When you are a life or business coach on Instagram it is extremely important to have a strategy when initially setting up your account. Also, you should make your username something that aligns with your other account names so that you are easily searchable.
Create custom hashtags of your own to create spaces where pictures can be found that are only associated with your business too.
Engage: Instagram is an extremely effective tool for getting the attention of people that you are trying to connect to, thought leaders, or people that inspire you.
When you share who you are, what you’re passionate about, reach out to people, comment on other people’s posts, and give yourself and your expertise to help others, the business and the notoriety will follow. EVERYONE wants to speak to, helping your clients move forward in their career, business and relationships. HOME OFFICE – and can easily earn up to a staggering $300,000 a year, working anywhere in the world.
Every single day, thousands of people search Google for life coaches the world over, to help bring greater structure and direction to their lives. Life coaches help their clients lose weight, rocket their confidence, boost their business, kick that bad habit – and more.
And it’s all usually done over the telephone, typically via a half-hour session each week. I helped develop courses such as Happiness Now, the NLP Secret, the Life Makeover system, and many others. How to get started in the FASTEST-GROWING industry around – More people are demanding life coaches.
How to attract the VERY BEST clients around – From big buck professionals to young entrepreneurs, you’ll learn how to get the pick of the litter! The BIGGEST advantages of being a life coach – Including being your own boss, setting your hours, earning $$$$, and putting your skills to great use!
What to do THE MOMENT a client first contacts you – We’ll give you exactly what you need, ranging from welcome pack information to a fee schedule!
From TELE-COACHING to one-on-one sessions – Here’s how to act in each situation, and the tips you need to maximize on your results!
Understanding BELIEFS and SELF-TALK – Why these are super-important, and how to change them in your client, using our secret techniques!
How to separate PERSONAL stuff from BUSINESS stuff – Sometimes life will get in the way of your coaching. How a CRISIS MANAGEMENT PLAN works, and why you MUST have one – This is absolutely critical, and it happens to every life coach - so prepare!
Mission Statements, Promise Statements, and MORE – What they mean for you and your client, and how to give them POWER!

The ULTIMATE CHECKLIST for your life coaching business – Tick the boxes to ensure you know PRECISELY what you’re doing! The SEVEN LITTLE-KNOWN TRICKS for achieving great results with clients – Just follow these methods for fantastic results and returning clients!
EIGHT guerrilla marketing techniques to DOMINATE your market – Here are the sneaky tools you need to ensure you become a leader in your life coaching market! Why being a NICHE COACH can earn you even more $$$$ - And the precise steps you need to take to become one. How to create LONGER-TERM SUCCESS beyond just life coaching – From membership sites to coaching courses, referral programs to partnerships!
Would you like to hang your own professional life coaching certificate up, proud of your achievements? A certificate from the Advanced Life Coaching Institute, stating that you received direct tuition from Bradley Thompson, and signed by the man himself.
I’ve prepared a special bonus guide, which sits perfectly alongside the Life Coaching Secrets course.
Most people pay more than the cost of this entire course JUST to purchase Karl’s book and audio CD.
Your purchase is backed by a SOLID guarantee, and further backed by the Self Development Network. You won’t pay a PENNY extra for us to deliver the entire package to you, on CD, in ejector casing. You’ll learn the TRUE SECRETS of shifting belief systems, changing state, and reprogramming for success. You’ll learn how to handle clients easily, how to attract more business than you can handle, and how to get massive publicity as a niche life coach.
Some people read inspirational quotes from those persons who have successfully achieved their goals in their fields. It is said that a baseball game has its own special division or part where any players can have their strength and weaknesses as well. Motivation, determination and faith are important elements in order for you to achieve success in anything. That means putting thought into how you choose a username, write your bio, and what link to drive traffic to. Make sure you include a link in your bio, and remember that you can always switch it out for another. This is how people will form connections and bonds with you to become valuable buzz agents and potential clients.

Make sure to use hashtags as that is how people will find you and also how you can associate your brand with content that’s going to reflect highly of you. There you can see anything from which filters are creating the most interactions and what hashtags.
Instagram is fantastic for giving shoutouts to people that you admire and engaging with others. They're individuals that provide guidance and motivation to help clients achieve their goals.
I’ve made literally millions of dollars in the self-help industry, and know just what people are looking for. They don’t want to listen to a hypnosis session telling them how to live their lives. Or issue it to clients as required reading, to help boost their happiness during their work with you.
These memorable persons have their own quotes that provide them strength, confidence and trust in order to achieve their goal and success.
Winning the World Series only signifies how a baseball team faced so many hardships, but still achieved the first place. You just need to determine your strength and weaknesses in order for you to be on your very best. Make sure to highlight key words that describe who you are and what you do—a quick look at your profile should show someone why they should be following you! For instance, if you are a wellness and lifestyle coach you should show yourself coaching, being active, and working out. Instagram is different than other social media sites because if you do get through to one of these people, they are not only seeing your kind words but they also have a face to associate with the words.
We’ll provide you with a special link to get in touch with our support team around the clock. This inspirational quote from the famous baseball player can help you get motivated in working hard on anything you want to obtain.
However, losing is a part of the game, but losing in the World Series only shows off how a baseball team works hard even if they lose. Downfalls must not be a hindrance to keep on playing until you reach your success and peak.

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