Sign up for Sign up for Pro Sports Get the latest breaking news and in-depth reports about the Bucs, Lightning and Rays - all in one email. In December, almost at midseason and after 14 trips to Senegal over more than six years, Boyle got the call. She was advised to spend as much time as possible with her new daughter in the early months to bond with her. There are millions of working single moms, and there are about 350 women's basketball coaches in Division I.
At games, Ngoty regularly sits with her 79-year-old grandmother, Joan, who relocated to Virginia until Boyle hires a regular nanny. Soon, Boyle hopes, Ngoty will go to a local language-immersion preschool and have a more regular schedule.
In May 2008, when she was the head coach at California, the team traveled to Senegal for international games and visited an orphanage. Each trip to Senegal entailed an eight-hour flight to Dakar from Washington's Dulles International Airport, then a rugged drive of nearly 300 miles that could take eight or nine hours, or longer on the trips when Boyle and her driver blew a tire or their car overheated in the 120-degree temperatures. On each visit, Boyle spent anywhere from four days to two weeks with Ngoty before returning to her basketball duties at home.
Lonnie Hatcher, a USF junior majoring in finance, gets guidance from Kim Goddard on how to eat at the table. Strategically Speaking: Professional organizations and business clubs can provide job leads. Goddard also works with ReStart, a nonprofit group that works with juvenile offenders and foster kids who grow out of the system.
TAMPA — Passengers were evacuated but no injuries were reported when a tire exploded and caught fire as an airliner took off from Tampa International Airport on Monday afternoon. WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court is trying hard to reach common ground in the wake of the vacancy created by the death of Justice Antonin Scalia in February.

Warren Pond in southern Connecticut, bordered by shady oaks and maples, is a lovely place to fish for bass or sunfish.
HELSINKI, Finland — Seeking to shine some light into the dark world of Internet trolls, a journalist with Finland's national broadcaster asked members of her audience to share their experience of encounters with Russia's "troll army," a raucous and often venomous force of online agitators. DIETRICH, Idaho — The first child they adopted was a 2-year-old from the Marshall Islands who had rotten teeth and a large abscess covering the side of his face.
KANSAS CITY — The Rays appear to have their starting pitching back in order, as Matt Andriese on Monday gave them a fourth straight strong start, working seven innings against the Royals while allowing just a pair of runs. PITTSBURGH — Many wondered whether Nick Bonino would even be in the Penguins' lineup for Game 1 of the Stanley Cup final on Monday. KANSAS CITY — The Rays see RHP Brad Boxberger's return from the disabled list as the kind of move that will make their bullpen deeper and better. WEEKI WACHEE A 16-year-old boy died after jumping from a bridge near Rogers Park on Monday.
The courtroom fight between former pro wrestler Hulk Hogan and news-and-gossip site Gawker is becoming a battleground of sorts for Silicon Valley tycoons as well. Her schedule typically features two games a week, meetings with staff, players and recruits, a regular radio show. On one two-hour bus trip home from Virginia Tech, Ngoty sat on Boyle's lap, watching The Jungle Book on an iPad as Boyle watched game film on her laptop. In December, he sent a letter to the embassy when Boyle was stuck in Senegal trying to secure Ngoty's visa because she didn't have a birth certificate or formal paperwork. Use the European style: fork in the left hand, knife in the right, and eat without switching, Goddard says.
If there's a compelling reason to have it, tell someone upfront that you need the phone for emergencies. Colome said he has no issues with the decision, as he fully expected Boxberger to reclaim his job when healthy.

Maybe, after so many years of waiting, this would be the child the Virginia women's basketball coach could bring home. Ngoty travels with the team to games, and often shows up at practice after spending the day with her grandmother.
She might travel for a game and come home, only to turn around to go watch a top high school player.
For the ACC tournament, Ngoty took one of her longest rides, driving with her mother and grandma behind the bus. You've stayed in more hotels than most 2-year-olds," Boyle explained to her in January.
She is getting to know the arena a€” and her mother's office a€” almost as well as her new house.
Goddard recently taught the basics to some University of South Florida students, alumni and faculty.
Motter is at SS tonight to keep him involved, Cash said, though it's been obvious Miller's defense has been shaky recently.
Cash said RHP Ryan Webb, put on the DL Sunday with a pec strain, is not expected to be out long. 2B Logan Forsythe hit off a tee for the first time today at the Trop as he eyes a mid-June return from his fractured left shoulder.

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