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As expected, Straight Talk and Walmart have launched the prepaid mobile broadband service powered by Verizon Wireless which is now known as the Straight Talk WiFi Mobile HotSpot.
The Straight Talk hotspot also marks the third time Verizon has allowed another virtual operator to offer prepaid mobile broadband service, as it currently allows two other resellers access to its 3G and even 4G network, in the case of Millenicom, albeit at slightly lower rates compared to Verizon itself. What is funny, is it can be used all month long to surf the web, and even play online games, if you watch your usage. If you want to get a tablet that is a stand alone, you can get one and if you don’t mind 2G, it is $0 per month( yes nothing) added to your bill and they will even sell you a cellular ipad(example ipad mini cellular 16gb $429) at regular retail and no interest for 24 months.
My wife has a regular 299 ipad, not a cellular, so you can skip the 130 cellular price difference and turn on hot spot on your phone(hard work I know). If you are not an IDIOT about how data capacity is used (no, you can’t do Netflix streaming or large mpgs etc or Skype), then a GB can last a month of use for emails, web browsing etc easily.
Remember , it is MOBILE 3G, so you can use it in your car (standing still of course).No need to go to McDonalds unless you need larger data capacity. So, if you don’t care about streaming etc, this is great news for business budget users and folks in the willy wags with no DSL etc to get internet connected. You must be the only person ever, to use a cell phone as a means to play xbox and never get capped.
I would never consider watching video over one of these devices, I already pay enough for DISH TV.

To all the folks complaining about Straight Talk hot spot plan being a rip off, even the reps at brands wireless stores will caution you on streaming videos, (or music) and how quickly eats all the data plan very fast. Internet movie streaming in the US (and around the world) is still very expensive using hot spot devices.
Then I went to Walmart and spent $80 to buy the device, and then downloaded a free app to my android phone … Textfree with Voice. Those who say this is no good, please remember this is meant for a mobile hotspot, not to replace your home internet connection. In an update to the previous report the hotspot actually features connectivity for up to 5 devices, rather than the single connection initially reported. You were to check the size of the videos that you were trying to stream, you would know that they are substantial in size.
You can play World of Warcraft Daily, as long as you don’t use any addon, and still be below 4gb of monthly data. Turn off your images and pic data in your browser and you will do better if you just need email text and don’t care about the images. I first bought T MOBIL hot spot.My grandson lived with me wanted to play his play station on line. Maybe you should read up on items you are completely clueless about before you spend the money instead of sitting and being a bunch of little bish’s. How silly I was – looking for Internet plan and device when I have already had all that in my phone.

4g 20meg down and can tether box360 4 laptops and we’d all stream netflix, xfinity,hbogo, all day all week for years now and never had an issue with a data cap.
But you want all of us to believe that we can all go get a straight talk plan that offers tether and use it unlimited, with no restrictions, no caps? AND why have these mobile broadband device plans continued to offer us NOTHING in the way of real economy?
The 5gb plan would last the average person who only needs it for mail, and searching for things (not videos) well over 1 month. I had a verizon hotspot and never went through 5 gb in a month and watched you tube vids and downloaded music. Anybody with a brain cell can do just a llittle bit of research and find that T-Mobile is about as good as it gets. Not only do they sale these phones as if they are high end laptops, they won’t even let us use the phones like we are suppose too!
I spent $115 dollars in a matter of a month on internet that the public was able to use, an assigned passcode that any moron could figure out and data that I wont be able to use.

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