As a therapist, my primary aim is to help clients experience more success in life and in relationship with others through increased awareness, accountability, and an interest in personal and professional growth. I have experienced 25 years of success delivering measurable results with a focus on relationships as a senior business development leader working for some of the most dynamic organizations in America.
Over the course of my movement up the corporate ladder, I was able to work with teams of all kinds of talented people to accomplish aggressive goals by offering corporate clients hope associated with honest relationships applied toward solving real and sizeable business problems.

Based on my education and experience, I have found success helping clients resolve problems with a focus on exploring available solutions. I am happy to speak with you by phone for an initial consultation (at no charge to you) to determine if my solution-focused approach and your goals are conducive to achieving results in a relatively brief time period. I looked at what brought me most satisfaction and made the decision to leverage my knowledge, experience, and skills to help others succeed at home and in their careers.

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