A Life Coach is a skilled and trained professional who employs various methods, techniques and resources to help an individual set and realize an explicit personal goal, such as weight loss, getting a new job or quitting smoking. In the past some critics have argued that life coaching is merely unregulated psychotherapy. Skills and teachings gained from a life coach can develop into permanent lessons that can change unwanted habits and behaviors, other than those related to the specific goal at hand.
In hiring a life coach, a person is seeking to learn from someone who has knowledge and expertise in an area that is difficult for them to master. These skilled mentors are generally successful motivators and they use this charisma to keep people on track when previous attempts to reach their goals have failed. Life coaches are usually knowledgeable in psychology, sociology and other sciences of human nature, but psychological evaluation, intervention and treatment are not within the capabilities of their expertise.
However, these claims have been discredited since life coaching does not examine or diagnose mental illness or past trauma.

Therefore temporarily hiring a life coach can drastically improve numerous aspects of the client’s life. A life coach is merely meant to help maintain perspective and focus, offering suggestions for approaching challenges. Hiring a life coach allows an individual to learn what behavior patterns are preventing him from reaching certain goals. Still, there are extensive training and education programs available to credible professionals seeking to substantiate their knowledge and competency.
The outcome of each session should be based on what a client hopes to achieve for himself, not about what the coach wants him to achieve.
Participating in less than 6 months would significantly decrease the probability of long-term success. By consulting a life coach, the individual can obtain an unbiased point of view from someone who can utilize the negative information to formulate solutions.

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