However I also don’t think that you would find many people in our industry (and even outside it) who would say that more male life coaches who work within the realms of life, career, relationships, sexuality, creativity, purpose, spirituality and so much more, are absolutely needed. More than ever as the individual and collective consciousness of the world is rising, more male life coaches and life coaches who work with men are needed.
It can be easy to forget at times that men have emotional, spiritual, creative, and personal needs that are just as strong and in need of the cheerleading, guidance and powerful communication that happens between a life coach and client, as a woman does.
Coaching men I believe is an expert area within our industry and it is an area I will gladly raise my hand to say that I am not an expert in.
This is an interview that discusses Nic’s pathway into life coaching and working exclusively as a male coach with men from his former life in the navy and as an engineer. I would love for you to share your thoughts with me below about how you found the interview with Nic and what thoughts and new insights it may have inspired for you. Are you a male life coach or know of a great one and want to give yourself or them a shout out below?
I would also love to hear from you if you have any thoughts and ideas on how we can collectively raise the need for there to be more amazing male life coaches in our field and of course please share this with anyone at all that you think can learn and benefit from it!

I help show them how, by not just accepting, but *embracing* the softer, more intuitive and emotional parts of themselves, they can tap into a deep, flexible strength that can allow them to have a powerful impact on the world. I will say now though that these are the areas that I researched when I was considering my ICAs, and I have amazing insight and tools that will push men forward in their lives. Life coaching is a proactive way of making changes in your life and building a strong foundation to base that life  on. Perhaps you want to identify what is really important to you, your values, your goals, the “authentic” you and orient your life around these important things? My role – I bring the skills and tools to work with you to achieve what you want to achieve.
It doesn’t matter where in the world you are, coaching can help to get you where you want to be.
There are no set rules, it’s tailored individually to suit your needs -we will work out a plan together. Usually I work with clients twice a month to get them started and then if they choose this can be relaxed back to once a month at a later stage.  Some clients work with me for a set period of time, others do a block of several months and then check in from time to time after this.

If you’re ready to make changes and set your life on a new and rewarding path – call me for a complimentary session and lets see if coaching is right for you! Seminars for groups & workplaces can be tailored to suit individual workplace or group needs. So many of society’s messages tell us that guys are supposed to be macho and focused and driven etc. There were moments when I was intrigued and presented with how men (this is a general broad stroke) communicate their feelings and process.
I’ll help you build a sound personal foundation, encourage you, challenge you and give you feedback along the way. Discussing ideas, concepts, gaining clarity about things in your life, enjoying a laugh and setting things for you to work on between sessions.

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