This course is designed to fulfill the vocational needs of practitioners wanting to work in the fields of Wellness and Life Coaching. 10-Month Format: For those interested in reducing their monthly tuition in half we offer a 10-month format with classes every other week.
Slow-Paced Format: To accomodate students with less time available to study or with a more restricted budget, we also offer a slow-paced format with classes once a month. The first time I met Gian and Viviana was at one of their free weekend sessions in Studio City.
Students can enroll any time in the flip learning format, conditioned only to the teachers' time availability to provide training to a new student.
Total: The aproximate time commitment necessary to participate in the regular 10-month format, with classes every other week, is 13 to 17 hours per month. Commitment to apply the knowledge to one's own life: All BOI courses aim at helping the student improve his or her life, so that later they know how to help others do likewise.
At the end of this course a four-page paper is required in order to obtain the final certification.
Scholarships: Scholarships are available under precise, predetermined conditions, like low income students living in India, China, Russia and third-world countries in general. A scientific approach based on research which demonstrated that taking intelligent care of our human needs leads to happiness. 05- Why improving Self-Caring is a better model than behavioral modification and the correcting bad habits approach. 14- The students take the Self Caring Inventory and the Subjective Happiness Scale during the class. 16- If you are a Wellness or Life Coach, how you can use these instruments to help your clients.
19- Where this invaluable knowledge can be attained and why mainstream education does offer even the minimum knowledge to live a successful life. 20- Overview of each one of twenty one fundamental human needs, and pointing the path towards mastering them. 03- Why not only it does NOT work, but in fact it is a dangerous philosophy of life -- leading to suffering.
16- The role of will power -- is developing will power necessary to attain wellness and happiness?
21- How to put under full control the 4 most powerful forces that control your wellness and happiness. 05- The most dangerous addiction affecting the US population is not alcohol, cigarettes or drugs, and it is easy to solve -- education! 15- Is food in restaurants healthy for your body and mind?  Does it depend on the restaurant?

20- How you can enjoy pizza everyday without harming yourself (if you know enough.) The Italian paradox brought to the next level. 14- Empathic listening -- why it works and why it doesn't, and why it is a technique and it is not a technique.
21- Awakening to the personality -- the short route and the never ending slow mainstream approach. 19- Common interests and how they can become a source of closeness or of competition and aggression.
21- Summary -- the six powerful tools of the couples coach and how to become skillful at them. 8- Where to buy the best nutritional supplements at a very reasonable cost and create a profitable business to help oneself at consolidating a Life Coaching practice. 11- The two best antibiotic created by nature - how to produce them at home and how to use them.
12- Using effectively the power of suggestion to heal, and why it is so fundamental to never misuse it. 18- Healing your pets -- preventing disease in your pets and healing them with natural, inexpensive, safe methods.
02- The Wellness Path to Success -- four fundamental variables leading to health,  success and happiness. 20- If you are really determined to move to the vehicle state you may consider stopping ALL manipulation. 01- If you are really determined to move to the vehicle state you may consider stopping manipulation.
15- Making plans, establishing priorities, creating a rational schedule, doing our best, and then?
03- Distorted beliefs about money promote fear, greed, violence, and abuse of the environment.
17- Healing our relationship with money, requires us looking into the programs of our family of origin. 02- Molecular approach, energy approach, psychological approach and spiritual approach to healing.
15- Why to attain a balance of narrow and open focus every day is fundamental and how to do it. 10- The paramount importance of your internet network -- how this determines where you will live. 01- Using the customers of other companies, then your business must be based on solid products.
03- Defining the level of success you want to attain, will determine your marketing strategy.

BOHI Student Agreement: After paying your tuition, we will ask you to complete your enrollment process by signing the BOHI Student Agreement. To register at the Brain Optimization™ Holistic Institute and receive email invitations to our Tuition Free Classes takes two to three minutes. Brain Optimization Holistic Institute's broadcasting and recording studio for online classes and coaching sessions is presently located in Glendale, Los Angeles County, California. Brain Optimization™ Institute - The drug free solution to ADD, ADHD, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, substance abuse & more! How the education available at BOI constitutes a holistic, complete path to happiness, and to the end of suffering.
Why learning to move from narrow focus to open focus in an instant may be the ultimate skill.
Students from adjacent cities and locations like Pasadena, Studio City, San Fernando Valley, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Pacific Palisades, West Los Angeles, Brentwood, Bel Air, Santa Monica, Laguna Beach, Irvine and Orange County can take the Coaching Sessions in person, on Skype or on the phone. Please, upgrade to a different browser or install Google Chrome Frame to experience this site. My time with Gian has been life-changing not only from a physical standpoint, but mentally and spiritually as well. Why this is the highest path instead of the path of "the secret on how to become millionaire? Students living in cities and locations further away in the States or abroad like San Francisco, San Diego, New York, North and South Carolina, Miami, London England, Paris France, Rome and Milan Italy, Madrid and Barcelona in Spain, Santiago Chile, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Ecuador, Quito, Montreal, Cape Town and Johannesburg in South Africa, New Zealand, Hawaií, Kauai, Maui, Kenya, Delhi, Bombay and Calcutta in India, Hong Kong and Shanghai in China, Taipei in Taiwan, can take the one-on-one coaching sessions on Skype or phone. I loved attending my personal sessions with him and he was extremely generous with his time and knowledge. Gian led us through a powerful meditation and I remember thinking, as a teacher myself, that he was an excellent teacher. Then I attended some meditation sessions that Gian held on the weekends and again, what a spiritual revelation! In fact he is so highly intelligent that only a certain type of student will be drawn to him -- one that wants to truly go deeply into the material and into understanding life's complexities and mysteries.
Since then I have continued seeing Gian for private sessions, and again, what insights have come! Gian is not only a wise man, but his teaching style is outstanding and his compassion and intuition are life changers!

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