In last week’s feature post, I talked about how each person has a unique blueprint for producing stress. Left unresolved, our negative self-talk can have an adverse affect on our performance and ability to succeed under pressure. 4) Commit to replacing each negative self-talk phrase with its positive counterpart any time you say or think the negative one for next 30 days.
And once you eliminate your negative self-talk, it will be like getting rid of the baggage so you can excel and succeed in any area of your life. Coaching InsightsCoaching Insights – Trusted personal and professional coaches share their unique coaching stories, inspirations, and tips.

This includes our negative self-talk, that is, phrases that we say or think repeatedly when we’re stressed. Over time, our unconscious use of negative self-talk phrases can grow seemingly out of control. You’ve received professional certification in a coaching discipline." type="radio"> Professional Coach – Awesome!
These audio-free presentations drafts are loaded with strategies, tools, ideas and much more. You’re an author, blogger, trainer, speaker, or other subject expert." type="radio"> Expert – Super!

You’re an author, blogger, trainer, speaker, or other subject expert.Coach in Training – Great! You’re currently in training to become a professional coach." type="radio"> Coach in Training – Great!
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