Headquartered in Malaysia, Y Generation Coaching sdn bhd specialises in coaching young people to realise their personal and business dreams. We add into your passion of achieving your goals through reversal of the whole pattern of life and business. Whether you are looking for help with your business, career, or life, want you really want is to be more successful. Ty Belknap (our main coach) currently holds both Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Leadership, is a 2017 Doctor of Strategic Leadership candidate in Coaching, and is an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation. Use the blue links below - or the guest's photo to listen to the live recordings afterwards. He is truly brilliant and his work is not only facsinating, but cutting-edge and need-to-know information for those committed to improving their lives. I don't usually post my interviews by other people here, but I promised our listeners that I'd do that.
All of us, and I mean everyone on the planet, carries around guilt and shame about inappropriate things theya€™ve said and done; for mistakes, failures, indiscretions, bad choices, A and more. So ita€™s vital to our self worth to a€?Tap Awaya€? all of the past mistakes, behavior, indiscretions, failures and more.
We hope you join us and tap along so you can release any shame, guilt, or pain around issues which aren't your fault. In spite of her extremely difficult childhood, Iyanla excelled in school, and went on to become a lawyer, a minister, a best-selling author, public speaker, a powerful motivator and television personality. In this interviewa€¦which you dona€™t want to miss, Iyanla describes her 3-step philosopy that has kept her afloat all these years. She describes how you can make adversity work for you to get you back on course and create extraordinary results in your life. Please listen to this lively interview with Nick Ortner, Founder of The Tapping Solution and Producer of the Tapping World Summit. Nick talks openly about his involvement with the Newtown Connecticut tragedy and how Tapping is helping them cope. Youa€™ll learn about Nicka€™s new book a€?The Tapping Solutiona€? and the impact it could make on the world (He mentions Lindsay and her processes several times. Self-sabotage nullifies your efforts and expectations, robs you of opportunities and erodes your credibility.
Learn how to tap away your own destructive behavior with a very cool Pro EFT Tapping technique. 12-20-12 This special Holiday Show is about the Joys and Headaches of the holidays AND Making your Resolutions Work! OK, so you want a new career, a loving relationship, a better apartment or home, a reliable car. For background information on EFT, listen to Ron Ball, Editor and Author, interview me for a change. Here's Lindsay's interview on Reversals, done by Gene Monteraselli, from his Tapping Q and A podcast.
In this straight-forward interview with David Riklan, he will share how he started his mega-successful internet self-improvement site for $30.
Karl Dawson is one of only 29 EFT Masters worldwide and over the last seven years has worked extensively to teach thousands of EFT trainees from all over the globe how to transform their emotional health to overcome physical and psychological disease through tapping. Researchers also found that biological conflict shocks (significant emotional experiences) always precede disease. This knowledge is revolutionary, because it allows us to understand how a disease process begins and why therapies often do not work.
Richard played an instrumental part in the development of META Medicine Training Courses and he brings 20+ years of experience and knowledge into the field of META Medicine and Integrative Health Coaching. In this special 2-part collaboration with Pro EFT radio, Pat Carrington has agreed to share with us her recently recorded interview with Sandi. In our broadcast we take up where Pat left off as Sandi explains much more about causes and cures for allergies and sensitivities. Again, be sure to listen to Pat's wonderful interview with Sandi and her package offers before our show! Sylvia is an Executive Change Strategist who specializes in coaching corporate leaders to bring about positive transformative change with lasting results.
Please listen to the recording of this special broadcast as Valerie Ozsu, Nurse Practitioner, talks about the horrific problems caused by heavy metal poisoning. It was on a previous show with Valerie last month that I discovered that many of my own chronic health issues were related to mercury poisoning. I've always thought once an issue has been completely cleared it's virtually impossible for it to come back. Karin is a certified hypnotherapist, a Reiki master, EFT Practitioner and  an AAMET and Trainer.
Because of many tragic examples in the news, America has become aware that anti-gay harassment is all too real and commonplace for youth in our culture. In this special two-part series, Lindsay Kenny and her guest host, Brendan Neff-Hall, will interview gay men about their personal experiences and how they have used Energy Tapping to regain their self esteem and to live full and joyful lives.
Valerie Ozsu is a Nurse Practitioner, an experienced ProEFT Practitioner and health facilitator. Valerie is also a successful single mom and brings her special understanding of women's issues and health to her practice.

Listen to this excellent interview with Ron about his experience with mental illness and his advice for others.
Ron says his introduction to EFT came because he was looking for alternative healing methods for his youngest daughter.
Bob is a champion for creative self-expression and has created an online playground called Boundless Living Elite where participants join a huge active community of people who are taking on life-long dreams and are supported through a full education in the law of attraction, mentoring, and Boundless Living's entire suite of online programs which among other things, facilitate the elimination of limiting beliefs and negative thoughts which have historically stopped people in the past. Bob is a veteran broadcaster, music composer, author, and ukulele fanatic among other things, and encourages people to fully explore any and all of their passions, playing full out all the time, thus allowing the law of attraction to work effortlessly to attract all that they desire into their lives. She works from two clinics in Cheshire, England as well as working with clients throughout the UK and internationally via the phone. Pro-EFT Certified, licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Addictions Counselor, Cathryn is the author of five books including her best-selling Inner Child Workbook.
Cathryn achieved her Certification Completion in Pro-EFT last May and we will discuss how she incorporates Pro-EFT into her therapeutic work. Of note is the fact that EFT can greatly increase someone's chances of survival after a diagnosis.
In her practice she utilizes both her 35 years of experience in western medicine and oncology coupled with her expertise in complementary medicine.
March 2, 2011 Listen to Lindsay's recorded broadcast as she teaches her Bundling Baggage Technique.
The first thing you may like to know is that you are welcome to e-mail Isabelle to arrange a complementary consultation about how coaching could change your personal and professional life. Being in a coaching process with Isabelle generates an empowering relationship in which profound, transformative experiences and conversations occur. What is unique about Isabelle’s coaching approach is the particular blend of experience, expertise, warm and attentive signature presence as well as powerful experiential exercises that trigger growth-producing breakthroughs.  From there, you will have the inspiration, energy and insights needed to move forward in the direction you have been aching for.
Could you imagine an Olympic athlete getting to the podium without the consistent help and support of a great coach? Whether you want to achieve something truly significant or to finally experience contentment and fulfillment, a great coach can make a huge difference in your personal and professional life! Moreover, if you identify with any of the following situations, patterns or emotions, you have come to the right place to get outstanding support and access tools and resources, to turn challenges into opportunities for greater fulfillment, financial success, and for reaching other important goals that matter to you. Have an inner restlessness urging you to create or find more satisfying work that would better utilize your talents, passions and skills? Approaching retirement and wondering who you will be beyond your professional role and what you will do to keep feeling useful and purposeful? Longing for a bigger life based on a substantial vision in which you can stop playing small and use more of your potential while making a difference in the world? In a managerial or leadership position and finding yourself caught in systemic challenges or self-sabotaging patterns? Being a coach myself, I was thrilled to have such a transformational experience when being coached by Isabelle. We offer exceptional coaching programs in life, business, online business and investment coaching. She has been on the airways for over 30 years on dozens of AM & FM stations from Los Angeles to Monterey, to International Internet Radio. A Sheila says, a€?Not only is this the mostdifficult and scary time for people to be alive in the history of man, ita€™s also the most exciting andpowerful! And as a true word-smith, Iyanla shares several beautiful quotes and stories that are not only heart-warming and motivating, but entertaining. Here Nick's fabulous story about how the A young brother of a victim connects with a young tragedy-survivor on the other side of the world. Perhaps worse is that it validates your own worst inner beliefs that you're not worthy or success or joy.
Expressing gratitude can be one of the eaiest and surest ways to attract prosperity into your life. His company also publishes six e-mail newsletters going out to over 950,000 weekly subscribers on the topics of self improvement, natural health, personal growth, relationships, home business, sales skills, and brain improvement. Over 300,000 people, from all over the world participated in the Summit last February and Nick tells us how it all started. Time flew by as he talks with passion about his META-Medicine program and his META-Healing Process.
His vision for growth in these fields lead him to develop the first online META Medicine Course Trainings. This important interview provides critical background information on allergies that may shock you. They can cause nausea, foggy-headedness, headaches, indigestion, insomnia, irritability and so much more. Nelson articulates a perspective and experience with negative emotions that differs considerably from EFT. Nelson is considered an expert in the emerging fields of bioenergetic medicine and energy psychology. Sylvia will show us what it means to fulfill your dreams and make your goals come true by using some the strategies she uses with global corporate clients. Utilizing the latest research in neuroscience and emotional intelligence, she helps executives transform their leadership. After doing some work to element heavy metal poisoning (like dental work, if necessary,) use this video to help Tap Away remaining remnants of the metals.

She’s currently the only certified Matrix Reimprinting Trainer in the USA, co-founder of the MTT Association and co-author of the EFT Levels Training textbooks. Valerie is also the Founder and Director of the Natural Health and Wellness Center in Vacaville, CA. She has extensive experience of using EFT with clients and has worked on a vast range of issues, including fear of public speaking, blushing, panic attacks, success coaching, phobias, depression, addictions, anxiety, weight management, agoraphobia and serious illnesses, etc. Along the way he became an Acupressure Massage Therapist, a psychiatric RN with clinical supervision in psychology and a yoga instructor. Thelma Jones specializes in helping people with chronic physical and emotional conditions and those that have illnesses that they feel have not yet been resolved. Jones practices in Scarsdale, New York and also offers phone and Skype consultations worldwide. This leads to renewed creativity, motivation, learning, change, integration and realization of what you most want to be, do and have in your life.
A self-sabotaging habit in which your conscious and subconscious minds hold opposite energies and intentions; the result is status quo . She helped me connect to what really matters and regularly emailed thoughtful reflections or stimulating exercises designed to help me probe deeper into the issues we’d discussed. I was skillfully guided towards significant insights and achieved a shift into a place of possibility,openness and lightness around an experience that was previously weighing me down and impacting my confidence. I need to let you know upfront that until our new home closes (April 29th), I will not be able to sign on with a life coach. We define the “Y Generation” as anyone belonging to a group of tech-savvy people who crave self-improvement.Our proficient team and services have spread in entire Asia now.
And perhaps most importantly, discover how loving ourselves can be first step in literally saving our planet. These (bad) choices we make in life often disappoint people who care about us and ourselves. Sheilaa€™s down to earth style, quick wit and willingness to openly share her candid struggles, gives an authenticity that is often lacking on todaya€™s airwaves or online. So Iyanla is an ideal guest for this kind of broadcast; about attracting what you want and tapping. Absolutely, the biggest impediment to achieving, having, being or doing what you want, are your limiting beliefs and fears. During the interview Lindsay offers to have Karl demonstrate a Matrix session using her experience of losing her dad at the age of 14. He also reveals something wonderful about his love relationship as well as his supportive family. Reactions to food or other substances can affect us up to three days after the exposure so we don't always associate our symptom with the cause.
Yet the Emotion Code is similar to EFT in the foundational belief that unresolved negative emotions play a significant role in our physical and mental health. Sylvia will teach us some very important pearls about change management and neuroplasticity.
In our interview Valerie will address questions about diabetes, thyroid problems, menopause issues and her other combined treatments. Listen with us as Lindsay and Ron discuss his experiences and his understanding of dealing with depression and mental illness. She presents regularly at major international conferences and is a TAT Professionals Trainer. Bill is now a Certified Pro EFT practitioner whose specialty is gently eliminating your stress, painful emotions, and trauma. Tapping can bring relief, energy and optimism to a diagnosis and help stimulate the immune system to restore bodily health.
Jones offers a variety of modalities to suit her patients’ needs such as nutrition, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Matrix Reimprinting and hypnotherapy.
When he found Tapping, and was startled by the results, he knew he had to find a way to get this information into the mainstream. I would recommend her services to anyone who desires to create a more meaningful and balanced life.
Isabelle’s powerful, yet gentle, presence and guidance allowed me to embrace clearly the essence of who I am and what I have to offer others. Learn why it's important to know what motivates you and why it's essential to recognize how you're life will be better when you have it. Even those things you think are TRUE, have attracted beliefs that most likely are not facts.
Sandi’s mission is to provide the tools for individuals to release their physical and emotional limitations. This is one very-together professional who is going to help you reclaim control of your life. Tom's expertise is welcomed within the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans-gendered community and his practice includes working with sexually abused victims, perpetrators of sexual abuse, sexuality issues and couples counseling.

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