a Silver Platter with Absolutely ZERO Hype and NO Guesswork to be done! I have also been much more aware of my thoughts, more focused on only what I want, and have increased my faith that good things are coming even if I don’t see them yet (instead of worrying and being impatient).
As a direct and instant result of her influence, my company has soared to new levels of success which were once a mere wish! I am thoroughly convinced that Khama’s high energy is infectious, her work ethics are impeccable, and her coaching programs are ingenious!
Khama taught me how to properly structure my coaching program, how to market myself, create videos, and SECURE IDEAL PAYING clients – within the first 30 days! Then, when the opportunity came around for me to coach with her, to be personally mentored one-on-one… I jumped on it!!!
Well, I give thanks that I didn’t allow my inner critic to decide for me and deny me a life altering experience. Your coaching calls provide valuable information and resources that help me to stay focused on my goals and your weekly success calls are the icing on the cake!! As this was my first time being a presenter on a telesummit, I was a bit nervous about how the interview would flow. Khama’s promotion before, during, and after the telesummit through a variety of social media outlets has been creative, attentive, and consistent.
Armed with a heart of genuine love and a true desire to see you “UNLEASH YOUR BREAKTHROUGH,” Khama designed, organized, and hosted the Tele-Summit to ignite CHAMPIONS to get off the bench and back into the game! Senior pitcher Tyler Fox is one of the best pitchers in the Summit League and fast approaching a UNO career record.
I feel so many other things starting to shift and I cant wait to keep ticking more goals off my list!! I was also honored to be featured expert on Khama’s world-class panel of life-changing speakers, trainers, and coaches on Khama’s Tele-Summit. I highly recommend her services to take you to next level of your greatness!” Myles W.

Khama has also coached me to record interviews, which have been great for spreading my message to new customers.
With more than 30 powerful personal and professional development videos, well-crafted e-books, audios and programs, Khama is so real and brings the right solution for the person or organization that wants to not just get TO the next level but also get THROUGH the next level.
But she immediately made me feel at ease and guided the call perfectly for me to present my information in an impactful way.
She has been excellent at pin-pointing solutions for my business while still illustrating a high level of compassion and professionalism beyond what was expected. After just 8 weeks of being an Elite Client, I’ve been instilled with the insight and confidence to breath life into my business. So when she creates, you can bet that it is to make a way for others to succeed and cultivate abundance!
With each CD that you listen to & each DVD you watch, you will find yourself making some incredible changes in your life.
I look forward to celebrating successes with you throughout this program and for many years to come!
I am releasing my Transformation Program in May, and I have secured clients who are EXCITED to be working with me.
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She helped Nebraska to some of its most successful seasons ever, and finishes with a 280-166 record over 14 years.

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