Do 3 Things Listening Game – practice following directions and sneak in a little clean up.
This listening activity with blocks from hands on : as we grow is brilliantly disguised as pure play.
Try this drawing game from NurtureStore that practices listening skills and giving directions.
This animal antics listening game from The Fairy and the Frog is sure to have kids mooing as the game goes on. Follow the Cuckoo is another fun way to practice listening skills from String Keys and Melodies for Dandelion Magazine.

Fully mapped to E2 Literacy (listening) and E2 Functional English (speaking, listening and communication).
Fully mapped to Entry 2 Functional English (reading; speaking, listening and communication) and the adult literacy curriculum. First person with the correct answer will win one $10 raffle ticket into the Oregon Lottery raffle! Since developing listening skills is such an important task, I wanted to gather more ways for us to practice listening through play.
These 3 games help kids practice making observations with their ears: a listening box, sound eggs, and a listening game that gets kids moving.

Each provides a transcript and written questions so they could also be used as reading comprehension exercises.
Page 1 is for reading practice (or for the tutor to read aloud to the students), page 2 can be chopped up and used as a re-ordering exercise.

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