Life skills are fundamental skills that are needed to lead a happy, productive life in society. October 10, 2011 by Dana Bosley 3 Comments Are you thinking you would like to become a life skills coach?
They help people learn not only essential and practical things on how to live a productive life, but they also help to create a sense of balance and stability in their client’s life.
Trained as a Transformational Life Coach, I have mastered the skills of Love that will allow your life to be successful on your terms.
Love is the foundation to a successful life.  Coaching in the area of love, I am able to provide you with the tools for life without self-judgment.
Mission Statement: With the love of human service, our coaching supports growth with the belief that everyone can improve their quality of life while helping others to prevail.
June 27, 2014 by Fred Phillips 2 Comments The primary function of YWCA Life Skills coaching is to help participants develop and use balanced self-determined behavior.
Life Coaching Group's 60–hour Laser Coaching program has met stringent criteria and is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) .
Have you taken some classes, read some books, even completed some training but know that there is still more to learn? Are you looking for effective tools to boost your confidence and learn techniques to make your coaching much more powerful and efficient?
The vast amount of information that Marion shares coupled with her 19 years of experience and talent as an instructor were invaluable. Marion's program is not only one I would recommend to a new coach, as it offers every foundational element required to be a coach, but is one I would recommend to ANY coach that seeks mastery of the craft.
I learned more about how to be a coach, from an application standpoint in the laser coaching program, than I learned in all the coaching classes I took at my coaching school.
I am very pleased to say that my coaching has improved, but what I am really excited about is the change in my confidence level.
I think you were just about the most valuable class we had in the ICF conference because of your authenticity, directness and deep understanding of the coaching process. Although I have studied powerful questioning, etc., your methodology is so much more in-depth, and your reasoning and explanations behind why you do what you do regarding questioning is so clarifying! Using laser coaching allows you to go deeper rather than broader, thereby staying more focused, maximizing the time, and creating long–lasting change. Although the course materials in themselves had much strength, I think it all came down to Marion's diverse, in depth knowledge, authenticity, and ability to cut to the chase. I really love that I can now clearly head where a client is holding themselves back and am able to work with that limiting belief in a tangible way. Your knowledge and expertise and ability create a structure to something like coaching that can often feel vague. Mentor Session Snapshot: Listen to an excerpt of a coaching conversation followed by individual feedback from participants (10 minutes total). Instead of teaching a lot of theory, Marion gets down to the basic skills, but teaches you how to do it on a master coach level. Marion puts her heart and soul into her work and that she is very knowledgeable and the ultimate professional.
Individualized small group attention (limited to 6 participants) Every need and question is addressed so you will not be lost in a mass of people feeling frustrated. Accelerate your learning process In 12 intensive weeks, you will experience 16 content–rich skill lessons, 8 group mentor calls, 10 supervised practice calls, and an actual pro bono client so that you will be ready to take on clients when you finish, or if you have previous experience, make your sessions much more powerful, efficient, and effective. You will not be left hanging Individual support and supervision is available during and after the course. Highly experiential and interactive classes Actually experience the learning through stories, metaphors, real–life client examples, and shared participation. Extremely flexible schedule Classes meet on the telephone based on participant's availability. Unique teaching style Learn coaching from a teaching approach with stop and start explanations at every opportunity.
Short on time–commitment, long on results Only 3 months to getting your cash flow going.

I have been impressed so many times by how value packed your course is and you don't waste any time at all on fluff.
Only 7 weeks into the program and I see what a different experience it was working with my pro bono client using your approach.
Not only is the information you offer absolutely wonderful, you are an incredibly talented instructor. This coaching program was initially created when I realized that I can't be the only coach who feels stuck in a coaching conversation, or insecure, or worried about the value I was delivering, rather than focusing on how the client was doing. Once I discovered some very simple, powerful techniques and tools, and most importantly a particular, unique approach and "The" QUESTION to hold in mind* during every coaching conversation, coaching became effortless and the fear of not knowing where to go or the feeling that I wasn't delivering enough value disappeared. I actually used this at an office party, and I was able to remain quiet for a longer period and learn much MORE. With this list of themes, you will know exactly what is needed to help a client make a permanent change in their perspective. Total time for the course = 60 hours – ICF credit towards ACC, PCC, or MCC certification or renewal of ACC, PCC, or MCC (60 Core Competencies). The focus of the program is on masterful coaching skills and techniques employing the ICF Core Competencies. Typically, classes sell out with a waiting list so reserve NOW to guarantee your spot for September 2016. Early registrants receive one month free in the 'Mentor Practicum Group' ($125 value) following the 12–week program. The price for the entire package is $2,895 at the start OR it can be paid out in installments: $990 (3 payments) or $595 (5 payments).
If you simply want more confidence and practice, please read about "The Practicum" offered as a stand–alone course. You receive 6 ICF approved CCEUs per 4 sessions of attendance towards certification or renewal. I would be happy to address them and put you in touch with any participant who has completed the program or who has attained ICF certification after completing the program. Understand the different types of shifts and paradigms that client's experience, when they occur, and how to use them to the client's advantage. Learn about the defenses, threats, and strategies clients use and feel that can undermine their success. Learn about clients' self–invalidations and how to understand underlying motives more fully. It distinguishes itself from other programs because the lessons are taught through stories, metaphors, and real client examples, lots of VERY individualized attention, and emphasis is placed on producing permanent change. For 8 weeks, you will be in an actual coaching relationship with someone not in your immediate group. Upon completion of the pro bono coaching relationship, you will receive one hour of feedback based on your coaching recording. Coaching is designed for those who want to improve or make changes in their lives – go from good to excellent, and to help people become their best.
After taking many personal development workshops and classes, I found out that all of the transformations I was observing were happening through a process called coaching. Both of these help with getting rid of distractions and finding out what holds you back from your greatness. The passions and goals you desire have the ability to manifest with time, trust, and techniques. This type of behavior occurs when one makes a conscious choice by considering the situation, personal needs, the needs of others, and the potential consequences of that choice. 1-888-514-8944 Let us help you find the funding that’s right for you today.Call 1-888-514-8944or For more information click here. ACSTH or CCE Units may be used towards ICF certification (ACC, PCC, or MCC) OR towards renewal of any current certification. There is a generosity of time and information as well as accessibility that is different from many who facilitate rather than instruct.
I feel so fortunate because Direct Communication is a competency about which I was getting conflicting messages and your teaching cleared up so much of that.

This program is exceptionally content rich and will provide in–depth material not found anywhere else such as strategies, defenses, and threats.
Every moment in class or practice has me learning, thinking, and absorbing such incredibly practical, real–life information. I kept thinking about the trick we learned to stay out of the story, and it really helped me see some things I know I would have missed if I had focused the way I did in the past.
You bridge the gap of presenting things in a logical, practical manner and still have the ability to 'paint the picture' so beautifully to show us what masterful coaching really looks, feels, and sounds like when all the practical, logical pieces are put together. And with my unique background as a high school teacher, blended with my decade of coaching experience, the course is designed to not only show you what coaching looks, sounds, and feels like, but to teach you HOW TO coach.
This course is purposely affordable and customized because it fits with my mission of raising the quality of coaching by helping as many coaches as possible.
It provides me access to listening underneath instead of listening with the intent to solve or respond. It will keep you out of the details and into masterful coaching no matter how little or how much experience you have.
In this group, you will actually coach (under supervision) as well as discuss situations regarding current coaching clients. This is a substantial program with NO FLUFF of any kind and coaches truly learn to coach with confidence even before the program is completed.
The course will help you gain greater clarity and understanding of the structures at play which prohibit a client's growth and effectiveness and then how to help clients attain their vision.
When the facilitator said that he would teach us how to do what he was doing – I was the first one to sign up! That course is now integrated in the "Laser Coach Your Way to Sustainable Success" program. It examines underlying personal needs that usually manifest as negative behaviors when not met. I learned some really great practical skills to get my clients to a shifting point WAY faster than the way I was coaching before. When I did the loop around at the end, she actually did have a shift in her thinking, and she came up with an action step all on her own!
Thank you, Marion, for sharing your heart, your knowledge and your unique way of teaching with us. I love supporting new(er) coaches as they incorporate these advantages and shortcut the learning curve to become masterful and successful MUCH sooner.
I was SO curious to find out how he could figure things out about people as quickly and accurately as he did. After a decade of coaching and as a Certified Master Coach (MCC) through the International Coach Federation (ICF), I am still as passionate and enthusiastic as when I started. The program is all about identifying personal needs and then finding ways to get them filled leading to a greater sense of fulfillment and happiness. Ia€™ve taken other coaching programs that I loved, whereas this course was more practical and nuts and bolts based.
There are practice lessons built into the program that contain teaching while offering an opportunity for trying out coaching in a safe and supportive environment with immediate, relevant feedback. He would ask a few questions, make some comments, and next thing I knew people were thinking entirely differently. With this course you can discover the strategies and resources for turning into a successful Life Skills Coach!The Job Outlook Overall employment of counselors is expected to escalate by 18 percent between 2008 and 2018, which is faster than the standard for all professions.
This life coaching certification program moves seamlessly from coaching principles to advanced ideas like helping clients to recognize life purpose, recognize as well as battle barriers, maintain a positive mind-set, and live with integrity. LencioniBecoming a Professional Life Coach: Lessons from the Institute of Life Coach Training by Patrick Williams and Diane S.
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