Listening skills is perhaps one of the most important skills used when communicating with others.
This course aims to help delegates master the art of listening in professional and personal settings.
All sessions include exercises to allow delegates practice the listening skills discussed in each session. The training materials come complete with all the necessary content such as workbook, slides, course notes, exercises, etc. We all develop certain listening habits and some of these habits are unfortunately not very effective.
The course is designed specifically around example conversations rather than simply taking the delegates through a number of bullet points. Once payment has been processed, you will receive instructions by email and will be given links to the download pages. Skills Converged is a unique company that provides professionally designed fully-customisable training course materials based on the latest research in learning & development. We can also provide this training course for your staff or your organisation anywhere in the UK. Being able to have an opinion about important subjects and defend that position is an incredibly important skill in life.
This exercise is designed to help delegates practice listening to others and avoid jumping in before they have shown that they have understood what is shared. Active listening is a critical communication skill and it is important to know how to do it.
The core idea in this exercise is that one person has a particular goal in mind and uses that goal to direct the conversation to a particular topic. This exercise helps such individuals to practice slowing down their rate of speech and improve their diction.
This exercise helps delegates to understand the importance of feedback in communications and realize why the lack of it can be so frustrating for both sides.
This activity highlights individual’s ability to recognise objects by hearing their visual characteristics and illustrates the importance of perception and attention to detail in gathering information. Download a free comprehensive training package including training guidelines, soft skills training activities, assessment forms and useful training resources that you can use to enhance your courses.
Our fully designed, ready to deliver 1 and 2 day training courseware are designed for you to pick up and run with the minimum of hassle. Our bite sized courseware are similar in layout, style and quality however are designed for you to run short sharp training modules of 1, 2 or 3 hours duration.
Imagine what happens when people discover that you are not listening to them or don’t care much about them.
Various areas are explored such as listener personalities, types of listening, bad listening habits, use of toxic words, questioning skills to encourage constructive conversations and many others.

The listening skills course aims to increase the delegate’s awareness about these particular habits and show, usually through many examples, how their conversations can be improved.
In our experience, this is much more effective since delegates can draw up guidelines themselves based on the examples they go through and the exercises they participate in. Courses are designed with attention to detail both on content and style so that you can deliver unique state-of-the-art courses to your clients and get maximum results. Download our training resources and extend your portfolio to meet market demand and deliver state-of-the-art interactive training courses. Often, we come across such potentially heated debates during the course of a day, but the subjects are mainly to do with practical daily tasks rather than deeper philosophical issues.
This is even more pronounced when people get excited about sharing their own views or thoughts and like to express them and share them with others quickly.
After a few tries, participants will quickly learn to listen carefully and will significantly improve their communication skills by understanding other people’s positions and avoid repeating what has already been stated.
This exercise has been designed in such a way that encourages delegates to pay their utmost attention while engaged in a conversation. Listening attentively can significantly improve relationships and minimise misunderstandings. In this exercise, delegates will learn to appreciate the power of positive feedback, however small, when it is provided repeatedly during the course of a conversation. The exercise also helps to practice listening skills as delegates have to pay full attention to what has been said. By working together towards a common goal, delegates will learn to be patient, pay attention to details and of course use feedback. It can accurately spot activities in the collection which are similar to the one you are currently viewing. Bite sized course materials take the hassle out of the design and leave you to concentrate on the delivery. Most of our tools and exercises can be used as part of training workshops or as a€?stand alonea€™ tools to assist the development of staff.
PDF format for single purchase (for individual use) or MS Word version for multiple copying rights and permission to amend the ebooks - great for the Training Manager who wants to offer cost effective training to a number of staff.
This course is designed around numerous examples as this is the most effective way to learn. Critically, delegates will learn that this can be achieved quite easily by following guidelines which produce incredible results.
The solutions to such issues are usually non-obvious where many thinkers have been putting efforts in exploring them and providing insights. The essence of the exercise is to show that even the most negative experiences can be quite educational and useful in the long run and that if one does not see the benefits, others might be able to see it and bring it to their attention.
The exercise forces delegates to stay focused throughout the activity and be ready to contribute when necessary.

The best way to learn active listening is by practicing it while communicating with others in a realistic setting. The aim of the exercise is to be thought provoking so you can then continue with a session on giving appropriate positive feedback. In the process fast talking people end up mumbling a lot, shortening sentences, rounding off parts and skipping words.
To succeed at their task, the team must be able to self-organise, communicate well, and work together to resolve issues. Full colour slides, comprehensive trainer notes (enough support for even the novice trainer) and master delegate manual. Everyone loves to be listened to, but unfortunately we never seem to be doing enough listening. The course is full of examples that clearly demonstrate what each listening guideline suggests.
This exercise is also useful to practice improving emotional intelligence and empathising with others. Over time this can develop into a bad habit leading to miscommunication and misunderstanding.
This exercise helps delegates practice active listening in various contexts depending on your choice and training needs. As a result it is ideal to go through this exercise at the beginning of a session on giving feedback.
Optionally, if you have a large group, you can divide them to several teams where they can go through the exercise in parallel and at the end compare their performance. We supply all course materials with the flexibility for you to change the layout, colour schemes or content. People are deprived of listening and those who can master this skill and establish themselves as good listeners stand to gain enormously as they can make long lasting friendships with others.
In particular, several examples of bad listening are provided so delegates can see clearly which method works and which doesn’t. The problem is that fast talkers usually have a lot to say, which is why they are in a hurry to express themselves and more often than not what they want to share is actually useful.
By developing a reputation of being a good listener an individual can transform his life in many dimensions. However, if no one understands what they have to say or if they mix it up with all sorts of irrelevant data or going off- tangent too often, then listeners get bored quickly or misunderstand them.

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