The couple invited 160 friends and relatives to their romantic wedding at the Walton House, as reported by People. Gio Benitez and Tommy DiDario posted several images of their weekend wedding on their Instagram accounts. Many news personas that worked with Benitez attended the Miami wedding, including Shepard Smith, Martha Radditz, Sam Champion, and Kevin Ozebek, who also served as the best man.
Benitez, 30, first met DiDario, also 30, when they started following each other’s Instagram accounts in January 2015. By date two, the more we talked, the more we stared into each other’s eyes, completely aware that this was becoming far more than a crush. Last September, Gio Benitez, who’s been with ABC News since 2013, proposed to Tommy DiDario in Paris. Benitez hired French photographer Pierre Torset and initially told DiDario that Torset was a student doing a project about a love topic.

Benitez’s career as an investigative jourlnalist started in Miami before he joined ABC News in 2013. The Good Morning America contributor married his fiance, lifestyle blogger Tommy Didario, in Miami on Saturday.
The charming English-style cottage is surrounded by a rare tropical garden that spans 5 acres. Photos also included the pre-wedding party held in Key Largo, Florida, where Benitez and DiDario wore nearly matching outfits and posed for romantic sunset photos to include in their wedding photo collection. Eventually, they started dating, which made Benitez think more favorably towards marriage the more he knew about DiDario, who is a men’s lifestyle blogger and brand director of David Fin Ties. The reporter also decided to proposed to DiDario in Paris and started to plan everything in secret.
The Eiffel Tower was in the background as the news reporter got down on one knee, asking for DiDario’s hand in marriage while DiDario looked surprised while listening to Benitez.

The photographer captured all the romantic moments, from Benitez’s proposal to the newly engaged couple standing close together on the rainy day. The couple also selected Cuban and Italian food that each represents their heritages for their wedding reception. The secluded area also has a coral rock swimming pool with a waterfall, a sunken pond, and a large lagoon where swans and Japanese Koi fish swim, making it an ideal wedding venue.
DiDario’s suit is a chambray charcoal color, while Benitez chose a navy blue ensemble to get married in. Benitez and DiDario hired Miami event planner Alina Moleta to help with their wedding plans and make their special day go off without a hitch.

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