A murder of an individual is called assassination, who is usually a famous celebrity, politician, religious figure or royal. The Chair-Person of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), Benazir Bhutto was the most famous Pakistani woman socialist-democratic politician who was the 11th Prime Minister of Pakistan. Indira Priyadarshini Gandhi was an Indian politician who served as the third Prime Minister of India for three consecutive terms (1966–77) and a fourth term (1980–84). Abraham Lincoln, nicknamed Honest Abe, was the 16th President of the United States from March 1861 until his assassination in April 1865. Nawabzada Liaquat Ali Khan was one of the leading Founding Fathers of modern Pakistan, statesman, lawyer, and political theorist who became and served as the first Prime Minister of Pakistan, in addition, was also the first Defence minister and minister of Commonwealth and Kashmir Affairs, from 1947 until his assassination in 1951. Thomas D’Arcy Etienne Hughes McGee was an Irish Nationalist, Catholic spokesman, journalist, and a Father of Canadian Confederation. Rafic Baha El Deen Al-Hariri (November 1, 1944 – February 14, 2005), was a business tycoon and the Prime Minister of Lebanon from 1992 to 1998 and again from 2000 until his resignation, 20 October 2004.
Indian political activist and spiritual leader, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, commonly known as Mahatma Gandhi, was the preeminent leader of Indian nationalism in British-ruled India. The voice of non-violence in an increasingly violent world, when the emaciated Indian holy man was gunned down on the streets of New Delhi by a university student turned activist, it was a tremendous blow not only to India, but to the entire world. Please do some research about Burmese leader General Aung San who was assassinated on 19th July 1947.
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As one of the founders of Western philosophy thought, Socrates was a great leader and teacher in the field of thought, ethics and philosophy. Alexander the Great took over the Macedonian empire after his father, Philip II, was assassinated.
Julius Caesar was one of the leaders in the Roman Republic who helped bring that government down and replace it with the Roman Empire. Jesus Christ, considered by most Christian doctrines to be the Son of God, is believed to have been born of a virgin and died for the sins of the world. Ruling from 161 to 180, Marcus Aurelius was the final emperor from the Five Good Emperors, which is a group of prominent emperors that includes Trajan, Hadrian, and others. Attila the Hun conquered places like Russia, Poland, Germany and southeastern Europe to amass a huge empire during the 5th century.
Muhammad is credited with uniting Arabia and creating one religious state to be ruled by Islam. Started the Mongol invasions throughout Europe and Asia which led to becoming the largest contiguous empire of all time after his death. Although she only lived to be 19 years old, Joan of Arc displayed great leadership in several battles in her young age. With his 95 Theses, Martin Luther was one of the main leaders during the Protestant Reformation during the 1500s.
King Henry VIII is credited with separating the Roman Catholic Church from the Church of England.
Akbar was a highly influential leader who increased his rule and helped unify the Mughal Empire.
Washington was the first president of the United States, but he was the leader of many things before the nation officially formed. One of the most prominent political leaders and military figures in French history, Napoleon Bonaparte came to power during the French Revolution.
As a distinguished graduate from the US Military Academy, Lee is one of the more prominent leaders in US history. Lincoln is often credited with bringing the United States through the Civil War and creating conditions that led to the end of slavery in the nation. Marx was a German philosopher who published The Communist Manifesto and Das Kapital, two works which helped lay the foundation for Communism. At age 18, Queen Victoria inherited the throne due to King George III and the Duke of Kent dying in 1820.
In British-controlled India, Gandhi led the people of his nation to involve themselves in non-violent civil disobedience in order to obtain independence.
As one of the leaders in the Ottoman military, Ataturk rose to prominence during World War I. General Patton is best known for his effective leadership of US troops during World War II. As the leader of Germany’s Third Reich, Hitler was the dictator that was most responsible for instigating WWII throughout Europe. Influenced by Mahatma Gandhi, Nehru ruled the nation of India from the 1947 when it first became an independent nation until 1964, when he died.
Leading the Viet Minh Independence movement, Ho Chi Minh established the Democratic Republic of Vietnam.
Indira Gandhi was one of the more prominent figures in the Indian National Congress Party and she also served as Chief of Staff from 1947 to 1964 within her father’s administration.
Before being elected to the office of President of the USA in 1960, JFK was a commander during WWII and he also served as a Massachusetts Representative in the US House of Representatives. Considered to be one of the more prominent leaders in the 20th century, Pope John Paul II helped bring an end to Communism in Poland, his home nation, which led to the end of Communism in other parts of Europe. A leader in the area of human rights, Malcolm X has been hailed as one of the more influential African Americans throughout history.
An advocate for non-violent civil disobedience, King became the best-known activist during the Civil Rights Movement in the United States. Pope Francis has served in the roles of priest, Argentina’s Provincial superior of the Society of Jesus, cardinal and the Archbishop of Buenos Aires prior to becoming pope in March of 2013 following the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI. Suu Kyi served as the chairperson of the National League for Democracy in Burma from 1989 to 2010 even though she was on house arrest for 15 of those years.
Serving as the Chancellor of Germany since 2005, Merkel is also the leader of the CDU, or Christian Democratic Union, since 2000.
Barack Obama graduated from Columbia University and served as a community organizer in Chicago, IL before he completed his law degree at Harvard.
Usually in cases of assassination there is a clear motive – jealousy, political or religious idealism, contract killing, revenge etc.
After Kennedy’s military service as commander of the Motor Torpedo Boat PT-109 during World War II in the South Pacific, he became a Democratic Congressman from the Boston area, advancing in 1953 to the Senate. Gandhi was the second female head of government in the world after Sirimavo Bandaranaike of Sri Lanka, and she remains as the world’s second longest serving female Prime Minister as of 2012.

Honest Abe steered his country through the American Civil War and ended slavery within the country’s boundaries. As king, he is credited with rescuing the country’s finances and implementing a policy of modernization and reform, while his main foreign policy themes were pan-Islamism, anti-Communism, and pro-Palestinian nationalism. He fought for the development of Irish and Canadian national identities that would transcend their component groups. His policies of compassion towards the poor and non-violent resistance served as a blueprint for peaceful change, while his ability to affect both Hindu and Muslim alike made peace of a kind, possible in his war torn nation. The best salesperson becomes the sales manager, the best accountant becomes the accounting manager and so on. As we found our ability to distinguish higher-caliber employees evolve, so did the opportunity to have Leadership Alliance implement ongoing talent development. This information clarifies our understanding of what is really going on strategically and operationally inside the company, allowing us to develop deal terms that better align incentives and protect our interests. Their evaluation is a standard practice of our due diligence process, and our entire firm is convinced that making decisions without Norma’s insight is analogous to flying blind. Leadership Alliance introduced me to the Lominger system, and I have been thrilled ever since! We have been pleased with our experience working with their seasoned and highly capable staff in identifying those individuals with the highest likelihood to meet or exceed expectations. We would not dream of hiring a key executive in our company without a thorough assessment and analysis from Leadership Alliance. I see this as a very cost-effective investment that has boosted us towards the expansion of our presence in the world area.
They brought tools and methodologies to the table in a way that worked for our team and our culture. From leading a group of people to something better to creating an idea that many people follow, being a leader takes character, intelligence, and other admirable traits. He is known for leading the Israelites out of captivity and through the desert for 40 years throughout the biblical book of Exodus. He began conquering other empires, including the Median Empire and the Lydian Empire, to add to his own empire.
Much of his time was spent teaching in northeastern India, but he also taught throughout eastern India as well. The book is often credited with helping to end the conflict during the era of the Warring States and it has been a guide for leaders ever since. He started a philosophical school which influenced other great thinkers who passed along his ideas and teachings. He was the first Roman general to cross both the Rhine and the English Channel after building a bridge over the former.
He worked his way up to his position thorugh the military tribune and was successful in several wars once becoming emperor.
He also attacked part of the Roman Empire and agreed to stop only in exchange for 660 pounds of gold each year.
He also founded the Mongol Empier and advanced it by creating a unique writing system and promoting religious tolerance throughout the empire. The victory at Orleans helped bring her fame which launched her into leading a battle into Loire and defeating the English.
He was angered at the sales of indulgences and since he refused to retract his writings against the Catholic church, he was excommunicated by Pope Leo X and considered an outlaw by the emperor.
He was excommunicated from the Roman Catholic Church and he aligned himself with the Holy Roman Emperor in 1513.
She ascended to the throne following a complicated story of those before her being either executed or declared illegitimate. He established a center for his empire and adopted policies that won over his non-Muslim subjects. He led the Continental Army during the American Revolution and he also led the meetings that resulted in the US Constitution. He served in the US armed forces for more than three decades and made a name for himself during the Mexican-American War. He helped reunite the nation after several states seceded and begin the Reconstruction process while the war was still going on.
He led the people to challenge the salt tax, which was imposed by Britain by organizing the Dandi Salt March in 1930. He has received numerous awards for his leadership, including the Nobel Prize in Literature and he was also the first person to become an honorary US citizen. During his leadership years, he moved the country from Lenin’s New Economic Policy to a centralized economy which led to several years of collectivization and industrialization. After the Ottoman Empire was defeated, he was the main person credited with beginning and establishing the Republic of Turkey. He worked alongside Stalin and Churchill to lead the Allied forces to defeat Nazi Germany and Japan during WWII.
He successfully led an invasion of Casablanca in North Africa in 1942 and he also led his men to defeat the British during a battle called the Invasion of Sicily. He also called for the execution of millions of Jews and others in the nation who were not of the Aryan race. He is credited with establishing the Indian nation-state as it is today – secular, socialist, and sovereign. He became a brigadier general, a rank that he kept for life, and led an excursion during the Battle of France.
She is the only woman to have held the office of India’s Prime Minister and she is considered by many to be the greatest person to hold that office, according to a 2001 poll in India Today. He is also credited with improving relations between the Catholic Church and other religions, including Judaism and Islam. He was one of the co-founders of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and he helped lead the Montgomery Bus Boycott in Alabama in 1955 which helped begin the Civil Rights Movement. She won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1992 and a year later, she won the Nawaharlal Nehru Award for International Understanding. Due to her leadership, she has been the recipient of several prestigious awards, including the Vision for Europe Award and an honorary doctorate from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 2007, just to name a few. He also served as a civil rights attorney, a senator in the IL Senate, and a US Senator before being elected twice to the US presidency.
As the world moved into the modern day, the killing of important people began to become more than a tool in power struggles between rulers themselves and was also used for political symbolism, such as in the propaganda of the deed. He is best known for his role in the advancement of civil rights using nonviolent civil disobedience. He successfully stabilized the kingdom’s bureaucracy and his reign had significant popularity among Saudis. Hariri dominated the country’s post-war political and business life and is widely credited with reconstructing Beirut after the 15-year civil war. The only positive thing that can be said, if such is possible, is that it was fortunate his assailant was a fellow Hindu. This leads to having an organization staffed with leaders who are great at the individual contributor skills, but not so good at the leadership skills.  You also end up losing top performers in exchange for mediocre managers.
They took the time to know our core values and guiding principles and help us hire the team players and leaders we need as we grow.  They are simply The Best!
As a result, their assessment and coaching techniques have provided our executives and managers the ability to grow as company leaders. I attended training at Leadership Alliance and found the facilitators to be proficient in their knowledge and use of the tools. From candidate assessments, executive 360 reviews, behavioral interview training, and employee development we have evolved significantly thanks to this partnership. They spent a lot of time listening to our needs and really figuring out what the most impactful solutions would be for our leadership team. One of his main teachings in the Nine Virtues, which are just part of his 40 meditation subjects. To the Islam faith, Jesus is considered one of God’s most prominent prophets, but he carries no divinity and was not crucified.
He is often described as a truly charismatic ruler, but he is probably best known for the English Reformation and having six marriages during his reign.

She established the English Protestant Church, but when the pope declared her illegitimate, there were many plots to kill her. His leadership helped stabilize the economy throughout Mughal India and establish the region as a center of culture. But he rose to prominence by commanding the Confederate forces during the American Civil War and winning several important battles. He was the nation’s first president and his ideas and strategies helped his forces win the Turkish War of Independence.
He also established the New Deal, which was a series of social programs designed for reform and relief. Gandhi named Nehru as his successor in 1941 and he was a popular leader throughout the nation. He has also held several other prominent positions, including being the head of the Panel of Eminent African Personalities, leading the new Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa, and several more. In 2012, she was elected to the Pyithu Hluttaw, which is the lower house of the parliament in Burma. Ever since the Moabite King Eglon was stabbed to death on his throne in 1200 BCE and probably long before that, the political leaders have been killed for any number of reasons. In 1955, while recuperating from a back operation, he wrote Profiles in Courage, which won the Pulitzer Prize in history. His tenure in office was occupied primarily with the defeat of the secessionist Confederate States of America in the American Civil War. On 25 March 1975, King Faisal was shot point-blank and killed by his half-brother’s son, Faisal bin Musaid, who had just come back from the United States.
In terms of economics he promoted modernization, calling for extensive economic development by means of railway construction, the fostering of immigration, and the application of a high protective tariff to encourage manufacturing. Hariri was assassinated on 14 February 2005 when explosives equivalent to around 1000 kg of TNT were detonated as his motorcade drove past the St. On 30 January 1948, Gandhi was shot while he was walking to a platform from which he was to address a prayer meeting. His work and preachings are credited with much of the Arabian Peninsula converting to Islam.
His last years were full of worry due to potential invasions from other countries and problems throughout his land. When his power and influence were at their height, he ruled over Mesopotamia, Hejaz, Egypt, Syria, Yemen and also parts of Northern Africa.
During her reign, which lasted until 1901, the British Empire experienced a large expansion of territory. He is remembered for several actions and ideas, including invading Grenada, the Warn on Drugs, and Reaganomics. During his presidency and before, he fought against poverty and he has strived toward racial reconciliation in the country. Assassinations may be prompted by religious, ideological, political, or military reasons but the end result is targeted killing of a public figure, whom we know well or we love. She was Pakistan’s first and to date only female prime minister and was the eldest child of Prime Minister of Pakistan Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and First Lady of Pakistan Nusrat Bhutto, and was the wife of current President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari.
In 1956 Kennedy almost gained the Democratic nomination for Vice President, and four years later was a first-ballot nominee for President. She established closer relations with the Soviet Union, depending on that nation for support in India’s long-standing conflict with Pakistan.
He is regarded as the right-hand man of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the leader of the Muslim League and first governor-general of Pakistan.
Politically active, he advocated a new nationality in Canada, to escape the sectarianism of Ireland.
The assassin, Nathuram Godse, was a Hindu nationalist with links to the extremist Hindu Mahasabha, who held Gandhi responsible for weakening India by insisting upon a payment to Pakistan. Yes, the lowest ten competencies exhibited by managers and executives encompass a significant number of key leadership skills like motivating others, conflict management, and developing direct reports.  It just so happens that, when you look at what is most important for success in managerial and executive roles, many of those bottom 10 skills also make that list.
Here is a list of 10 notable assassinations of most famous and beloved political leaders and the places where they were assassinated. As the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Benazir Bhutto was an icon of the battle for democracy, and stands with only a handful of female executive leaders who have shaped the global events of the last century. He led the 1955 Montgomery Bus Boycott and helped found the Southern Christian Leadership Conference in 1957, serving as its first president. Lincoln successfully rallied public opinion through his rhetoric and speeches; his Gettysburg Address (1863) became an iconic symbol of the nation’s duty. On 16 October 1951, he was shot twice in the chest during a public meeting of the Muslim City League at Company Bagh, Rawalpindi. In the waiting room, Prince Faisal talked to Kuwaiti representatives who were also waiting to meet King Faisal. The investigation, by the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, into his assassination is still ongoing and currently led by the independent investigator Daniel Bellemare.
On 27 December 2007, Bhutto was killed while leaving a campaign rally for the PPP at Liaquat National Bagh in the city of Rawalpindi, where she addressed a rally of Pakistan Peoples Party supporters for the run-up to the parliamentary elections 2008. In 1964, King became the youngest person to receive the Nobel Peace Prize for his work to end racial segregation and racial discrimination through civil disobedience and other non-violent means.
At the close of the war, Lincoln held a moderate view of Reconstruction, seeking to speedily reunite the nation through a policy of generous reconciliation. When the Prince went to embrace him, King Faisal leaned to kiss his nephew in accordance with Saudi culture.
In its first two reports, UNIIIC indicated that the Syrian government may be linked to the assassination.According to a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation news investigation, the special UN investigation team had found strong evidence for the responsibility of Hezbollah in the assassination.
Winning by a narrow margin in the popular vote, Kennedy became the first Roman Catholic President. By the time of his death in 1968, he had refocused his efforts on ending poverty and stopping the Vietnam War. Khan was rushed to a hospital and given a blood transfusion, but he succumbed to his injuries. Hariri’s killing led to massive political change in Lebanon, including the Cedar Revolution and the withdrawal of Syrian troops from Lebanon. After entering her bulletproof vehicle, Bhutto stood up through its sunroof to wave to the crowds. On November 22, 1963, when he was hardly past his first thousand days in office, John Fitzgerald Kennedy was killed by an assassin’s bullets as his motorcade wound through Dallas, Texas. She was killed by two of her Sikh bodyguards, Satwant Singh and Beant Singh, in the aftermath of Operation Blue Star.
While trying to enter the boarding house ,the door was locked from the inside and McGee was waiting for the landlady to open the door, he was purportedly assassinated by Patrick J. At this point, a gunman fired shots at her and subsequently explosives were detonated near the vehicle killing approximately 20 people.
The bullet entered through his right cheek, smashing his jaw, then traveled down his spinal cord before lodging in his shoulder. The assassination of Abraham Lincoln took place on Good Friday, April 14, 1865, as the American Civil War was drawing to a close.
The assassination is still a very big question mark because it was never investigated properly. Bhutto was critically wounded and was rushed to Rawalpindi General Hospital but she was declared dead at 18:16 local time. The assassination occurred five days after the commander of the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia, General Robert E. Whelan, a Fenian sympathizer and a Catholic, was accused, tried, convicted, and hanged for the crime. King’s autopsy revealed that though only thirty-nine years old, he had the heart of a sixty-year-old man, perhaps a result of the stress of thirteen years in the civil rights movement. Lincoln was the first American president to be assassinated, though an unsuccessful attempt had been made on Andrew Jackson thirty years before in 1835.

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