LBJ MS Band - Band Handbook  Philosophy and Goals A musical education in the Albuquerque Public Schools should be available to all students who wish to learn music. Our bands will strive to perform at the highest artistic level consistent with the experience and maturity of the given group.
The primary goal of all activities in the band program is to further the process of musical development in the students as individuals and the bands as performing ensembles. Production of a characteristic tone through exposure to musical examples, daily exercises and home practice. 2. Increased technical proficiency through the learning of practice techniques and basic musical patterns such as scales. Increased awareness of expressive qualities in music through listening and musical experimentation leading to a greater understanding of how to interpret those qualities. Increased appreciation of various musical styles and types through listening and performing. All of these goals and lesson plans are based on the state, district, and national standards of music education. Class Rules All campus rules apply in the band room. Have all necessary supplies EVERY DAY, be aware of important dates, and keep your parents informed.7. Rehearsal Procedures In a band class, every member must recognize their responsibility to the group. Excessive talking, attitude problems or other inappropriate behaviors cause a decline of morale and limit the musical experiences for every student.
Students will use the restroom between classes, please, in order to keep interruptions to a minimum. Students will get instrument, music, and pencil out, then take their assigned seats by the time the tardy bell rings. Any student with letters, excused slips or other paperwork will bring them to the teacher before or after class only. Students will not be excused to other classrooms to do other homework or projects without a written request from another teacher. It is the student's responsibility to make sure that their instrument is in the best possible working condition throughout the year.
If your instrument is in need of repair, please contact the store where you rented or purchased your instrument, as they normally have a trained repair staff. The band director is not a trained repair technician and has very limited capabilities and tools for doing such jobs. If you need the name of a qualified repair person, please look at the repair page on this site.

Reese a written note from your parent or guardian that includes the following information:     1. Without this information, being without your instrument will be unexcused, and you will receive a zero for the day.
With this information, you can continue to earn your daily grade by bringing your music to class and doing silent practice with the band.
However, if you choose to sit and do nothing, you will receive a zero for the day with or without the note.
Discipline Procedures All school discipline procedures will be followed as detailed in the school hand book. Each student's behavior and attitude affect the entire group and are highly important to the decision to participate. If a student has repeated attitude or behavior problems that cause classroom disruption, that student may be asked to find an elective class in which they may be successful without such conflicts. The LBJ band uniform consists of a navy polo shirt (order forms will be sent home with your student), tan or khaki pants and black shoes. If you arrive for a performance out of uniform, you will not be allowed to participate and will be considered “absent” for the performance.
Travel On occasion the LBJ band may travel to events such as band camp and various festivals and other performances. When these travel events occur, the following procedures have been developed for the safety of your students.
Failure to follow these procedures and rules will result in an immediate parent call and an indefinite suspension of the students’ travel privileges with the group. Parents may be asked to pick up their student at the site of the event to avoid any other possible mishaps. Although students are not required to participate in fund raising, they are strongly encouraged.
Fundraising efforts are for student trips and benefits, so students have the opportunity to help themselves.
All monies raised will be used directly for educational enhancement opportunities and educational materials.
Any student not participating in ANY of the fundraisers during the school year may be asked to cover their personal costs to attend band camp or any other band event. Fundraising covers entry fees and transportation costs when no school or district funds are available. To allow the band program a flexibility of curriculum, to enrich student learning by supplying new music, to maintain school owned instruments and for other projects approved by the school administration.

Grading Scale Grades will be weighted 33% daily grades, 33% tests and 34% performances (if a performance occurs during that grading period).
Student is expected to be on task working as an individual and as a member of a group throughout the class period. Posture, hand position, tone production, notes, rhythms, dynamic markings, tempo markings and overall musicality will be taken into consideration.
Performances are worth 34% of the students’ grade for each nine weeks in which a performance occurs.
Because of the one of a kind nature of a performance, it is literally impossible to ‘make up’ a concert. Perform a solo of the band director’s choice, in front of the class, one week after the missed performance.
It is the student’s responsibility to request a solo and set up a performance time with the director. Plagerism will not be tolerated!  This paper must be turned in one week after the missed performance. It is the student’s responsibility to request a paper topic and set up a due date with the director. Students are expected to display exemplary behavior during performances as performers or audience members. This exemplary behavior involves the following:    -Do not talk at any time while a performance is in progress. My expectation is that the band students will understand what standard they are studying, why it is important, and how to achieve proficiency in that standard. A complete list of the State Standards for Band, as well as my LBJ Middle School "Power Standards" are listed here on the website (see Standards).
It is the student's responsibility to make sure that their instrument is in the best possible working condition throughout the year. Each student's behavior and attitude affect the entire group and are highly important to the decision to participate.

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