Effective Time Management means working (and indeed living), with a sense of control and proactivity. My Time Management training not only arms you with practical tools and frameworks for enhancing your time management skills, it also shows you how to replace any limiting assumptions and bad habits you have in this area with more empowering ones. At the age of fifty-one Katherine Hunter has run away from home, leaving behind a troubled marriage and financial woes. One of the critical skills of a life coach is knowing the right questions to ask and when to ask them. A common request I get from our trainee life coaches is to share what I believe are the most powerful questions to ask of clients. The New Insights Life Coach Training Programme incorporates a lot of material on this subject and the fact is that there is no set group of questions that work well for every client. Nevertheless I do have a few favourite questions that I believe go to the heart of the principles we espouse in life coaching. I’ve chosen six here that are intended to make you think deeply about who you are, what drives you and how you relate to the world around you and to your authentic inner being. The vast and growing number of people living on earth today pose an unprecedented challenge to the ability of our planet and its environment to sustain life as we have always known it. At the same time, despite quantum advances in technology life, for most of us, is more challenging than ever before. We are living in a time when it is easy to contemplate these issues and conclude that we are, individually, of little or no significance or relevance in the greater scheme of things. A simple glance skywards on a clear night might be enough to reinforce the perception that each of is no more important than a tiny ant in a huge anthill or a grain of sand in the desert. As the strapline on the weekly Blog alert proclaims, the featured articles are intended for a broad audience – people who want to get the most out of life!
However, from time to time the articles I post may be of more direct relevance for readers who are already life coaches or in training to become life coaches.
Nevertheless I would hope that this post may also appeal to others by imparting a deeper understanding of what life coaching is. This Blog, as I trust loyal readers will know, is for people who want to live their best lives. Recent events, highlighted by – but certainly not limited to – the despicable terrorist attacks in Paris, may easily cause even the most ardent lover of life to reflect on civilisation and whether we really are evolving away from control, hatred, intolerance and brute force, towards living together in peace and harmony with kindness, gentleness and respect. On the 13th November, the day of the deadly attacks in Paris and Baghdad and a day after the dreadful suicide bombings in Beirut, Wikipedia noted that 289 terrorist attacks had already been recorded in 2015. Tune into the news media regularly and you could be forgiven for sinking into a state of complete despair about the state of our world.
Yet, ironically, for those who can see through the desperation of those who would drag us back into the dark ages and see past the manipulation of the all pervasive media, this is a time of tumultuous change, positive transformation, rising consciousness and real hope for a far better future.
This week, I would like to demonstrate the power of life coaching – when administered by a passionate and caring coach – to transform lives. I am privileged to have received an inspiring and beautiful account from a lady who, just yesterday, we featured on our Facebook page for having achieved New Insights certification as a life coach. Whereas most trainee life coaches expect their coaching efforts to start bearing real fruit for their clients only after they become qualified and start coaching for reward, Carli Clark was able to experience the fulfilment, that comes with seeing someone grow and develop through coaching, long before achieving certification. I’d like to thank Carli and her client Zanele for submitting this story and giving me permission to share it here on the Blog.
New Insights offers a free online journaling platform with a 52-week self-guided course that aims to enhance self awareness.
Keeping a journal may not be for everybody – I know that I was less than keen when my life coach first suggested it some years ago – but the fact is that when used in conjunction with coaching it is one of the most powerful tools to enable personal growth and development. One of our journal clients recently posted a public response to her weekly journal question “Who are you now?” that was to provide the inspiration for today’s blog post. In her response the person concerned went to some effort to outline, not who she felt she was but who she wanted to become. The pain I have is Sacral Iliac Joint and Low Back Pain that sometimes feels similar to Sciatica and there are times when I find getting out of bed a challenge. The risk with this sort of post is that I come off as trying to suggest that I have a bigger challenge to other people when it comes to training. While my condition can literally be a real pain in my arse, I am starting to view it as a blessing in disguise (sort of). Oh those sweet days when I know there is something different, a weight off my shoulders … a day without pain!
Instead of assuming because you get pain on movement that it will only get worse with exercise, do some research into how exercise might actually help your condition. Realising that even the smallest steps towards your goal can mark progress, is the key to kicking your Dark Passenger in the balls! Inspired Fit Strong – Какво е най-доброто нещо, което можете да направите за себе си този уикенд? I know it would seem completely off the wall to say that your pains could have anything to do with a food that you probably eat, but the human digestive system cannot cope with wheat, nor the reactions it’s sets up once it is inside us.

There are many, many professional athletes and trainers who outwardly look fit and internally are suffering.
The Paleo diet that someone else mentioned earlier, is increasingly looking like the way to go. Even top tennis players like Novak Djokvic, who just went gluten-free, suddenly overcome injury and reach new heights of fitness.
Through researching this condition online, I discovered that there’s a strong link between the overgrowth a certain bacteria in the stomach called klebsiella and the condition known as leaky gut. I hope that you have continued with your weight training, now you know that was not the cause ?
I’ve just managed to get back into weight training properly last October as my pain had finally subsided enough.
Recently I was looking for videos of kettlebell workouts and found many of yours–which prompted me to check out your site.
I agree that people living with some sort of chronic conditions being more understanding in many ways, but it also lets us be more encouraging and able to push others, because that is something they need to start to see what they truly CAN DO, instead of always feeling the things they cannot. I forget what you have to deal with on a personal level: you are so good at looking so strong, I think none of us realize the effort it takes. When my Dad was dying, I asked about his pain and on a scale of 1 to 10 he said it was a 2.
Then I did something to myself about a year ago and got sciatica- like pain, but just in the hip.
Honestly, I have never lent the book to anyone who did not get some benefit form it, so anyone here who is in chronic pain, at least give the book a try — I am sure its in libraries. I am always reminded that no matter how rotten my life might appear, there is ALWAYS someone who has it tougher and is probably handling it better.
I really love the community that is here and how comfortable everyone feels to share their stories. Health and wellness promotion does not just include healthy eating habits and avoiding activities that are bad for you but all health and wellness programs include exercise as a fundamental component. Great inspiring post now while I dont suffer from chronic pain I have lost count of how often I pull muscles in my upper back. My input here is that exercise has kept me from becoming chronically depressed, which is another type of pain that is pretty debilitating. I find that my mind is so much more able to deal with stress when I am fit, if I stop I sometimes can feel the negative thoughts and feelings of despair surging back.
I too suffered from chronic migraines and joint pain from the age of 12 to 18 at which point I was finally diagnosed with Erlichiosis. Seeing you in such great shape and working out so hard, albeit you condition, really gives me hope that one day I will be able to manage my pain.
In the meantime, having ditched box jumps and heavy squats, I will do your workouts to keep some strength and flexibility. As you say – it might be an odd unplanned day off from time to time, it might keep us from reaching strength goals as fast as other but who cares, really. Events conspire and Katherine finds herself at The Bliss Retreat on the island of Lanzarote. Also, questions that may be appropriate during the more advanced stages of the coaching programme can be completely inappropriate during the early rapport building stage – and vice versa. It aims to inspire and to offer new insights on life, living with purpose and experiencing peace and joy.
It was only 5 years ago that I was finally diagnosed with a Chronic Inflammatory Arthritis called Ankylosing Spondylitis.
I am better when I am out of bed, but in that lying position my ligaments and tendons pull the joints and there are times it fills me with so much dread at the mere thought of going to bed! This treatment basically suppresses your immune system, which can leave you vulnerable to other ailments. I hate this day each week, because it hurts like crazy and my leg swells up like a balloon, making me look bloated and water-logged for a few days after. If I had never gone to the gym, I would never have got into strength training and began this amazing journey. Makes me feel lucky when I have days without pain, when there are people out there who suffer everyday like I used to. Take each day or week at a time and make the most of those pain-free days by training to get stronger!
For me, this means I don’t always train to my 1 Rep Max – but I work at getting stronger at moving well! We did not evolve of millions of years to be like that – Nature does not make design errors! This is getting off topic with Marianne, but disease at the cellular level commences with inflammation. I know that my diet barely has any in it – in fact, I cannot think of what I eat that has wheat.

I remember reading this information back when things were really bad and I rarely eat bread or other starches anymore.
Like I said, we each have our own Dark Passenger’s that we need to control, and it’s hard no matter what they are! I recently saw a video (link below) of a doctor who spoke about her reversal of her MS symptoms using a paleo diet.
My English skills are very bad I did not realize that sometimes you can not train because of your pain. AT times it was a piercing pain that was almost incapacitating, but most of the time it varied form annoying to just slightly restricting. Movement of muscles stimulates blood flow to and from the muscles replenishing nourishment, removing toxins and promoting healing. Mine really affects my training at times, with back squats, sumo deadlifts and definitely some of the jumping. I guess you don’t get too many guys on your website, but can I say that since discovering your site I am inspired to train smarter and harder . There she meets an array of colourful characters and a handsome artist who makes her question everything she holds dear. I want people to know that everyone has THEIR OWN struggles and we each need to be aware that just because something cannot be seen, doesn’t mean someone is not trying to overcome a hurdle or two. Plus, the fact that I do get pain from time to time and maybe can’t train the way I want to, means I make the most of the days I can lift heavier and the days I am pain-free! Or do you turn it around and make damn sure it doesn’t beat you and see the value in what you can do, in spite of it! Firstly, please take the time to listen to this (with a notepad to help remember key pieces).
It is a really tough challenge because of the opiates in wheat, but you are used to challenges!
Wheat is the great disrupter shifting our pH to acid and the bones and ligaments suffer in an attempt to neutralise this – highly inflammatory. There is a highly indigestible type of lecithin in wheat that causes enormous degrees of inflammation to the intestines, the blood vessels and so on.
This really gives me a point of reference for my pathetic whining when I am feeling lazy about training.
I may may it look easy but it’s because mostly I have learned to live with it during exercise.
I’ve been using a gym ball and stretching exercises on different days to help with this and while it does seem to help I still manage to do my upper back. The way people handle the stresses of a physical, emotional or other sort of disorder is very different. I went undiagnosed for 5 years and then was treated pretty aggressively and it has been cleared from my system. Of course I still do these things (when I am not sore), but when I am, I have to just work around it and it sucks having to leave them out! I can?t remember life without it but this past year is almost like being completely healthy.
I feel now I am much more of an asset to the company and contribute to the growth of the companies sales.I am now in a position to make more money which is why I am in sales.
The link above explains how wheat causes so many problems and yet it is the centre of our diet.
I was wondering did you ever use the Rumble Roller as part of your therapy or conditioning, I was thinking of investing in one. I LOVE the biggest loser (season premier last night) and they are excellent examples of excuses and barriers and taking control of the cards you are dealt. But at the age of 24, my joints, ligaments and cartilage are still damaged from 5 years of no treatment. I?ve had one flare up, for ONE week (record short!), I hardly need any medication at all, I feel great.
I danced my whole life regardless of the pain, it kept me sane and was an emotional and physical relief from all the pain. In college I decided to take on my first triathlon to prove to myself that this would never get in my way.
I later competed for my University and went to Collegiate Nationals for Triathlon and continue to pursue a carrier to help individuals just like me, you and those on the Biggest Loser.
I work as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor now and, will graduate with my doctorate in Physical Therapy in May and love teaching and helping people to take control over their bodies.
I am not complaining that my pain is almost gone after 6 weeks, considering I had it the almost a year and envisioned it being permanent.

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