Coaching has existed for decades, so you can imagine that there are countless life coaching tips out there. After considerable research, I found several methods that looked promising and tested them on myself and others to gauge their effectiveness.
Fortunately, some of the best life coaching tips are those that can be applied to almost any situation. Logical Soul Method – My favorite method for getting deep down to hidden decisions that hold you back.

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) – Using and teaching this technique can improve communication, empathy, stress-relief, and confidence. The most important thing I’ve gleaned from this admittedly-unscientific approach is that different methods work for different people and problems. The catch is that it takes a while to make a permanent change, and may never be entirely permanent. I find that NLP works best after you’ve uncovered hidden decision in your subconscious.

EFT relies on the dedication of the client to perform exercises whenever the emotional issue arises.

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