The Work Life Balance Monitor is a free to use software solution used by Individuals (or Life Coaches, Business Coaches, Career Coaches etc)A  which runs via Facebook.
NOTE: This is a private Facebook App which only you can see - your Work Life Balance information is never shared or made available to your Facebook Friends. A The Work Life Balance Monitor Solution is a great way to actively measure and monitor your progress in achieving a good balance of your time spent on the 9 Core Categories. Stay organized with your Interactive Life Coach Calendar™ which hosts your entire daily or monthly calendar. Amidst the chaos and turmoil of life and business development, there is a peace that comes through learning how to live in the present more fully, something Zen has accomplished through years of practice. A father of four, grandfather to eight and experienced across a number of industries, he lives and practices mindful coaching and shares practical applications. I consider Zen to be one of those superlative examples of what the human brain can store and serve up in unique and appealing ways at will on most any occasion or assignment. Zen began Be The Dream in 1988, carefully crafting an answer to the personal and professional challenges he had witnessed in the aerospace company he worked for as a production control coordinator, responsible for over 800 products and $7 million in monthly shipments. In his work Hollis flows with skill and expertise through the worlds of Internet marketing, media, and community building. Hollis possesses a  domain of knowledge, encompassing the workings of all things online marketing and media. It allows users to log quality time spent on the 9 Core Categories and see how they are meeting their long term goals over time. Define your top Goal Activities, Add personal Diary Notes, Send messages to your Facebook Friends, read messages from your Coach, View Reports on how your time is being spent.

By setting your intention with your Big Picture Vision (BPV), you can envision and commence a life of infinite possibilities! Once you post your daily Mini-Feats and Mile Steps, they will be automatically added to your personal Interactive Life Coach Calendar. Deciding to investigate life coaching is a great first step in changing your situation, personally or professionally. A professional partnering facilitator, he understands how to help others find that cohesion in their lives through sharing wisdom the process reveals over time. Providing services with authenticity, honesty, integrity and value empowers our transactions. Liabilities, Limitations and Excuses often disappear when working with a transformational coach.
Benefiel proved he knows a lot about people, places and things and how to get them to work better together on a number of assignments throughout his professional career. He started a successful software company and he has helped to shepherd several 7-figure online and offline product launches along with many other creative projects. He has an organic enthusiasm for entrepreneurship, a power he uses to guide others into lives of exciting and fulfilling work.
He wants to help others find the keys and tools that will help bring them lives of freedom and prosperity. The process focuses on your strengths and the benefits of the personal and professional growth become apparent.

He earned both his Hypnotherapy and Transformational Life Coaching Certification from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts.
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