By the way… you’re invited to claim your FREE step-by-step  “30-Days to Become a Coach”  video toolkit. So the final thought and the final measure of success must be answered by the graduates of programs.
The fact is that there are several components to the process of becoming a minimally qualified coach, let alone a certified coach or even more to become a master coach.

The smart thing and perhaps the only thing of integrity to do is to mix online instruction and conference calls, to deliver a mix of information transfer, coaching and being coached.
And in so doing ask for extra assurance – and don’t be shy to ask – look for objective and respected professional coaching organizations to accredit or endorse the online programs that you are considering. The result can be a highly effective program to transfer expert coaching skills to the willing learner.

Finding online programs is as easy as Googling for “online coaching classes.” The question is what you do with that search result.

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