We know that you, being avid supporters and practitioners of NLP, Coaching and all things that relate to personal development, have done at least one thing in your life that went beyond your everyday limits! This may be the case…however, there are very few real, concrete steps offered as to how to get to these resources, and what is that that we have with us that can get us to the top, to where our dreams await to turn into reality! We are a sea of resources, we have everything we need to get to the top, any top, no matter how high, what most people lack is resourcefulness!
With this in mind, may we invite you to start looking though your rich memory file of all the situations where you were resourceful, where you even surprised yourself, where you reached using your resources without even being aware of what you were doing…Once you find those moments, experience them as if they are happening now, bring them to the front of your mind, and you’ll find that resourcefulness is what led you to the top, and the resources were just your biggest supporters!
Let all those mountain tops you have already climbed in your life be your new starting point.
Because you will never achieve your goals unless you: (1) know exactly what you want, (2) are passionate about your goal, and (3) have a solid, realistic plan of action.
Many obstacles and challenges will fly right in your face when you’re going after a goal.
Regardless of what you want, one of the best personal goal setting tips is to first clarify exactly what you want in as much detail as possible. When it comes to personal goal setting, I’m sure you probably want to achieve your goal as fast as possible.
If you commit to take at least one small action each day, your actions WILL add up and make a difference. If you’re ready to reach yoru personal goals and would like to work with a coach – why not grab our free 20 minute coaching consultation or simply sign up now one of our affordable coaching packages and allow me to help you reach your personal goals. Get your free “Coaching Tip of the Week” along with the “You Deserve a Break” guide featuring 15 different ways to relax.
The sudden death of Paul Walker a couple of weeks ago reminds us once again that you do indeed need to remember that each day is a gift to be enjoyed and lived.
And especially in this holiday season, thoughts of those no longer with us become more prominent in our minds, and we should really appreciate the life that we are living. So may I take this opportunity to wish you a very Merry Christmas – live today, enjoy the whole season and beyond, and have a very healthy and happy new year! Whether you are in the US, Canada, UK, Australia or indeed any other part of the ‘civilised’ world, there is always something you can be thankful for, even though perhaps you may not see it at the time. For example; the food that you eat, the water you drink, the air that you breathe, and the sunrise and sunset that happens each and every day. Secondly, when I turned nine my father had passed away four months before  and I was I had just started boarding school. So I am taking every second, whether it is with my kids, my friends or whatever ever it is I want to do, and making the most of the time!
Well, it’s half way though the Summer break and I am surviving – well just about ?? ! Although I am nearing exhaustion ( and perhaps the kids could do with a touch more sleep) I have realised that living your life for a few weeks for the enjoyment of others does actually make you happy!
So as I embark on the last few weeks of the break, I am grateful that I have two beautiful children to enjoy these experiences with and appreciate how lucky I am to have the time to do it too! Now, this posed a multitude of concerns for me: Packing (and finding!) the incredibly long list of items the school said that he needed. And I learnt that no matter how much we want to protect our children, and help through their life’s journey, we have to let them go so they can learn and grow on their own.
He has come back still needing his mum and I will continue to be there for him always, but I now know that he can, for four days at least, survive with out me! Ok, I along with many other British people will be blogging about the great Wimbledon win on Sunday. Secondly, his win has shown the world not to give up on your goals and your dreams, as one day you can achieve them! We got on the train and went to York (for those not in the UK it is a lovely city in the East and is where the KitKat is made!!) And despite the terrible weather (yes, it did rain!) we had a great time learning about how chocolate is made and seeing York from the top of a giant wheel!
And then I got the chance to both catch up with my oldest and dearest friends and spend a day at the the music festival Glastonbury! Although I am so tired after the past few days, I have come back ‘revitalised’ and full of motivation to get things done! Ok, so they are actually advertising cider but have made the conscious decision not to focus on the drink, but the many reasons why live should be lived now.
To look at your life now and see that by appreciating what you have you may have already got what you are looking. So live each day fully and live in the now and remember that ‘Now is a good time’!! So now, although I would not say that I am by any means ‘well’, I feel so much better than I did a month ago, and long may this improvement last!!! So much has happened since I last blogged too: Cruise, another funeral, and loads of trips out to see friends and family.

Yet one thing I have learnt over the past few weeks is that if you focus on your health and importantly your wellbeing, the world does seem a much brighter place.
To create success you must be focused, but you must also have a positive mindset because this is the only way to get beyond the challenges that come up.  For example, if you make a bad business deal what good does it do to dwell on this deal for months on end?
If you were to learn from your mistake and pinpoint exactly what went wrong you could learn from the mistake and turn it into a positive learning experience. When you are positive and feel energetic and passionate you will find many doors of opportunity opening up for you.
If you can focus all your energies in a positive light you will magnetise positive events, situations and people to you.
Such a nice idea on how we could take the road to success and ease stress when we’re thinking on positive thoughts. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Work with your personal coach on the phone using your mobile, internet, land line or email. Work-Life Solutions offers qualified counseling and coaching to anyone should the need arise.
I am a member of the National Association of Social Workers and the Womena€™s Economic Club.
Women who are experiencing life transitions can benefit by attending a four week workshop series.
A personal vision statement is a tool we use for ourselves to inspire and guide us when we are lost, confused, in the midst of conflict, considering alternatives around an important decision, or just having a bad day. By owning responsibility for these actions, as opposed to placing blame on others, you empower yourself.
By going through these steps, you will be growing emotionally, intellectually, and developing new skills. We can also safely assume that you have even gone beyond the borders of your habits just for fun, right?! The fact that sometimes it looks easy to get to the top and it may also seem that no special equipment is necessary. What is the point of having all the resources if you are not resourceful enough to know where to go and look:-)!
You already know that you have a lot available when you reach deep inside for your inner strength. This is what marks the difference between nebulous dreams and wishes – and truly achievable goals! Here are 5 time-tested personal goal setting tips that will help get the success you deserve. If your life (your time) is already full to the top, there’s no room for something new. The only way to override subconscious anti-success messages is to consciously focus on what you DO want – and build new neural networks!
Don’t let your goal take a back seat to the daily tasks and distractions that will try to take over.
An intense passionate desire for your goal will help you burn in those new neural pathways even faster. Although here in the UK we do not officially ‘celebrate’ thanksgiving per-se, it is a great ‘holiday’ to remind ourselves that we have a great deal to be thankful for. I know this can sometimes be tough, but if you do remember this, then you will not only feel great on Thanksgiving, but way, way beyond! We are going back down to London and camping again so that my other half can also experience the delights of the kids summer break ?? ! Well, keeping the kids happy, and not uttering the words ‘I’m bored (only heard about twice so far ) is worth all the going here, there and everywhere!
So we decided that rather than just staying in and the kids amusing themselves in front of the TV (I know, they should be outside, but in the UK that is not always possible ?? !!
Getting away from it all, having that little bit of escapism from your normal, everyday life, allows your brain to totally focus in the now and on something new and exciting! That each day goes so quickly that you can sometimes forget to live it, waiting for tomorrow to come. That you can deal with the challenges that are thrown at you in a much calmer and positive light.
So watch this space for more blogs and insights into how you can help yourself live and great life and be happy !! There’s one KEY that can bring success to your front door and that’s the power of positive thinking.  But it’s not all about upbeat thoughts and a rosey outlook. No one is going to be perfect and we all make mistakes in our life, but this is how we grow.

We need to keep that positive attitude, even when we’re in distress, and take positive steps to the outcome we desire.
It will definitely keep other people to keep on doing positive thoughts when they stumble or feeling a little confuse.
Notify me of new posts by email.Please be aware that spam comments and comments deemed inappropriate will not be displayed on this site. It was one of those breakthrough moments in life, where in a short space of time you learn a lot about yourself, and about how you tackle life and everything it offers.
But without a clear mental picture, you’ll never have the focus required to achieve your goal. Without daily focus, the old mental habits that have kept you from your goal will continue to take over. Many, many scientific studies have shown that intense emotion (passion) is a key success tool. And, throughout the time he was away he was not allowed his phone and therefore no contact with me! Although I am in no way endorsing Magners or saying that you should go out a drink (please drink responsibly!), but the advert is telling you something wonderful. It’s a mixture of thoughts, beliefs and attitudes that brews up the most amazing mindset to magnetise whatever you want in life.
If they come up to a brick wall, stumbling block or something that’s stopping them from being successful they figure a way around it by asking colleagues, taking a course, doing their own research, and so on. You need to accept that you made a mistake and you have to move past the mistake to push your business forward. If you dwell on mistakes then you surround yourself with negative energy and you will have a difficult time pushing and struggling towards success. When you say “I will succeed“  you will, but if you focus on the “I never will” then you are going to struggle. Where goals are also meant to be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-Bound? More important if you have lots of employees, you’ll need to think a way on how you can make them what you want to do. Then you develop a complete set of plans – and you immediately move closer to success.
Think it is time to start reviewing what has been achieved and what is still planned to do! Been to see friends and had friends round (today being the first day in the house – just 5 kids to look after ?? !!)  This all with just me! And if you build on that positive feeling you start to magnetise what you desire…… and in this positive mindset you have the power to create your dreams and goals… to create what you want to be successful in life.
For instance, if you want to own a business and work for yourself you would need the motivation to do some inner journey work to discover what sort of business would suit your personality and values, align your thoughts, beliefs and attitudes towards your overall goal and create a positive mindset of success.
The power of positive thinking changes your overall energy, focus, motivation and you gain the ability to think ‘outside the box’ and seek new possibilities and opportunities. People want to be around positive, energetic people and when you are this way it can pay off in a big way.
Can you imagine thinking to yourself “Change is difficult, it’s nearly impossible” and then actually trying to generate the change you desire. With a positive attitude you move more easily towards your goals and dreams; rather than carrying a heavy negative attitude. And then you would be eager and ready to do some outer work to expand your knowledge of business regulations, licences, expenses and so on is needed to start-up your specific business.
If you were to think negatively and fold your business you would be making a huge mistake based upon negative emotions.
Focus on the positive things, remain focused and motivated towards your overall goal in life and you will find doors opening up for you.
Be sure to use any and all of these personal goal setting tips so that you can start to reach your goals.
If you want change make sure your thoughts are focused on “Change is easy for me” or something similar. Or you could feel nauseous, get a headache or just feel absolutely miserable, sad, angry, and so on.

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